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Dear Reader,

Please... if you read and respond to only one article on this blog today, make it this one. You will not regret it. It will move the heart (and hopefully much more) in all of us.

With many thanks,

Fr. Tim

I Am In Awe of Such Faith | Blogs |


  1. Here is my take, Father Tim.

  2. We all need to pray for this man. That said we also need to pressure our government to do what they can to secure his release. We also need to step back and evaluate what kind of government it is that we are sacrificing so many Canadian lives to prop up. The U.S. and Canadian governments have a lot of leverage at their disposal to free this poor soul. They need to use it.


  3. Mr. Cannon,

    I write to you today both in my capacity as a Catholic priest of the Pembroke Diocese and as someone who has made Pontiac County my personal home.

    I am certain you are aware of the plight of Mr. Said Musa, the Christian who faces execution in Afghanistan. I implore you to personally, immediately, and effectively intervene to obtain his release and the safe transition to (in necessary) bring him to a life in Canada. I include here a story that was published today in the Catholic media and has now broken forth on the National Post. As a Blogger who averages tens of thousands of hits per month myself, I am doing all that I can to spread the news of this man's plight as far as possible to encourage others to write their MP's, Congressmen and other people with the potential to respond to this urgent need.

    I and others have proven to be effective is disseminating such storied across the net. I am writing to you. I am willing to do my part....

    Please Sir, use every instrument at your disposal to ensure this end - the protection of the life and safety of this family. Failing to do so in the event that the Afghanistan government carries out this execution, the blood of this innocent man will taint the valiant blood spill by the men and women of our Armed Forces already in trying to bring security to this far away nation. Members of my current parish serve in this conflict. Others are families of those who did not return alive. I beseech you Mr. Cannon to ensure their sacrifice not be marred by our failure now to rise to our obligation to defend the values we profess to hold dear: the right to life and liberty.

    Sincerely, and trusting in your good will, I remain,

    Fr. Tim Moyle
    St. Anne's Parish - Mattawa, Ontario
    Diocese of Pembroke

    c.c. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

  4. MBrandon,

    Michael says on his blog "Persecution of Christians, Catholic or Protestant, takes many forms. This is the most overt form, though the criticism that fundamentalist Christians level against Catholics and their faith is little different, just not as violent.

    It has the same root cause, ignorance, and the determination to be right at the expense of others freedoms and beliefs."

    Unfortunately Michael sees any comments which are critical of RC teaching, doctrines, or the dark side of RC history as "persecution" and brands it as persecution of the same kind as the tragic real persecution of christians as in this article, only without the violence.

    I don't think he really understands freedom of speech or the meaning of the word persecution if he throws the word around so easily. I could ask if he thinks it was right or persecution for a Danish newspaper to publish cartoons of Islam's prophet with a bomb tied to his headcloth?

    If one believes in freedom of speech for himself, he should be willing to allow others to have the same right even if he disagrees with the comments, without crying persecution. Can he disagree? Yes of course.

  5. This is so unbelievable.

    There should be more outcries about this. It's sad & cruel what is happening to this man Mr.Said Musa & my husband agrees with me. Nevertheless, sadly he told me the soldiers are there for political reasons not for religious. One can still protest & write letters but these people believe they are doing what they think is right by doing away with Christians, in order to protect THEIR religion. Eventhough, to us it is so wrong.

    I found 2 interesting comments by two Americans on Islam in Afghanistan.

    1. Trying to nail down a single description of Islam is almost like trying to nail Jello to a tree. The various sects are as different as Buddhism is to Christianity. At least in Christianity, most of the denominations are teaching from the same source...the Bible. The Q'aran is completely different from sect to sect in Islam because each new mullah of imam thinks he should re-write it. Mohammed never taught Shariah is relatively new. Our enemies are the Shariah Law Muslims, who behave in a similar way to our early Puritans. Their ideologies were that it is my way or die disputing me because I got the message from God. They have inter-married with their first cousins for 50 generations, so no wonder they hear voices! I traveled extensively in the Middle East and Islamic countries and I know there were more good Muslims than bad. Unfortunately, they are the first to die, too.

    2. Islam is definitely NOT a religion, rather is a BARBARIC CULT passing itself off as religion. Have no doubt about it, it's in your face 'do as I say or I'll kill you' arrogant serfdom used as a control tool against any who do not comply.

    It's here, in America, rapidly growing. If we, as Americans don't confront and rebuke it, many will die, especially our mothers, wives, and daughters, and those that escape the 'honor' killings will be subjected to atrocities beyond our comprehension as well as rampant incest. Have no doubts, it's already happening, and has been upheld by liberal prosecutors and courts looking the other way.

    WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, not just by terrorists, but by this barbaric so-called religious fanaticism. The American people never catch on until it's upon them, and then they cry out in anger about how politicians let it happen, when it is the people themselves that LET IT HAPPEN through their indifference or ignorance.

    Most of us are awake now. We must confront this 'silent takeover' of America by every means at our disposal, before it's too late!


  6. the tele number for the Afghan embassy in Ottawa is 613-563-4223. EVERY Canadian needs to call that number to protest on behalf of Mr Said Musa. We need also to write our MP with a copy to the PM and we should send it registered as they have to sign for it and can never claim they didn't get it. We need to pray for him ...i wonder if i were in his place would i be so filled with love of my God? What a wonderful example he is for us

  7. "...the country we’re fighting for puts a Christian to death simply for being a Christian..."

    Ah, but that's a lie. The death sentence has nothing to do with Christianity. The death sentence is because he CONVERTED AWAY FROM ISLAM. The "Christian" thing is simply a convenient hook on which to hang a protest and fuel the flames of protest (but, whatever works...just try to be honest about it, hm?). I wonder if this furor would exist if he had converted to another which a lot of Christians would agree should hold a death penalty...say, Satanism?

    And as much as I can sympathize with anyone's religious "choices" being mandated by law, the plain fact is that Islam is the state religion in Afghanistan. And while other religions are frowned upon, it only becomes a capital crime when a Muslim attempts to convert away from Islam. Had he been born a Christian, there would be no such problem. And he has known that for his entire life. His impending martyrdom was and is his own choice, so why is everyone so upset about it? I thought Christians loved martyrs?

  8. Wayne:

    Somehow it all got to be about you again didn't it?

  9. Tim,

    Could you delete my comment to Michael under this subject made on Feb.15? I apologize for offending anyone. I don't see a wastebasket icon. Also, could you delete the other general comments I made on Feb. 15th and 16th. Thank you.

  10. Lady Janus,

    My husband was not surprised just like you. You explained it similar the way my husband tried to explained it to me.

    This man knew the consequences if he CONVERTED AWAY FROM ISLAM.


  11. Janus you make some good points.
    Under their laws, he'd have been in the same spot if he became a Hari Krishna. He's not a special target because he's Christian. Its also an interesting question you posed as to whether we'd feel the same empathy if Said was some other faith or converted to atheism.
    The correct answer is that we should feel the same no matter what his choice of faith was since we should support his religious liberty.

    I'll take issue with one thing you said. Martyrdom isn't his choice, becoming a Christian was his choice. In a just society, that shouldn't result in a death sentence and that is why we should be upset by this. Turning a blind eye to an innocent man being executed would show a total lack of empathy for your fellow man.


  12. Mbrandon, Tim/administrator, anyone else concerned,

    I apologize for my judgmental attitude and for all offensive comments I have made. Only God knows an individual's heart.
    I thank Michael for the wakeup call.

    I hope you will forgive me for my uncharitable comments. I will be reflecting on this.
    I will cease from making any further comments.
    Tim, I would appreciate if you could remove all my comments from your blog as I don't see the wastebasket icon.

  13. @Paul: Since the consequence (martydom) always follows the choice (conversion away from Islam) in Afghanistan, and he has known that fact all his life, I'd say he chose martydom. He does not live in a just society, so our getting upset and raising our own blood pressure about his predicament -- sad as it is to us -- will do nothing to help him.

    Why do people do this to themselves?


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