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We Salute Our Heroes

Canadian artists offer this powerful performance of a song written in honor of the best in the Canadian Armed Forces. Irrespective of one's political position on the Afghan issue from a Canadian perspective, no one can deny the good intent and hearts of the women and men who have volunteered to serve our country. To quote Shakespeare, if our cause 'not be just', then let it fall on the head of the 'King' - or in our case, the Canadian Parliament. Let us never forget to offer our support to those who are willing to serve to protect our sovereignty and national interest. Aside all that, it's an excellent video and song too! We Salute Our Heroes

Khadr jury asks for replay of defence witness testimony - CTV News

Omar Khadr has suffered more than enough for the 'crime' he committed. First off, he was a child when he participated in a Taliban attack, killing one Marine in the process. His father, a member of the AlQuaida hierarchy brought his son into the Afghanistan theatre were he was himself was killed. As a minor, brought into the situation he faced when he threw the fatal grenade, he should have not have been subjected to being held in Guantanamo Bay as an 'enemy combatant' as both the USA and Canada are signatories of the convention of child soldiers; a convention that details how such children are to be dealt with. Further, the conditions he had to endure for the past eight years were far more brutal and harmful to his welfare than even the most hardened criminal in Canada would ever have to face. If the assessment of this Lieutenant is favorable towards Khadr's disposition and situation, then I pray they would sentence him to 'time served'. Then, let him

Druids Committed Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism?

Thankfully modern day Druids have left these practices in the dark past! Druids Committed Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism?

"Diamonds scattered on black velvet" A Canadian astronaut's description of Canada as seen at night from the International Space Station

This short (3 minute) news video from the Globe and Mail offers the opinions of Canadian astronauts on this, the 10th anniversary of the International Space Station. There are plenty of spectacular images and video clips that make one envious of the space experience. Click here to watch the video.

The tendency to vote liberal might be in your genes - CTV News

Good grief... what an insult to human intelligence. We are more than genetically dominated beings. I was as liberal as they come in my youth, yet as the years past I became more conservative in my outlook. Does this mean that my 'liberal gene' wore out or that I grew new 'conservative' ones? The tendency to vote liberal might be in your genes - CTV News

Would you take a 'one way' trip to Mars?

Kind of looks like Sudbury in the 1960's! Here's an interesting piece about the feasibility of a 'one way' trip to Mars as the vanguard of a colonization effort. Among the comments that accompany the article was the following: "Home Sweet Home?" "I think my ex-wife would be a great candidate for this venture. She's already in the telecommunications industry, and despite the great view likes to sleep on long trips, doesn't eat much, has a take charge attitude, and since only the good die young, even in the harsh martian lanscape. SHE'D BE GREAT!!!" It put a smile on my face! Hope it does the same for you!

Let Family Members of Suicides Kill Themselves Too Says Euthanasia Org Prez

Folks... We're getting closer to a dangerous place. I know that Halloween is just around the corner but this scares me more than any ghost or goblin. Anyone who believes that coercion cannot force a family members compliance must also believe that 'Shot-Gun Marriages' don't take place either. It is precious few steps past this to a point where euthanasia won't be an option, it will be an obligation. There are some streets it's just not safe to 'trick or treat' on. There's a terrible fate that awaits those who wander down to the end of 'Euthanasia Lane'. Let Family Members of Suicides Kill Themselves Too Says Euthanasia Org Prez

'DING DONG': Answering the door is a test of faith for many clergy

"B.C. priest stabbed, beaten in church rectory, court hears" I appreciate this headline. It doesn't focus on the fact that the victim was a bishop, but rather a 'priest'. In truth, it was a priest who answered the door to face this assault, just as thousands of other  priests do (and clergy of all stripes) who often find the desperate at their door. I suspect that there is not a priest in the country who hasn't had to consider whether or not to answer a late-night call at the door, especially if they live in a prominent rectory that includes the church office. The dual drives of fear and faith battle, as one considers security for himself and others, and the religious imperative to respond to cries for help or assistance. Serving as I do in a diocese whose parishes are gathered alongside the Trans-Canada Highway, I have faced this situation quite a few times, and (thank God) have emerged each time unscathed... although there had been times when the services

Nuit Blanche: Spectacular, breath-taking and Canadian

I thank my friend Stephen Weigel for the tip to this wonderful Canadian short film. Stephen is himself an up & coming photographer who hails from Maryland, USA. If today you need a 4+ minute break to take in some peace and beauty to refresh the soul, I would affirm that this video ranks up there with stepping out into a warm Caribbean morning in the depths of a Canadian winter. Enjoy! Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo . >.

First response to Commonweal article!

Thanks to a brother priest for this tidbit of wisdom shared with me in response to the Commonweal article. There are only two things that are essential to succeed in life... wisdom and patience

A remarkable and thought-provoking assessment of the current status of the Roman Catholic Church in North America. BEST ASSESSMENT I've read in many months!! A MUST READ!

 “ It is not often that someone at a New York dinner party calls for a count of religious affiliations, and I cannot recall exactly what led to it. But one guest suddenly said he had the impression that many of those present were Catholics. “Can we have a show of hands?” he asked.   Two of us raised our hands. A third person, who once wrote frequently in the Catholic press, said “no longer,” though as a conservative he continued to sympathize with the church. A fourth person, with whom my wife and I have sometimes worshipped on Easter, Christmas, and other occasions, chose not to make any declaration at all. Finally, the man who asked the question avowed that he had been raised Catholic, “and I hate everything about it.” (Peter Steinfels, Commonweal Magazine) I've been to the same dinner party. At least, I've participated in similar conversations in the past few years. They've been exceedingly painful moments, not at all like unlike the crises that assault us in the wak

Spiritual Call to arms: Monday OCTOBER 25, 2010 - A Day of Fast & Prayer for Life

Everyone is going to die. Life is a terminal illness. The concern the proponents of euthanasia  are raising deals with the means and conduct of death. If we have the desire and capacity when we are able, we can legally suicide. What they are speaking to is that moment when one no longer has the capacity to effect their own death. This desire to have someone else act as our agent when we approach our end is our fear of pain and profound existential angst.  If a medical coma is as effective as claimed, in as much it can suppress all conscious and unconscious thought, then it would seem to provide the same conclusion sought for with suicide. Why change the law to permit euthanasia when palliative care can provide the same abyss that is desired by those who rush to embrace in death just to alleviate an irrational fear?  This irrationality is all the more ironic coming as it does primarily from those who claim Voltaire's model of reason 'above all else' as their clarion call.

A note from a friend of this blog!!

Father Tim, I just couldn't figure out how to email you at your blog.  I hope this will suffice.  I am trying to get some leverage for a fast/pray initiative this Monday.  Could you please help by mentioning it on your blog?  (besides, the radicals will love to hear that we STILL fast and pray in desperate times!) Thanks so much, Father Tim. Kathie Hogan Parry Sound, Ontario ---------------------------------------------------- John Pacheco (SoCon or Bust) has called for a day of fasting and prayer this Monday.  (and you thought I'd ask you to write a letter!) The Canadian bishops will be talking about Development and Peace at 11:45am on Monday, at their annual plenary session, in Cornwall, Ontario.  Pro-lifers have been waiting a long time to hear the bishops speak definitively on why - 1. Development and Peace is giving money to fund 47 pro-abortion groups in the Third World? (see: and

Catholic Political Thought & John Locke: Part I « The American Catholic

A substantive and insightful dissertation on the thoughts of John Locke and St. Robert Bellermine. I look forward to Part 2! Catholic Political Thought & John Locke: Part I « The American Catholic

Heavyweight Philosophers Clash at Abortion Conference » Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

Here's a debate about whether an unborn child is entitled to the rights of personhood. The counter argument scares me as it is based upon a utility of personhood: if a human is not 'self aware', are they really a 'person' entitled to all the rights, privileges and obligations that are attached to such a designation? For me the answer is clearly 'YES'. To deny the status as a person based on their actualized capacities would logically lead to the right to terminate infant children and demented elders. As I've said many times here before... this path that pro-choice people are walking is a dangerous route for the weakest among us. Heavyweight Philosophers Clash at Abortion Conference » Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

ZENIT - Family Life in Flux

There is a demographic crisis looming for Canadians. We are not reproducing enough children to replace the population. This means that the financial tax burden on the generation now trying to make their way into the workplace (a daunting enough task these days) will be called to make enormous tax payments as we have already spent the money that was supposed to pay for the last of the boomers and Generation X'ers pension and health benefits. Governments have emptied a large part of our accumulated contributions to pay to cover huge deficits. We are not unique. In some countries like China, which enforced a 'one child' policy, the right to use abortion as a gender determinant has resulted in far more males than females. Given the inherent patriarchal nature of western societies, it is likely that the same results would appear in Canada, especially as more and more families are making the decision to have one (or no) children. These are the results of our societal experi

Conrad Black: Court moderate Muslims, but treat the extremists for what they are | Full Comment | National Post

I've always liked Conrad Black. I may not always agree with what he writes, but he says it so well! Conrad Black: Court moderate Muslims, but treat the extremists for what they are | Full Comment | National Post

Great quotation from a Canadian philosopher

The quote below was the lead-off comment on a thread that is developing in response to a story about Euthanasia.   "If tyranny is to come in North America, it will come cozily and on cat's feet. It will come with the denial of the rights of the unborn and of the aged, the denial of the rights of the mentally retarded, the insane, and the economically less-privileged. In fact, it will come with the denial of rights to all those who cannot defend themselves. It will come in the name of the cost-benefit analysis of human life." -George Grant, Canada's greatest forgotten philosopher   If you want to read more of what is turning into a decent conversation, just click on the link below. Read more:

Is the Sacrament of Confession Biblical?

Here is a cross post to Michael Brandon's blog, Freedom Through Truth. It deals with a LONG discussion that has been taking place under my last Quebec posting (six weeks ago). Given that the comments have topped 100+ it may be time to bring that discussion into a new thread so that more people can join the conversation. The essence of the conversation has come down the the legitimacy (or lack there of) of the sacrament of reconciliation (Confession). 'Small Town Guy' a regular participant here on this blog has offered substantial evidence and documentation from his faith tradition to argue that Confession is not 'biblical'. Michael and I have obviously been arguing the opposite position. If you have any interest in this topic, feel free to peruse the earlier comments ( here ) or offer you comments in this new thread! My heartfelt thanks to Michael and STG for their diligent and intelligent contribution to this discussion. Fr. Tim Freedom Through Truth: Is

Teresa of Avila - a Doctor for our times

The Doctor's office. That is usually the first stop whenever we feel under the weather and believe that we need  help to overcome our latest ailment. Sometimes it is a prescription. Sometimes it is a regime of lifestyle changes that will bring the sought after relief. Either way, we count on the doctor to direct to us the path that will lead to the recovery of health. The Catholic Church also benefits from the direction of its 'Doctors', men and women whose teachings and examples are sufficiently enlightened that, if followed will lead to the recovery of vitality. St. Teresa of Avila is one such person upon whom the Church has bestowed the title 'Doctor'. There is a certain irony to her receiving this honorific as Teresa was often in need of a physician throughout her life. Born in Spain in 1515, she was often ill. It was during one illness that she began to experience moments of spiritual ecstasies, a phenomena that continued throughout her life. From this

Andy Richter and Conan O'Brien to reunite on TBS talk show - The Globe and Mail

Thank God! Now I'll be able to get to sleep tonight. I was so worried about Conan stepping out without Andy at his side. Look who TBS first suggested as a side-kick. I guess Regis wasn't willing to give up him morning gig. (grin) Andy Richter and Conan O'Brien to reunite on TBS talk show - The Globe and Mail

Birth analogy: Appropriate? What do you think?

"As the placenta is to the child in the womb, so religious freedom for all (including full right of public expression) is to the liberties that our North American cultures claim, cherish and protect." Never thought of it that way before! The thought comes from something said by a character in tonight's PBS 'American Experience/ Frontline series, "God in America". What do you think?  

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor | World news | The Observer

WOW!!! I knew that things were bleak in the immediate wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, but I never knew that it was THIS BAD! I know that we might have faced a global depression at that moment, but it sure looks like the financial forces of capitalism are in bed with criminal drug cartels. John LeCarré mentioned this fact yesterday in an interview broadcast on the CBC. How did the government and bankers effect this maneuver if they didn't have the phone number to call these criminal kingpins? Scary thought, especially in the face of a growing body of evidence develops saying that NATO is in Afghanistan to protect the interests of these same drug lords. What do YOU think? Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor | World news | The Observer

What keeps the Pro-Life crowd going?

Sisyphus, a figure of Greek mythology fated to push a boulder up a mountain only to have it roll back down each night, might seem to be the right image for those who struggle to change Canada's current abortion policy. Year after year since abortion was legalized by the Trudeau government in 1969, pro-lifers have prayed, protested and lobbied Parliamentarians, only to find their efforts come to naught. In fact, since the Canadian Supreme Court removed all limitations on abortions in 1988, almost one-third of all pregnancies in Canada today ends with an abortion. It does not even seem as if all the prayers, demonstrations and policy statements have budged the 'sensus fidelium' of Canadians either. In 2001, 54% of Canadians were in favour of woman's right to obtain an abortion. After a decade of effort, that level of support has hardly changed – standing at 52% according to a 2010 EKOS poll. Pro-lifers can be forgiven if they believe that they suffer the same affliction

"Life is a 'privilege', not a right". YIKES!!!

  I recently posted a response to someone who goes by the handle 'Madic' on the Holy Post Blog of the National Post. He/She stated in his/her defense of the right to abortion that life was not a right by a 'privilege'. This is the attitude held by MANY (but not all) 'pro-choice' individuals (not you Lady Janus!) and it explains why it is that folks like me work so hard to oppose the Culture of Death crowd. I'd be interested in your remarks. You can click on the link on the bottom of this post to read the entire debate. Fr. Tim  ------------------------------------- Hey folks: Madic posts earlier in this thread: "Life is a privilege not a right." How inane an argument is that! Yet it is the most fundamental tenet of the those who promotes abortion, infanticide for 'defective' children and euthanasia a.k.a the 'pro-choice' crowd. I thank him/her for making clear this essential point. It's not often that these purveyo

Sharing the space

Street Poster in Ottawa - appropriate for public square? An editorial from the Ottawa Citizen on the use of graphic images to promote an agenda. Just another sign of the coarsening of our society. Sharing the space

Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

A new Pro-Life website in Canada. BE WARNED... the site contains graphic and disturbing pictures of aborted fetuses. I do not like this approach as I don't believe shock is a useful approach in the life/choice debate, but there is other material that can be helpful in supporting the efforts of those who fight for the right to life for all people from the pre-born to the aged. Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

Hegel on Wall Street -

Leave it to the NY Times to argue Hegelian philosophy. The last time the world followed his siren song, it waltzed itself straight into WWI. Its American economic equivalent in the 1920's lead to the collapse of the Great Depression which was echoed recently in the housing market collapse that set of the Great Recession. Hegel eventually leads us to state of existence where we assume that the good times will roll on forever in an eternal age of prosperity and social peace. He was found wanting before. His teachings should be given little attention today, which I guess is why the Times is promoting it. EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Hegel on Wall Street -

God Weeps: Cardinal Martino on the Growing Threat of Euthanasia - International - Catholic Online

Cardinal Renato Martino God Weeps: Cardinal Martino on the Growing Threat of Euthanasia - International - Catholic Online

Whispers in the Loggia: Pushkin's Pope

As one who shares a house quite peacefully and contentedly with both a cat and a dog, I think it speaks well of B16 that he is an animal lover. I've always trusted the instincts of domestic cats and dogs to be excellent judges of character, and Pushkin's response to the Pope is a very good sign indeed. Whispers in the Loggia: Pushkin's Pope

Academic Freedom? Not for Catholics evidently!

A US professor is fired for teaching traditional Catholic moral theology as it regards homosexuality... and is fired. The fact the course was called 'Introduction to Catholicism and Modern Catholic Thought' didn't seem to be sufficient grounds for Kenneth Howell to keep his job. Neither evidently is the much hyped 'academic freedom' under which opinions contrary to the common consensus of the day have been defended and protected. The University of Illinois decided that his teaching this traditional position, which was rooted in natural law (I know, Lady Janus... grin!) was a contravention of the inclusiveness policy of the University. And people keep on saying that the voice of religion is not menaced in today's public square. (sigh) Read the full article on the First Things website. Article | First Things

Secular worship

What a remarkable coincidence! The day after I post a story setting out the argument that atheism could be considered a religion, here's a another post from the Ottawa Citizen stating that 'consumerism' has obtained the status of a 'religion' among today's citizens. I am sincerely trying to understand the arguments made here by Lady Janus and on the Holy Post by 'Rationalist1'. Their point is nuanced and I am having trouble accepting it, but I keep on reading and searching for material such as the Citizen story to help me clarify and refine my logic so that I can decide for myself whether my initial assertion about 'atheism' as a community of belief - for believing that something exists or does not exist seems essentially to me to be the same act.  It is a statement of belief. It is a statement about the essential nature of creation. It is a statement about all that is important regarding the human condition. It bears even to the issue of wha

If they walk like a duck, and quack like a duck....

What constitutes a 'religion'? RELIGION: (Noun) 1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. 2. a specific, fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects 3. something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience The above definitions, taken from, focus attention on the essence of what constitutes this universal human phenomena called 'religion'. One might think that the pantheon of religions would contain a relatively static number of belief systems, but as was recently demonstrated in Britain with the acceptance of Druidism, 'new' religions are continuously added to the list. In other parts of the world, partisan