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I've got 'dishpan hands' today... but it's for a great cause!!

St. Alphonsus Parish, Chapeau, Qc. Just back in the office from a morning of peeling potatoes & carrots as well as chopping onions for our Parish Supper tomorrow in Chapeau, Qc. If you're in the area drop in and share in a GREAT turkey supper with all the trimmings... and home-made pies for dessert! Meals are served from noon to 6 pm. in the Chapeau arena. Come one... come all and join in the festivities!

St. Vincent de Paul: Remember the poor among us today and follow St. Vincent's example of putting ourselves at their service.

St. Vincent de Paul... pray for us Catholic Fire: St. Vincent de Paul

A Big Heart Open to God | America Magazine

Go Pope Francis Go!! All that he is doing is reminding we Catholics of two things. a) The primacy of God's love supersedes the exigencies of Church law; and b) There is FAR MORE to the Church's moral teaching than just abortion and homosexuality. He hasn't changed a single doctrine. All he is doing is calling for the Church to live out the entire Gospel message. He's telling us not to let society at large set the agenda of what we preach and practice. It might be obsessing about homosexuality and abortion but we don't need to limit ourselves to those areas when we proclaim the message of Christ. I LOVE this Pope! Fr. Tim A Big Heart Open to God | America Magazine

The Priesthood and the Choice | Crisis Magazine

The readings for this Sunday emphasize the role of the priest as intercessor in making present God's forgiveness and love. This reflection proves substantial food for thought when it comes to pondering the role of a priest in God's salvation economy. Since all Christians are called to act as priests by virtue of their baptism, there is a great deal that applies to clerics and laity alike which could serve to help us clarify in our own minds what it means to be priests in the 21st century of the Christian project. Feel free to post here any thoughts worth sharing in the comment thread with this article. The Priesthood and the Choice | Crisis Magazine

Same War, Different Country -

"I keep reading about how Iraq was the bad war and Libya was the good war and Afghanistan was the necessary war and Bosnia was the moral war and Syria is now another necessary war. Guess what! They are all the same war. They are all the story of what happens when multisectarian societies, most of them Muslim or Arab, are held together for decades by dictators ruling vertically, from the top down, with iron fists and then have their dictators toppled, either by internal or external forces." Click on the link below to read the entire column: Same War, Different Country -

Pope to G-20: Keep your armies out of Syria – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs

Pope to G-20: Keep your armies out of Syria – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs