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Pope Francis must do more than just visit Canada: Indigenous leaders

Articles like this one are the reason so many church folks are cynical about this entire reconciliation process, concluding that it's little more than a cash grab. I do not share this opinion . But if First Nations leaders keep moving the goal post as to what constitutes the fulfillment of the Church's responsibility for the Residential Schools scandal, they will lose a lot of good will among we Catholics who are sympathetic to their legitimate grievances. The TRC calls for the Pope to apologize to our First Nations here in Canada. Clearly this is going to happen. It serves no meaning purpose if Native aims are indeed something more than the reconciliation between the First Nations and Canada as laid out in the TRC Report. Calls for the imprisonment of people responsible for instituting a program that started 140+ years ago and ended 50+ years as the current AFN Chief is demanding isn't reasonable nor possible given its architects have been dead for many decades already. Po

Opinion | Dogs are the true heroes of the pandemic

My favorite line from this editorial is: "What is clear is that animals often fill a void that transcends service, entertainment or companionship and that is deeply connected to our need to love and be loved. When Asheville, a mixed breed, died several years ago, a friend said, “I know you must miss her so much because you loved her so much.” And I said, “No, I miss her because she loved me so much.” So very true. Dogs make great companions on life's journey. A gift we can't ever truly deserve but one we have none the less. I can't imagine mine without one or two of them to share my home and hearth with. Every day they never fail to put a smile on my face. They're truly a gift from God imho and I am eternally grateful for it. Opinion | Dogs are the true heroes of the pandemic - The Washington Post : 

Take a Walk Around the Milky Way With This Brilliant Interactive Map

If you click on the embedded link on this website you will find the interactive map. Click on the top left corner for a fascinating short animation which allows you to see where our sun is located in relation to the other stars in our arm of the galaxy. Take a Walk Around the Milky Way With This Brilliant Interactive Map - I Love The Universe