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St. Catherine of Siena: Strong Woman of God, Model for a New Missionary Age - Christian Saints & Heroes - News - Catholic Online

This is the feast day of a great woman saint, Catherine of Siena who called the Papacy back from the brink, challenging the Church's leadership to fulfill its mandate of guiding the faithful from Rome. It reminds me that in every age there have been voices which have fulfilled the same role. One such voice today belongs to Sylvia MacEacheran who hosts a blog which deals with the issues of abuse within the Church in Canada . I don't always agree with Sylvia in particular cases, but I have always supported her goal of demanding the Bishops act justly in addressing their obligation in protecting the faithful from the predations of criminal clergy.  Please take a moment today to offer a prayer for this good woman. The task she has taken upon herself is to a large degree thankless, especially for somone who is a faithful and practicing Catholic.   Good St. Catherine... guide and protect Sylvia in her ministry. Help her to keep our greatest of all gifts, our children, safe and th

10 Great Jokes told by Saint John XXIII |

The first on the list has been my favorite for years. A reporter asked St. John XXIII how many people worked in the Vatican. He answered "About half." The rest are pretty good too. 10 Great Jokes told by Saint John XXIII |

Where the Rubber Hits the Road passes another milestone

Keep 'er between the ditches folks! It almost slipped past me without my noticing! I pay about as much attention to the stats that this blog generates as I do the odometer in my car - which is to say occasionally at best. But something made me check this morning and what did I discover... but that the blog has passed the 500,000 visit to the site! It's heart warming to realize that it is of interest to so many folks. It's my pledge to do all I can to keep it as a place where you can find articles from a variety of perspectives on the questions facing the Church today for your reflection, edification, and comment. So thank you to everyone who visits this blog. May it help you keep firmly attached to the road of faith in your life... or at least serve to keep you from crashing into the ditches our faith calls us to avoid lest we fail to complete our journey to God.

Pope phones divorcee ‘living in sin’ to tell her she can take Holy Communion | National Post

I love the line "Some priests are more papist than the Pope." Even if this is not exactly what the Pontiff said, it's true none the less. If you doubt this, watch for the various blog posts that will pop-up on line from guys decrying the Pope's instruction to this woman. They should be fun to read. Understand this please: This is NOT the Pope pronouncing on the question of divorce in the Catholic Church. This IS an example of the Pope reminding this woman that she is an adult, responsible for her own spiritual decisions. If she believes in her heart, mind, and soul that there is nothing wrong with her taking communion, then she has the right to do so. It's not up to a priest to judge her as being unworthy. That decision belongs to God alone. The priest was correct in pointing out that she was not living in accord with Church teaching, but he was wrong in then denying her communion for what is essentially a personal matter between her and God. Further, this is

Easter proclamation abolishes papacy: Sure. And I also believe that the Easter Bunny is real!

These folks make even the St. Pius X heretics look like liberals!! Still, if they actually could disestablish the Church, that would mean I could retire,  take my pension and wile away the hours  my cottage and contemplate my future during the coming summer months. I could think of worse fates than that!!   Thankfully these lunatics can't do any of the things shout about, so my job and its attendant duties still lie ahead of me. Since the legitimate ministry & worship of Christ at any time is fruitful, but all the more so in the Easter celebrations which were a real boost to the Spirits (in every sense of the word!) for all concerned. This common witness to the faith sustains and vivifies my vocation and make me incredibly glad that God called me to serve as a parish priest. So I guess this story is a 'Win-Win' situation for we priests. I'm certain it is for me graced as I am by living among such good people of faith as I do here in the Ottawa Valley. They k

Two Justices Say High Court Will Likely Rule On NSA Programs: A topic that by its very nature defines 'Where the Rubber Hits the Road'.

Two Justices Say High Court Will Likely Rule On NSA Programs : Two members of the Supreme Court indicated on Thursday night that the court will ultimately have to decide the legality of National Security Agency surveillance activities. The two justices, Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, made the comments during a public event at the National Press Club in Washington. They were responding to questions posed by journalist Marvin Kalb about whether the court would take up cases arising from the recent disclosures about NSA surveillance, most notably by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Scalia, a leading conservative justice, said the court was not the best body to decide major national security issues because of its lack of expertise.

Priests must anoint others with oil of gladness, Pope reflects :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

The key to this is that one cannot give what they haven't got! So here's hoping and praying that priests might be infused with gladness these days so that they will have lots to spread around. I know I've got lots. That's why I awake each morning with praise on my lips and a smile on my face! And it's all thanks to God's great gift of the priesthood to which he called an unworthy soul like mine to participate in. It proves he's not too fussy about who he shares his gifts with. Thank You God!  Hallelujah indeed!!   Priests must anoint others with oil of gladness, Pope reflects :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

SGN - Seattle Gay News - Page 14 - Argentine Catholic Church baptizes child of Lesbian couple - President Kirchner is godmother - Friday, April 11 2014 - Volume 42 Issue 15

The diversity of sites that Yahoo gathers with its digital 'clipping service' continues to amaze me. So do controversies such as this one. Since we Catholics believe that baptism is required for salvation, why would there be any consideration of refusing it to a child based upon the sexual orientation or marital status of his or her parents? Is the priority of the great commission not to offer salavation to all? Why hold the child of parents of different moral, ethical, or political convictions be held as a virtual hostage, potentially endangering his or her eternal soul for something s/he has absolutely no control over whatsoever? How is that Christian?? Yes indeed this child should have been baptised... and it should hardly rate as news in any paper, magazine, or website if we took seriously our religious obligations to follow in Christ's footsteps. I pray that soon it will be true in every corner of of our fair earth and that children are not held libel in some way

Toronto trustees reject Pride Parade nudity motion | Toronto Star

I have three issues with this story. First I don't understand why it is that if a person walks down the street naked by themselves they will be charged with public nudity (and likely carried off to the looney bin to boot) but when it happens in a parade it's OK. Next, the fact that the trustees voted down a resolution on requiring police checks for all their volunteers because it would make some of them feel uncomfortable is ludicrous! So are they not concerned that if a pervert volunteers and assaults a student, that child might feel 'uncomfortable' or is that OK with these Toronto Trustees? Finally, no one... and I am sure I mean NO ONE, wants to see the arse-end of someone as wide as the 'gentleman's' derrière in the photo accompanying this story. It's disgusting and sensationalistic.  So be forewarned if you choose to click on the link below. You might just lose your lunch! Toronto trustees reject Pride Parade nudity motion | Toronto Star

When People Make Mistakes (But Not You!) : Oops. I guess the internet caught me being judgemental about the previous stories posted today.

I guess no one (and that would include me) is perfect. It's either that, or somebody slipped some LSD into the world's drinking water. How else can we explain the weirdness online about the Church today? Time I guess to pour some more water into the coffee machine and join the party. Beam me up Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here! When People Make Mistakes (But Not You!) - IgnitumToday : IgnitumToday

Controversial papyrus referring to ‘Jesus’ wife’ likely an ancient document and not a modern forgery, scientists say: ...And there you have it! It's now official. The world (or at least the internet) has gone NUTS!!!

OMG! Jesus is already taken!! Now I'll be a spinster forever!! Controversial papyrus referring to ‘Jesus’ wife’ likely an ancient document and not a modern forgery, scientists say | National Post

Conspiracies & Catholicism: Easter Special: Now hold on a minute.Easter isn't where Easter is supposed to be on the calendar? Now we're just moving in crazy bat sh*t territory. What's next? I suppose someone's going to claim that Jesus had a wife, eh?

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you! Conspiracies & Catholicism: Easter Special - Catholic Stand : Catholic Stand

‘The Principle’: Geocentrism is What Real Biblical Literalism Looks Like: OK. It's official... Is the entire world going crazy. I must have missed the memo!

‘The Principle’: Geocentrism is What Real Biblical Literalism Looks Like - The Daily Beast

Pope, US, Canadian, European leaders in court for murder, trafficking children: Seriously? The Pope, Prince Philip, and Canadian & American politicians being tried for Satanic acts and trafficking children? Has the entire world gone crazy???

Pope, US, Canadian, European leaders in court for murder, trafficking children - Provo child abuse |

The attitude-adjustment derby:Can hot-button topics be discussed rationally, or have media and the blogosphere dragged everybody into an unending screaming match?

I've been having a chat this morning with a lad who seems upset about a video making its way around the net of a priest singing a personalized version of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' to a newly married couple. In his first comment he launches off with profanity as he decried the priest's singing as an 'abuse of the liturgy'. When I asked him if he didn't think that he was vitiating his argument about a liturgical abuse by using abusive language, he replied that the use of profanity is indeed appropriate when condemning the priest for singing the song. I guess comprehending irony is not his strong suit. Any way, this article from today's NCR blog seems to hit the same themes I was trying to raise with him. Check it out and see if you agree. The attitude-adjustment derby | National Catholic Reporter Here's a link as well to the priest's musical gift to the married couple.