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Pita Priest’s “Pastoral” Slap Down at A Funeral

With the usual caveats about whether or not this story accurately describes what transpired at this funeral mass, let me say that if it is in fact accurate and true, it illustrates the incredible grace that has kept the Church alive despite the ministrations of her dense and woolly-headed clergy. The levels of insensitivity described, from the priest stating it wasn't necessary for him to administer last rites (the lay pastoral team could 'take care of it') through to the eucharistic abuses described at this lady's funeral mass, make me wonder why it is that there are still fervent, practicing, faithful Catholics at all!! 

THANK GOD for the Holy Spirit for it must daily work miracles to repair the damage done to the faith and piety of many at the hands of the Church's priests.

Pita Priest’s “Pastoral” Slap Down at A Funeral


  1. One distraught Catholic11 March, 2015

    If that stupid Priest did not get severley disciplined, the Bishop should be removed from office.
    As a Priest said to me just today, it seems a lot more like 666 than 2015

  2. Father, the story was written by Katrina Fernandez at The Crescat blog. She, and her grandmother, were the victims here along with the rest of the Catholic who don't know what they don't know.

    When is this insanity going to stop? Is there any doubt why some, who can't stand the fight directly, seek refuge elsewhere?

    My constitution is pretty hearty but I won't take this stuff. I've gotten out and walked out of Mass more than once or, I put my head down and offer it up in reparation and do not receive Holy Communion. Truly, this is scandalous and needs to end.


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