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Men don’t think about sex every seven seconds: study - The Globe and Mail

WOW! If men thought about sex every seven seconds, wouldn't we see their corpses all over the road? Pedestrians would be at particular risk. If they didn't step in front of a moving vehicle because the were sexually distracted, if it's a man behind the wheel it's likely he won't see the pedestrian. Thank God this 'modern myth' has been busted before we collapsed as a species! Who the hell thinks up this stuff? And more importantly who believes it? Every seven seconds of every day? I don't think so. Men don’t think about sex every seven seconds: study - The Globe and Mail

Secret Planned Parenthood Memo: Stop Maternity Coverage |

If this story is accurate, it reveals an amazing change in public policy. Up to now, governments offered (directly or indirectly) financial support for the procreation of the generation to follow. Now it is doing the opposite. Strange when you consider the requirement of a sufficiently expanding population to maintain pension and other social programs. Demographic trends demonstrate that the past two generations have failed to have enough children to accomplish the task. It makes little sense to implement a policy which will serve to discourage couples having children into the future. Secret Planned Parenthood Memo: Stop Maternity Coverage |

OMG....'Frosty the Snowman' arrested

'Frosty the Snowman' arrested at Maryland parade - CBC News | Silently stealing away

It’s nice to be vindicated, and tempting to gloat, but we’re not quite in the clear. If—it could happen—embryonic stem cell research finally opens up a glittering horizon in viable therapies, will we still insist on our view of when life begins? Or fudge a little? Geron had to give up the game because the results weren’t there; hence the money wasn’t there. If we were slammed against a wall equally solid—such as saying “no” to a therapy that could well save our lives—would our ethical concerns seem as real? Humans will never stop trying to be God—all the more reason for believers to strive for godliness. Read the rest by clicking on the link below. | Silently stealing away

34 thousand Catholics more each day - Vatican Insider

According to the annual " Status of global mission " report produced ​​ in 2011 , the Catholic Church has one billion and 160 million faithful around the world, with 34,000 new people joining every day. The figures from the study, released by the agency Analisis Digirtal, say that there are two billion people in the world today, out of a total of approximately seven billion, who have never received the Gospel’s message. Another two billion and 680 million listen to it sometimes, or are vaguely aware of it, but they are not Christians. 34 thousand Catholics more each day - Vatican Insider

Delia Smith wants to do for Catholicism what she has done for cooking - Telegraph

Two of my favorite things: faith and food! I hope these programs will be available in Canada. It does though put me in mind of my favorite New Year's prayer.  " Dear God. This 2012 I would like a fat bank account and a thin body. Please don't mix them up like you did last year! Amen. " Delia Smith wants to do for Catholicism what she has done for cooking - Telegraph

How to Solve Moral Dilemmas (Plus: How to Recognize Hypocrisy) | Blogs |

Some tools to use on the highway of life! How to Solve Moral Dilemmas (Plus: How to Recognize Hypocrisy) | Blogs |

On Secular Repentance | Crisis Magazine

"(T)here is a curious blind spot in these various calls for the Church to repent. Secular figures rarely feel a need to disavow their own complicity in crimes, even when many of them, still living to this day, bear no little guilt for atrocities that make the Church’s sins pale by comparison. Take the Inquisition. Beyond question the Church was involved in religious trials that probably led to the deaths of several thousand people over the centuries. Though the process was conducted under a strict legal code, it was wrong to execute people for their beliefs. But as the Polish poet Cszelaw Milosz has reminded us, communism in some of the larger countries killed more people on average per day than the Church killed in centuries . Rare is the Western intellectual who supported communism and repented of that monstrous error." Interesting perspective! On Secular Repentance | Crisis Magazine

CTV News - How much does it cost to raise a child today?

"According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the cost of raising a child to the age of 18 is now a breathtaking $226,920. For sake of perspective, a Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe will set you back $225,325. Like the former, it too may end up living in your garage long after its 18th birthday." It's sad when we begin to measure people (children in this case) against material things. Yet, this is exactly what has led to the demographic collapse in western nations birthrates. Click on the link below to read the entire article. CTV News - How much does it cost to raise a child today?

The “Virtual” Challenge: The Spiritual Effects of an Autumn of Scandal - I've re-posted this article from a couple of years ago... because its still true today!

The “Virtual” Challenge: The Spiritual Effects of an Autumn of Scandal Autumnal weather arrives with its attendant rites of death when we see nature passing from the verdant beauties of summer to the cold and brutish death of fall. Alas for many who claim membership in the Roman Catholic Church of Canada, it is not only dead leaves that litter the ground, but we also seem hip-deep in among the tattered remains of many a faith gravely tested. For some, the revelations that have come to light concerning the arrest of Bishop Raymond Lahey, Bishop Emeritus of Antigonish, Nova Scotia on charges of importation of child pornography has been a killing frost laying waste their belief in the moral status of their church’s leaders, their Bishops. Beginning with the startling news of his initial arrest and with each subsequent news development, Canadian Catholics have faced a direct and brutish challenge to their faith in the Church. This trepidation in the face of a savage hostility, rarel

The Tablet - Publisher owned by German Church accused of selling pornography

Nooooo! Dear sweet God, Nooooo.... (sob)  What the hell were the German Bishops thinking? I'm sure they didn't add the books to the list of published works, but they have a MORAL and RELIGIOUS obligation to ensure proper stewardship of the goods of the Church. They were to ensure that such crap doesn't happen. That's a big part of their job as Bishop. They are supposed to be the best and brightest among the clerics; those individuals identified as being worthy of the mantle of leadership. YIKES! If such incompetent oversight is what passes for proper stewardship among the Bishops, they should be fired. But, it is surely right and proper to ask... what the hell is with the Germans? They failed to clean up their own house when they witnessed the sex abuse scandals engulf countries around the world and chose instead to rely on policies and practices that had failed everywhere else. Now they are revealed as being among Europe's leading purveyors of porn.  It

Catholic priests in Dublin to face 9 per cent income cut · TheJournal

Yikes!! I sincerely hope that this does not become a trend. Catholic priests in Dublin to face 9 per cent income cut · TheJournal

Billy Crystal to host the Oscars - The Globe and Mail

Billy Crystal is the best celebrity to host to Oscars since Johnny Carson. His entrances have been epic in the past as was his humor throughout the show. Finally a good reason to watch the show! Billy Crystal to host the Oscars - The Globe and Mail

Does God have a sense of humor? I sure hope so!

At first glance, it seemed an odd choice. Yet in retrospect, it was an inspired choice of reading material as I sat aside a friend's bed as he slowly slipped away. Between Heaven and Mirth: Why Joy, Humor and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life , by Fr. James Martin s.j. re-examines the scriptures of the Old and New Testament and presents them as examples where God encourages us to be willing to laugh at ourselves, with others and even with God. Martin begins by exploring why it is that levity has been denied its rightful place in the pantheon of Christian virtues. He writes how Christians have tended to focus on concepts of God as judge; a being who will reward or punish us for our sins and faithfulness. When one’s ultimate fate is ‘on the line’, it tends to focus one’s attention on preventing mistakes and failures. For believers, these are serious issues. Institutionally as well, Christian Churches have tended to lift the more ‘serious types’ to places of authorit

What are the odds?

Sorry for the absence

Friends: My apologies for the dearth of new material these past few days on the blog. I am visiting with a classmate who is not substantially connected to the internet and I've been unable to post new articles. I will return to fully maintaining the site on Wednesday November 9th when I return to my own office and computer.

Rick Perry flubs Occupy Toronto quote, speech - World - CBC News

Are there ANY qualifications required to be elected governor of Texas? As hard as it to imagine... this yokel makes George W. look smart! He's been twice (or more) elected Governor of Texas and yet if this video is representative of the man, I have no doubt that he'd flunk out of 'Are You Smarter that a 5th Grader?' with empty pockets. Yikes! Rick Perry flubs Occupy Toronto quote, speech - World - CBC News

Fr. Leon Belanger 28/07/25 - 01/11/11 RIP

Fr. Leon Belanger   All Saints Day, 2011 Rest in Peace   My deepest thanks to those who prayed for my brother priest. At the end, after 48 hrs of unconsciousness, he suddenly started to sing a french hymn, took two deep easy breaths and then breathed his last. May God welcome him to paradise.  

Prayer request

To the friends of this blog: a prayer request. I care for an elderly retired priest, Fr. Leon Belanger, a retired Navy Chaplain who retired into our Pembroke Diocese 22 years ago. For 15 years he provided replacement services at any parish where he was asked to go, after which he suffered from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm and was left physically and mentally impaired necessitating his entry into a nursing home. Fr. Leon is dying. He is slowly losing his battle for life at the Pembroke Regional Hospital and is now in the final stages of palliative care. I ask you please to pray for a quick and peaceful death. He is suffering from a severe case of pneumonia as a result of a sudden inability to swallow food or water (he aspirated whatever he swallows into his lungs). With large doses of morphine and Ativan, the hospital is able to keep him almost pain free but he is still struggling for breath hour after hour.  Thanks to the aid of great friends, we have been able to ensu