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History of Religion: A fascinating animated map showing how major world religions spread across the span of 5000+ years of history

History of Religion

The NHL's West really is best: 11 Days and Counting to the Start of the Regular Season!

Go GO! The NHL's West really is best -

A little Scottish humour

First ISIS, Now Winter Threatens Christians in Kurdistan | Daily News |

The members of our three small rural parishes have been busily working raising funds, collecting clothing and supplies to aid in the sheltering of refugees fleeing the wars in Iraq, Syria, and other places around the globe where religious persecution is running rampant. These initiatives I am please to say have not come to fruition by my hand or suggestion, but have been initiatives started and sustained by parishioners in the wake of seeing news stories such as this one. There are numerous organizations who are willing to transport these goods to countries where they are most needed... all they need is the support and efforts of people of good will to join with them in reaching out to those in need. So if three small parishes in a tucked away corner of Québec can do their part to aid these unfortunate souls who've been stripped of even the essentials of life by living in war torn regions of the world, are you willing to step up and search for ways that you or your religious c

A little humour for a serious message

One of the things that drives me nuts as a parish priest is the recent phenomena of people posting inappropriate things on social media sites such as Facebook. What's inappropriate you might ask?  Top of the list would be people who post accident pictures et al and announce to the world that someone has been seriously injured or killed before the family finds out about. This has happened WAY TOO MANY times in recent years to the shock and detriment of family members. It doesn't matter if you were a 'close friend' or even present when the accident or death occurred. It is WRONG for the news to be released to the public before the family is notified and makes it public themselves. Next on the list would be personal and/or defamatory comments posted to embarrass people. While I have never been the object of such an attack I know people who have - and they never appreciate having their own 'dirty laundry' aired in such a public forum. So if you have a fight

The New Archbishop of Chicago is no Moderate: How some conservatives are confusing a call to practice 'civility' with weakness in doctrine

Archbishop Elect Blaise Cupich The New Archbishop of Chicago is no Moderate | Catholic Moral Theology

An answer to the question: What is faith?

Someone asked me the other day to define what I meant by ‘faith’. Strangely enough, there is a great deal of confusion on the subject. Some hold to classic definitions such as ‘faith is a step into the dark’ or ‘believing something in the absence of evidence’. While each of these captures part of the essence of the concept, they fail to express its fullness to my satisfaction. For me, faith is a conviction arrived at when all the evidence has been examined, assessed, or studied. It is far from something that is opposed to the dictates of reason as some suggest, but is ultimately the fruit of the application of reason that apprehends the truth of something when not all of the evidence can be studied, gathered, or known to provide a definitive answer. After all, if we can know something completely then there is no need to have faith in it. Complete knowledge negates the need for faith. Put in a religious context, if God revealed himself in such self-evident manner that doubt in hi

A good thought to contemplate this weekend

A graphic as a primer on the Pope's upcoming visit to Albania this weekend

15 Tips for Surviving Mass With Little Ones - Catholic Stand : Catholic Stand

I've always said that if we believe in the scripture that tells us the angels of children stand before God in heaven, we would see children as holy beings and not a distraction of nuisance at mass. In fact, they have more right to be there than we with grey hair since they have yet to develop into sinners as we are. Still this is a helpful list of tips for parents who bring their kids to church for anything that keeps kids out of that 'kiddy prison' called the 'Cry Room' is a good thing in my opinion. 15 Tips for Surviving Mass With Little Ones - Catholic Stand : Catholic Stand

Catholic women's conference refreshes moms, forges friendships :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Did you know that there is a Canadian conference with the same goal? Google 'Dynamic Women of Faith Conference' to find out more or check it out here on Facebook . This annual conference is held in the GTA and is organized by Dorothy Pilarski , an exceptional Catholic speaker and author in her own right.  Catholic women's conference refreshes moms, forges friendships :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Our new high altar has been installed in St. Joseph's Parish. Thank you to all who contributed to the completion of this great project. The injury suffered by the building in the 1960's has finally been healed!