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You can always count on Willie to call us to our better angels who enjoy all the peace and prosperity our planet can offer

Recommended online reading at “These Stone Walls”

We have been celebrating a Mass each week for the intentions of Fr. Gordon McCrea in our parishes. Why? Click on the link below and you will discover the answer. Please join in our prayer crusade so that he might see justice in his life sooner rather than later.  Recommended online reading at “These Stone Walls” | Fr. Z's Blog

Andrew Coyne: Michelle Carter case is the next step in the increasing normalization of suicide.

I have said it before and I shall say it again. The legalization of euthanasia has coarsened public morals to the point where people are being deliberately allowed to die of a secondary and treatable condition because, in the view of his doctors, it was better to die now than have to suffer death later of an admittedly advancing cancer. I celebrated the funeral today for a man whose stated wish (until he was sedated with a drug to which we wore the hospital wristband indicating he was allergic to it. He was no longer lucid after that point in his 'care' to insist that his wishes be respected) was to be treated and cured of the secondary infection, and that request was denied him. His wife and  young adult children were  left alone to fight for her husband's right to live . He soon died from his lack of care in a hospital bed as they struggled to find a doctor to save his life.  YET no one seems to care! In fact, many are angered that I would even question the morality of

A layman's advice to newly ordained priests

Our Pembroke Diocese was blessed to have four men ordained as priests this weekend. Here's a bit of advice offered from a layman's perspective that they should take to heart. Advice to priests - Aleteia

The Shroud of Turin and the Facts

The Shroud of Turin and the Facts |

The march to assisted-death grows stronger and stronger despite the clear danger it presents

The previous two articles I've posted below are proof positive that those who are promoting this culture of death will stop at nothing until every institution (and eventually every health care professional) is forced to start killing patients. We are falling down a slippery slope more rapidly than I believe even the death advocates would have believed possible. I can't help but think of that famous quote from Martin Niemöller:  First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. The time has arrived for people to speak out before we arrive at a place where no institution or health care professional will be safe from the predations of the death movement.

We live in dangerous times... at least that is if you're sick enough to need hospitalization

We live in dangerous times. Dangerous that is if you fall seriously ill and have to go to a hospital in my corner of Quebec. Dangerous because you just might run into a physician who decides that it’s better for you to die than to be treated. Why would I make such an allegation? Let me explain. Tonight I am preparing to celebrate a funeral for someone (let's call him 'H' to protect his privacy) who, while suffering from cancer, was admitted to hospital with an unrelated problem, a bladder infection.  H's family had him admitted to the hospital earlier in the week under the assumption that the doctors there would treat the infection and then he would be able to return home. To their shock and horror, they discovered that the attending physician had indeed made the decision NOT to treat the infection. When they demanded that he change his course of (in)action, he refused, stating that it would be better if 'H' died of this infection now rather than let ca

Are We Experiencing a Catholic Marriage Vocations Crisis?

Compared to two decades ago, the number of American Catholics getting married every year has been cut in half—that’s according to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate. If that does not constitute a marriage crisis, it would be hard to imagine what would. And it’s worth wondering if part of the problem lies in our presentation of marriage. Are We Experiencing a Catholic Marriage Vocations Crisis? |

A scientist explains how being bilingual makes your brain more robust - Business Insider

I know this to be true. When I suffered a small stroke last summer I suddenly couldn't understand people who spoke to me in English but didn't have the same trouble when someone spoke to me in French which I learned as an adult. It only lasted a short few minutes but it proved to me that I use different parts of my brain for each language... something I was very grateful for last June. A scientist explains how being bilingual makes your brain more robust - Business Insider

PopeWatch: Que? – I don't see an issue.

How about interpreting what Pope Francis said through a Christological lens? God and man are united in the person of Jesus therefore it would be to deny his very existence without his full and complete possession of his humanity. That’s the way I understood what he said. I think that LifeSite is the one who's misunderstanding what the Pope said. What do you think? PopeWatch: Que? – The American Catholic

If angels do indeed sing, then this boy must have been touched by an angel indeed.