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Easter proclamation abolishes papacy: Sure. And I also believe that the Easter Bunny is real!

These folks make even the St. Pius X heretics look like liberals!! Still, if they actually could disestablish the Church, that would mean I could retire, take my pension and wile away the hours my cottage and contemplate my future during the coming summer months. I could think of worse fates than that!!  

Thankfully these lunatics can't do any of the things shout about, so my job and its attendant duties still lie ahead of me. Since the legitimate ministry & worship of Christ at any time is fruitful, but all the more so in the Easter celebrations which were a real boost to the Spirits (in every sense of the word!) for all concerned. This common witness to the faith sustains and vivifies my vocation and make me incredibly glad that God called me to serve as a parish priest.

So I guess this story is a 'Win-Win' situation for we priests. I'm certain it is for me graced as I am by living among such good people of faith as I do here in the Ottawa Valley. They know how to celebrate a 'feast', both spiritually and around the dining room table. I am a supremely lucky priest. It's important to remember this when encountering times of desert and dust - for it is good be remember the good times when sometimes face the daily doldrum of our regular tasks and routines. It is a powerful tonic, this faith of the people during the High Feasts; sufficient to take away any vocational virus or flu a priest might be feeling after a long and hard season of Lent. 

May God bless us all during this celebratory period of the Easter Octave. May he bless the Church in Pembroke with happy clergy and an laity bent on building the Kingdom of mercy and love in the here and now as well as in anticipation of the final version in the Parousia. And may he continue to bless our Pope and the Churches under his protection, care, and leadership as Peter in our times.

Easter proclamation abolishes papacy - Detroit Traditionalist Catholic |


  1. Don't give these nut cases the time of day, as they put a damper on true dialogue, and fuel the fires of resentment.


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