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James Lunney leaving Conservative caucus | CTV News

Vancouver Island MP James Lunney quits his Conservative caucus after 15 years in favour of his Christian faith. His statement: Leaders of the faith community were in Ottawa on March 25th to express their alarm at increasing and unprecedented attempts to stifle freedom of religion, conscience and expression in Canada ( ) They identify deliberate attempts to suppress a Christian world-view from professional and economic opportunity in law, medicine, and academia. I share these concerns. I believe the same is true in the realm of politics at senior levels. In the past month a few words exchanged on social media, words like: science, managing assumptions and theory or fact related to (macro) evolution. My remarks were inflated by media, blended with other unrelated but alleged heretical statements and became a top story on national media creating a firestorm of criticism and condemnation. Since two other politicians in Ontario and Alberta were targeted during the same

Why the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is wrong in trying to deny doctors the right to refuse to participate in the procurement of procedures that contravenes their conscience

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) in their recently published revised policy on ‘Professional Obligations and Human Rights’ of March 2015 states: “Where physicians are unwilling to provide certain elements of care for reasons of conscience or religion, an effective referral to another health-care provider must be provided to the patient.” Effectively this policy crushes the conscience rights of doctors and puts at risk the safety of their patients. By stripping from physicians the ability to care for their patients in a respectful and moral manner independent of government edicts, patients lose an essential ally dedicated to their care. Put plainly, who can patients best trust to ensure the security of their life? A politicians or their physician? By bowing to the pressures of various government agencies such as provincial human rights commissions and tribunals the CPSO has allowed their membership to be disarmed in using their best medical and moral ju

A powerful message from a modern poet - well worth the few minutes it takes to watch and listen

Facebook Page Proves Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Converted to Islam?

It may be circulating on Facebook and elsewhere, but according to Snopes it is probably not true! We need to stop spreading such stories that do little more than stoke people's bigotry and biases with fear and lies. Using the same tactics as people who are actually trying to do us harm only serves to lower us to the same level as them. It is the path of never-ending conflict rather than one that leads to peaceful co-existence.    Facebook Page Proves Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Converted to Islam?

Cardinal Burke: Gays, remarried Catholics, and murderers are all the same | Crux: What??? Did he actually say that???

Cardinal Burke makes the argument that all mortal sins are the same. While I accept that from the perspective of their effect upon one's soul this argument has some merit... but somehow I just can't my head around accepting that invalidly married couple, sexually active gays, and murderers are all the same. Is there no room for consideration of intent and causation in his moral calculations? Don't get me wrong. I am not advocating situational ethics. But it cannot be as black and white a situation as Cardinal Burke paints it to be. Cardinal Burke: Gays, remarried Catholics, and murderers are all the same | Crux

Get out there today and make a difference!!

Canadian driving vs driving elsewhere

In some countries they drive on the left of the street... Meanwhile in Canada, we drive on what's left of the street!

Anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott says he left Canada because his views made him unemployable: ‘I was forced out’ | National Post

I commented on Facebook that I was glad Mr. Whatcott had left the country - and was promptly attacked for being a 'poor excuse for a priest'. My point is that he didn't stand and publicly condemn other mortal sins such as adultery, missing mass, swearing, or theft but primarily went around condemning homosexuality. IMHO, that demonstrates that he is a homophobe and doesn't really belong in our country and has more in common with the Westboro Baptist Church than he does with the Catholic Church. Agree or disagree? Anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott says he left Canada because his views made him unemployable: ‘I was forced out’ | National Post

Pope Francis in Naples: Meeting with clergy and religious -Joyless lives can't be hidden by priests and religious

If a priest or a sister is not living a joyful life, "people can smell it!" Pope Francis said yesterday to priests and men and women religious in Naples. It was part of a remarkable off-the-cuff speech, of which we only have snippets, of the type we call a "ferverino." "I prepared a speech," the pope said at the beginning of his talk, "but speeches are boring!" He twitted priests and religious who live affluent lives, hang out with the rich, fail to live joyful lives, and forget to make Christ the center of their lives. These are invitations for all of us, not just priests and religious. Be sure to read the trenchant story of the woman religious and the 100-peso note. Pope Francis in Naples: Meeting with clergy and religious

I think winter has gone on for too long and I may be suffering from cabin fever... but this struck me as too good not to share

Eupocrisy: A column from Mark Shea

One of the dividing lines between believers is their attitude towards who is saved and who is damned. Personally I find that there are far too many concerned with the latter while not enough are oriented by the first. I have always believed that God will be far more generous with his gift of salvation than many here give him credit for. This short column by Mark Shea touches on this issue in a way that resonates with me. I hope it does the same for you. Eupocrisy |Blogs |

New study: Euthanasia represents 4.6% of all death according

Taken from the March 2015 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine about a survey of Holland's physicians regarding their practice of Euthanasia. "A significant and continuous problem is the number of hastened deaths without explicit request from the patient in Belgium. In 2007, 1.8% of all deaths were hastened deaths without explicit request while in 2013, 1.7% of all deaths were hastened deaths without explicit request. Since there are 58000 deaths each year in Belgium, therefore approximately 1000 deaths are hastened each year without request." So in a country with approximately half as many people as Canada, 1000 people per year are euthanized without asking to be killed. That would translate to about 2200 people per year in Canada or approximately 6 people per day dying at the hands of the state. Still think that those of who are loudly ringing out warning that following the Netherlands example is a threat to us all are exaggerating? Alex Schadenberg, Eu

To Judge or Not to Judge? | Daily News |

I think Pope Francis would approve of this internet meme... at least if this article is correct. To Judge or Not to Judge? | Daily News |

Jacques Delisle, ex-judge convicted of wife's murder, says he didn't do it - Montreal - CBC News

Most people think that the Supreme Court of Canada 'legalized' assisted-suicide with its recent ruling this February. In fact, the justices with the 9-0 ruling did something more. As a result, this judge who had been convicted of his wife's murder, might actually be able to go free. You see, what the Court actually did was strike down a section of the Criminal Code which read: No person is entitled to consent to have death inflicted on him, and such consent does not affect the criminal responsibility of any person by whom death may be inflicted on the person by whom consent is given. This means that it is now legal to use 'I did it because they wanted to die' as a defense. This is more than just legalizing Doctor-Assisted Suicide. It's the enactment of full-on euthanasia with the concomitant risk that people will be killed without their consent - with the legal blessings of the highest court in the land. At the risk of being accused of being an alarmist

Introducing Hobbs... the newest member of my household here in the Upper regions of Pontiac Co., QC.!

(Paddy) Hobbs at 10 weeks of age The photo above is of my new puppy, Hobbs (or 'Paddy-Hobbs' since he arrived on St. Patrick's Day).  He is a 10 week old Bearded Collie (a Beardie) who was bred and born in Saskatoon and was flown to Ottawa yesterday to take up residence here with Mateo and I. He is of the same breed as Mateo and will no doubt be a spitting image of his big 'brother', at least if their resemblance as puppies is any indication. Mateo at 10 weeks of age Here's hoping that Mateo will be up to the task of helping to housetrain his little brother so that we won't have too many nights like last night when I took Hobbs outside MANY times as he cried and barked only to have him return to his kennel without producing so much as a spurt or a sprinkle!!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all!