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Five more times to make the sign of the cross

In response to the antisemitic attack in Pittsburgh this morning... something beautiful from the Jewish culture

God and Dog: A song that captures my love for both!

The difference between legal and moral explained in one simple graphic

Hymn of the week: "Abide With Me"

The links in this story provide a couple of video versions of this wonderful hymn, but I believe the best rendition was done by Emeli Sandé during the opening ceremony of the London Summer Olympics. Hymn of the week: "Abide With Me"

Why the Catholic Church's Current Crisis Is the Worst Since the Reformation

Massimo Faggioli, the author of this article starts out strong in his analysis of the parallels between the Reformation crisis of the 16th century and the sexual abuse scandals of today, but unfortunately, he goes off the rails once he gets into delineating the two competing Catholic visions held within the Church today. In the quote below, he confuses the neo-conservative movement in the United States with those of us who work for the promulgation and promotion of orthodoxy in moral matters: Where conservative-traditionalist Catholics tend to oppose to (sic) any legislation decriminalizing abortion, progressives usually favor decriminalization coupled with measures that offer women alternatives designed to limit the number of abortions as much as possible. Conservatives tend to oppose universal access to health care and favor the unrestricted right to bear arms for civilians, while progressives favor the former and push for gun control. The two camps also have opposing views on th

Ecumenical Electrical Issue: How to change a lightbulb

Same-sex mice have babies - Another step closer to Armageddon

"[The research] may even lead to the development of ways for same-sex couples to reproduce healthy children of their own," she says. But she points out there are " significant ethical and safety concerns that would need to be overcome ". (emphasis added) Ya think? How about just recognizing that this is ethically wrong and not worry about 'overcoming' the ethical prohibitions? Same-sex mice have babies - BBC News