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Belgian Church Panel on Abuse Disbands in Protest to Raids -

This is not an advancement of this issue. Too bad the police didn't consider this when they so brutishly assaulted the rights of victims to remain anonymous if they so choose to do so by violating both clergy and medical privilege. The consequences of their actions has only served to slow the process of justice for the victims of clergy sex abuse. This is NOT an step forward in resolving this tragic process of penance and healing. Belgian Church Panel on Abuse Disbands in Protest to Raids -

Membership in the Christian Family: Open to Catholics?

Here is a series of questions that I, as a Roman Catholic posed to STG, a regular comment poster and fundamentalist Christian. It is rare to find one as patient and dedicated as he in defending and explaining his positions without sliding into anti-Catholic vitriolic rhetoric.  I would appreciate your thoughts as well (no matter your perspective on the issue)!! Fr. Tim STG: One last point. You may well believe that HOW we worship is the wrong way to do it, but can you understand that we DO worship the same Lord and Savior? Is it too far a leap for one who holds religious beliefs such as you, to concede that we are both trying to do the same thing, even if we disagree on how we are supposed to do it? That we both believe in the promise of the Hebrew Scriptures; that they were fulfilled in Jesus Christ whose life and teachings are recorded and explained in the Christian Bible; and that it is ONLY through Christ that any and all of the world can be saved? Why does acknow

A global case for good government in the church | National Catholic Reporter

John Allen is always worth the time to read. His knowledge, contacts and assessment skills permits him to provide a cogent, centrist Catholic voice. In this post, he makes a pithy yet effective argument for the addition of a set of 'stewardship virtues' that would include transparency, accountability, collaboration and competence. His global perspective also affords him exposure to issues that confront the Church beyond the borders of Europe and North America. As he points out, at the time of the Second Vatican Council, 75% of Roman Catholics lived in the 1st world with the balance living below the equator. Today those demographics are exactly reversed. He points out why this new majority may not comprehend the importance of these issues, as their world view sees corruption as a normal fact of life. Yet if the Church embraced these obvious goods, and lifted them to the rank of 'official' virtues to be practiced, (like the Cardinal or Theological Virtues) the benefit t

Judas and the Eucharist « SoCon Or Bust

I've been discussing the Eucharist in the comment threads with STG (SmallTownGuy) which Michael Brandon ('Freedom through truth' blogger) suggested I bring out to the level of a series of posts on the front page of this blog. I think that this is an excellent idea. To fuel the conversation/debate I have posted a series of recent commentary on the subject. The link accompanying these few remarks is such a commentary. I hope you will feel free to join in the conversation. I appreciate that this is more of a Catholic/Protestant, intra-Christian type of issue, but insights from any and all perspectives are welcome. There's only really one problem:  I don't know how to do that! I put out a request to the followers of this blog: can anyone please tell me how I can change the parameters of this blog to permit others to post commentary and cross-post to articles on other sites? I don't necessarily want to throw the doors wide open or I'll be blocking spam all


AAADD- KNOW THE SYMPTOMS......   TAKEN FROM ONE OF THOSE NUISANCE E-MAILS THAT PEOPLE THINK WE LIKE APPRECIATE.   I'M SCARED BY THE FACT THAT I NOT ONLY NODDED KNOWINGLY AS I READ IT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM ,  BUT I COULDN'T HELP BUT CHUCKLE BY THE END LIKE ONE WHO UNDERSTOOD THE HUMOR FROM THE  'INSIDE' . Fr. Tim   Recently, I self-diagnosed myself as suffering with A.A.A.D.D. -  Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder. This is how it manifests itself: I decide to water my garden. As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide it needs washing. As I head towards the garage, I notice post on the porch table that I picked up from the postman earlier. I decide to go through it before I wash the car. I put my car keys on the table, put the junk mail in the recycling box under the table, and notice that the recycling box is full. So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the recycling first. But then I thi

Group Wants Buffalo Catholic Diocese to Release Names of Predator Priests | WKBW News 7: News, Sports, Weather - Buffalo, New York | News

OK.. so three people is a 'group'. What would we call the tens of thousands who each week attend Church services in the Buffalo Diocese? Group Wants Buffalo Catholic Diocese to Release Names of Predator Priests | WKBW News 7: News, Sports, Weather - Buffalo, New York | News

Alleged 'outing' of pastor assailed

Another horrible offense committed by those who are today attacking the Christian faith. To violate the sanctity of a support group is almost as bad as what happened in Belgium. If the Church had ever done anything even close to this (violate a confidence shared in secret about an individual to attack them), they would be (rightly) castigated and assaulted from every direction. Yet, if the same is done to a person of faith... it seems to be fair game. WRONG is WRONG, no matter the intentions of whoever the responsible agent doing it is!!! Alleged 'outing' of pastor assailed

Vatican outraged at Belgian police raid on graves - CTV News

UNBELIEVABLE!!! They dug open the graves and opened the coffins of dead churchmen to search for documents that may have been buried with the corpse. Have you ever heard of such an outrageous act being done to members of any other group? It is also clear that the families were not even notified in advance by the Police. If the Police dig up your loved one, without your consent or knowledge to ensure that you did not hide documents in the grave, how would you react? OUTRAGE should not even begin to capture how offensive this act is! There are limits to the states power. Belgium has crossed a line and set a new low water mark in their hunt for predators within the Church. Vatican outraged at Belgian police raid on graves - CTV News

Father and son battle cancer - The North Bay Nugget - Ontario, CA

Although I do not know the 'Moyle's' featured in this article, I would be honored , but not surprised , to discover we are fruit of the same family tree. My family's fight with cancer saw my mother wage a 25 year battle with that demon before succumbing when she was 61 yrs of age. The deaths of many other family elders has been struck by that dread disease as well. To know it strikes others of similar heritage comes as no surprise. As to being 'honored', the witness these folks offer in the face of the challenge of cancer is inspirational! My Father always taught me that there was really only one thing of value that he could give me in life: our family name. "Be certain you do not tarnish it for those who follow after you" was an oft heard phrase on our branch of the Moyle family tree. It is obviously practiced by others as well. The tree would seem to be of good root and health. Good to know that the inheritance stands in good order. Fr. Tim Moy

TYRANNY IN THE NAME OF TOLERANCE Beware! The New Age Movement Is More Than Self-Indulgent Silliness

It is a back-handed compliment, but at least the authors are insisting that proponents of 'new age' spiritualities (although there's very little 'new' within creeds and practices) be taken seriously. I doubt though that it is the intent of the authors of this posting from the New Oxford Review to offer any comfort to 'the enemy'. An answer, "Lady Janus" ? I doubt that there will be much you find in there that is favorably presented in terms of alternate spiritual or belief systems. New Oxford Review

"From the Wonderful People Who Brought You New York City...."

It was said by Fr. Raymond deSouza at Fr. Richard John Neuhaus' funeral, that one of RJN's favorite expressions was, come the day of the great prolepsis, he would see inscribed over the gates of the Messianic eternal city of God... "From the Wonderful People Who Brought You New York City: The New Jerusalem". (American Babylon p.2)  The wry wit and wisdom of this quote is typical of RJN's many contributions in arguing for the place of religion within  culture. His predictions of the despair that results from post-modernist secularism's inability to answer the great existential questions, is obvious today with the attendant collapse of one's individual sense of well-being as a citizen of western culture, in the shifting mores of 21st century life. Put simply, RJN believed that he would meet his God on that day as an American. That the understanding of the 'first principles' spoken of in the Declaration of Independence which launched and sustained t

iPad for the Church? @ Church Website Ideas

Why not? iPad for the Church? @ Church Website Ideas

Portugal turns on the style - The Globe and Mail

One hope's that there is no connection between this story on North Korea's soccer thumping and this one . It's been a bad day for Kim Jong Il and when these two stories are read in conjunction with this analysis, perhaps we have reason to be concerned. I'm just saying.... Portugal turns on the style - The Globe and Mail

Feminist journalist from Québec unwittingly illustrates why we desperately need a public debate on abortion « SoCon Or Bust

The most comprehensive analysis of the abortion issue from a scientific and logical presentation that rebutts the pro-choice assumptions. Whether your a pro-life or pro-choice advocate, it's a worthy read. Fr. Tim Feminist journalist from Québec unwittingly illustrates why we desperately need a public debate on abortion « SoCon Or Bust

The Never Ending Disquiet of Man: Are we all exiles? Aliens in a foreign land?

 I've taken up again my dear friend, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus' (RIP) last book American Babylon: Notes of a Christian Exile. I was sitting in the sun and quiet of my cottage  enjoying a  few hours of relaxation  when my attention was captured by an ad from the radio playing in the background. It was one of the ubiquitous jingles promoting a national lottery announcing some mind-blowing prize for an upcoming draw. The conjunction of these two thoughts (RJN's discourse on what it means to be an exile; thoughts of fancy about what I would do if I won such an obscene amount of money) led me to ask myself whether there was  ENOUGH wealth and power to  satisfy that human innate desire for wanting 'more'. One might think of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett who have given away the majority of their money in pursuit of causes such as the elimination of malaria, the amelioration of poverty. Yet it is pertinent to note that they still kept to themselves sufficient funds to ensu

America Magazine - What Happened in Phoenix?

This is the first detailed account of the Sr. Margaret Mary McBride incident in Phoenix which provides a complete context of how the decision to terminate the pregnancy with an abortion came to pass. I appreciate what happened now much better than I had previously. This does not change my opinion as the specifics of the case, nor does it detract from the legitimacy of the Bishop's actions but it does go a long way into explaining why Sr. McBride decided as she did. I wish to add one further point: everyone in this case, including Sr. Margaret Mary, the patient and the Bishop carried themselves with dignity. Each did what they thought was the correct thing to do and they each took responsibility for their actions. As I have often said here and in other places, there is a straightforward process for her to be brought back into full communion. I would be surprised if she has not done so already. America Magazine - What Happened in Phoenix?

Should the state define religion?

Dianne Wood 9:30 AM on June 15, 2010 It would be helpful if we had a definition of religion. Prof. Young says there should be a supernatural dimension, it should help people to live with such paradoxes as life and death, good and evil, and order and disorder; have a source of authority from scripture or ancestral teaching or a magisterial structure like the Catholic Church; a system of symbols; sacred times, such as holy days, and sacred places, such as temples or pilgrimage routes; rituals; an ethical system and taboos; offer a comprehensive way of life; sustain a group, not just individuals; and have an identity that is passed from one generation to the next. I think a religion should also be universal, meaning it is open to everyone. Also I think a religion should allow freedom, where a person is not and cannot be forced to belong. Fr. Tim 9:50 AM on June 15, 2010 It can also be dangerous for the courts/state to define a religion. The very act of esta

Our obligation to Israel is soon going to be tested. Are you ready for it?

Our Debt to Jerusalem - UPDATED The late Pope John Paul the Great was acclaimed throughout his pontificate for being the pontiff that finally aligned the barque of Peter with ‘our elder brothers and sisters,’ the first children of Abraham, the Jews. As someone who had resisted antisemitism throughout his life, his apology, offered in Jerusalem in the extraordinary Holy Year of the Millennium, carried the credibility of one who experienced the horrors of the Holocaust first hand in Poland. His acknowledgement of the debt of all Christians to the people of the first covenant should have consequences not only in the spiritual realm but in worldly matters too. It means that we must ensure the welfare of the Jewish people as members of our extended family. Recent and future events in Israel's blockade of the Gaza strip now demand that the nations of the world respond with diplomatic initiatives, supporting either Israel or Hamas. The question then becomes: Do Christians, as citize

Holy Smoke from Canada's courts?

A young wag once suggested that the RC Church used pot as its incense, they might win back some converts! I doubt I'll ever live to see that day but it will be interesting to read the continuing arguments and the eventual court decision about whether or not the state possesses the right to determine what is a 'legitimate' religion. Charles Lewis writes on the Holy Post blog about a court case in which the state has charged two men with marijuana offenses who are defending their cannabis actives by claiming they were religious acts, and thus protected from prosecution. As part of the legal argument, Professor Katherine Young of McGill University offered the quote below as evidence in the case before the court. Her expert testimony was placed before the court as it wrestles with what legally constitutes a religion. Prof. Young told the court that trying to come up with a definition is an enormous problem for scholars because of the complexity or religious beli

Same Sex Unions as parents. CNN to explore the issue

CNN is advertising an upcoming 'Solidad O'Brien Investigates' special entitled "Gary & Tony Have a Baby". The documentary is being previewed at 'Newfest: a LGBT Film Festival in New York. I believe that it is to be aired on CNN on June 24th. Watch for further details. I look forward to the broadcast. I do so, not to follow that old Irish  maxim 'know your enemy', rather to grow in my understanding of the reality of gay families today. It may not be a traditional configuration, but my previous training as a social worker as well as my life experiences have taught me that children raised in any stable, loving and chaste relationship will be as normal as a child raised in a traditional family. One cannot know the full truth of any social, moral or medical experiment until the matter is broadly studied, but if the state says that gay couples merit the same legal status as heterosexual marriages, then they are entitled to the same rights, privile

Can the scientific method be used to determine whether or not the supernatural exists?

Below you'll find part of an exchange I'm engaged in on the Holy Post with somehow going by the handle 'Shibboleth'.  The subject? Can the application of the scientific method to determine the truths of whether or not supernatural forces or beings do exist. I thought you might like comment of the exchange. At the very least, I hope you find it interesting. Fr. Tim ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:59 AM on June 13, 2010 Tim: I have asked some pointed questions and made statements which may have initially made you bristle. The reason I have done so is because of my bias toward scientific methodology. Sufficiency is a term among many others to ensure a persons claim is tested according to scientific rigueur. Specifically, evidence offered in support of any claim must be adaquate to establish the truth of that claim with: 1) the burden of proof for any claim resting on th

Insightful column from 'The Tablet' examining the excommunication of Sr. Margaret Mary McBride

The one argument that is not made clear (IMO) is that the Bishop did not excommunicate Sr. McBride. He was merely pointing out that she had incurred a 'self-inflicted' excommunication.  The Code of Canon Law makes it unequivocally clear that such a sentence is automatic in its effect if someone actively facilitates an abortion. He was asked what the teaching of the church was when the case was brought to his attention. He just affirmed that her action took her outside of the walls of the Church. This rendered her ineligible to fill the position she did with a Catholic Hospital, so he also took the appropriate action. She (as most Catholics) knows that there is a straightforward practice for her to follow if she wants to be reconciled to the Church. We are ALL sinners, and nobody on earth can presume to know anothers' state before God. The Church can only control who belongs within its walls; not speak definitively on anyone's state of grace. As to the peril to her sou

The Holy Post. A great place to visit on the web!

Have you ever visited the Religion Blog of the National Post? It's called the "Holy Post" and can be found here . It is quickly becoming one of the best places on the web where discussion can be held on a wide variety of topics that are taken from current events. What I appreciate about it is the quality of the comments that accompany the articles. Most of the nonsense is kept out by moderators and those that are posted can stimulate a great deal of thought. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in participating or just reading up on others thoughts, ideas and insights. Hope to see you there as well as here!!

'More' power given to Human Rights Tribunals??

"A landmark Supreme of Canada ruling has significantly widened the reach of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, handing a broad range of administrative tribunals the right to find Charter violations and create legal remedies. In a 9-0 ruling on Friday, the court said that administrative tribunals – quasi-judicial bodies that hear cases involving everything from labour relations and school boards to human rights are perfectly capable of applying the Charter in their fields of expertise. “We do not have one Charter for the courts and another for administrative tribunals,” said Madam Justice Rosalie Abella, the architect of the transformation." Read the rest of the article here

Comments taken from the Homily of Pope Benedict XVI as he brought to a close the 'Year of the Priest'

The Pope noted how the Year for Priests was celebrated to ensure "a renewed appreciation of the grandeur and beauty of the priestly ministry. The priest is not a mere office-holder. ... Rather, he does something which no human being can do of his own power: in Christ's name he speaks the words which absolve us of our sins and in this way he changes, starting with God, our entire life. Over the offerings of bread and wine he speaks Christ's words of thanksgiving, ... which open the world to God and unite it to Him. The priesthood, then, is not simply 'office' but Sacrament". "This audacity of God Who entrusts Himself to human beings (Who, conscious of our weaknesses, nonetheless considers men capable of acting and being present in His stead) this audacity of God is the true grandeur concealed in the word 'priesthood'. ...This is what we wanted to reflect upon and appreciate anew over the course of the past year. We wanted to reawake

Review: Marshall McLuhan, by Douglas Coupland - The Globe and Mail

I have always been a fan of Marshall McLuhan, even if it has taken me YEARS to understand what he wrote. Writers such as he, along with Alvin Toffler and others, have demonstrated that they were prescient in telling us how our society has been profoundly changed by these new technologies of communication. Coupland himself is no slouch in these affairs as was demonstrated by his seminal work, "Generation X". I look forward to reading this latest biography of one of Canada's greatest thinkers. Review: Marshall McLuhan, by Douglas Coupland - The Globe and Mail

The "Year of the Priest" comes to an end

This Friday, the Catholic Church, brings the "Year of the Priest" to a close with the celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart. I think it is fair to say that the year did not unfold exactly as Pope Benedict intended as it seemed that every week brought another aspect of the sex abuse scandal to the fore, culminating in a Holy Week/Easter season that saw the tentacles of this evil reach right to the Chair of Peter. It reached its zenith with the likes of Christopher Hitchens calling for the arrest of the Pope during his upcoming visit to Great Britain. Yet, as we reach the end of this priestly year, I cannot help but feel uplifted and strengthened by the response of the faithful to this papal call of support for the Church's priests. In our Diocese here in the Ottawa Valley, celebrations have been held in various parishes to fete the men who have undertaken the difficult task of representing Christ the eternal high priest to all the baptized. There was also a Dioces

On the Brink

Melanie Phillips is an award-winning columnist for London’s Daily Mail . Educated at Oxford, she won the Orwell Prize for journalism in 1996. She is the author of Londonistan and All Must Have Prizes , among other books. Phillips spoke with CWR about her new book, The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle Over God, Truth, and Power Pay particular attention to her response to the issue of science and religion. She brings an interesting perspective that differentiates between science and 'scientism' and connects the latter to western materialistic philosophy. On the Brink

Belgian euthanasia nurses 'fail to get consent

Here is further evidence that Canada should not open this pandora's box. It is NEVER safe to give to others the right to decide whether or not your life is worth continuing. The fact that the study shows as many as 50% of the time someone was euthanized without requesting it proves this point. Fr. Tim Belgian euthanasia nurses 'fail to get consent

Sisters of Life

Here is an excellent website for any and all interested in the pro-life cause. The Sisters of Life are a religious order than began in New York City under the authority of Cardinal Jon O'Connor (RIP) in the 1980's. Their traditional religious lifestyle and clear charism have led them to grow much faster than many other orders. As a result, these wonderful women are moving beyond the boundaries of NYC and have opened a convent in Toronto. Here is a link to a news account from LifesiteNews which explains in greater detail their history and mission in Toronto. The Sisters of Life count among their numbers a woman from our Parish here in Mattawa who is soon to take her final profession. This is one of the greatest blessings that we have received as a parish. Anytime a religious vocation comes forward from a parish community, many graces flow back to the local church. I can only pray that as the Sisters of Life establish their ministry in Canada that more and more women will join t

I'm Back!!

Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers. The fishing trip was (as always) FANTASTIC.  My companions fished each day and always brought in their limit of delicious large walleye. Since I have visited this outfitter and fished his lakes for almost 20 years, I spent less time fishing and most of my time in quiet reflection and reading, just taking in the silence and beauty all around me. It is always a treat for me to go someplace where there are no phones, faxes or email to distract me and Dumoine Lake Cottages in Northwestern Quebec ( never fails to bring a welcome rest into my life. I was visited by moose, bears, and other smaller critters as well as a multitude of loons and other water fowl who kept me company while my companions were on the lake.  No Cathedral or church anywhere can match the grandeur of God's untouched creation and I can think of no 'holier' a place to celebrate mass than on a flat rock beside a magnificent lak

I'll be away for a few days... gone fishing!

Friends, I will be away from any form of electronic communication for the balance of this week as I am taking the two other full time clergy (Pentecostal & Evangelical Missionary Church pastors) here in Mattawa into the wilds of north western Quebec for three days of fishing and fellowship. They too are dealing with the stresses and pressures of ministering to a flock that has been afflicted by the same economic and social tribulations that have affected the region and like me are in need of a little 'R & R'. Aside from the benefit of these actions, it will also take us beyond the reach of phones, pagers and internet. No radio, TV, cell phones or computers - but the beauties of God's creation and blissful peace and quiet. Truly 'heaven on earth' for any busy clergyman. I'll remember to pray for all of you and I ask for your prayers for three tired clergy looking for some peace, prayer and fraternal fellowship. See you on Friday June 4th!