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Conrad Black: The shabby, shallow world of the militant atheist | National Post

Brilliantly argued and written! Once again Mr. Black proves why he stands among the greats of today's intellectual class of Canadians.
Conrad Black: The shabby, shallow world of the militant atheist | National Post


  1. Surely you are referring to someone other than the jail-bird, Conrad Black, convicted criminal, and the same one who had the Order of Canada taken from him.
    Shrewd, conning, conniving, and heartless come to my mind when his name surfaces- which it does not do very often these days.

    1. Anon: Yes. I'm indeed referring to the Conrad Black you think I am. I might highlight different aspects of his life and character than you have, but we are in fact speaking about the same man. Did you have any comment about the substance of his column or are you content simply with poisoning the well and ad hominem arguments?

      Fr. Tim


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