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The tendency to vote liberal might be in your genes - CTV News

Good grief... what an insult to human intelligence. We are more than genetically dominated beings. I was as liberal as they come in my youth, yet as the years past I became more conservative in my outlook. Does this mean that my 'liberal gene' wore out or that I grew new 'conservative' ones?

The tendency to vote liberal might be in your genes - CTV News


  1. Father Tim:

    I too seem to have been able to overcome the overwhelming genetic draw of my own liberal gene.

    Bless me Father for I have sinned. I once even voted NDP. When I lived in High Park area in Toronto, I voted for Shorty Mulman, oops, I mean Dr. Morton Shulman one time.

    When I voted for the good (maybe) Doctor, my dear mother had an apoplectic fit, which may have contributed to the shortening of her life. She only lived to 86.

    A few years later, I was offered an opportunity to run for the Federal Liberals in one of the ridings in Scarberia (Scarborough), which I thankfully turned down, but I did entertain the thoughts for some time - or at least they entertained me.

    I have become more conservative in my leanings these past many years, but every now and again, I wear a red shirt. Is this a mortal sin or a venial sin?

    For these sins and the sins of my past life I am partly sorry.

    Must be a slow news day over at CTV.

  2. Michael, that was clever! LOL! But beware of those hard-rightists who are going to seek you out and excoriate you for "insulting" their religion by making light of that which they hold most seriously very dear... ;D

    As for the's a little bit all over the place, but they're looking in the right direction; I think they're just looking for the wrong address, is all.

    There's a rather famous quote, the origin of which is impossible to nail down (and which is often paraphrased, to boot): "He who is not a liberal when he is young has no heart; and he who is still liberal when he is old has no brain." Meaning that it is not a genetic bent, but age-related, and possibly cultural, as well. When one is young, with many years ahead of himself, one's high-flying ideals and hopes and dreams for the future are right at the fore -- everybody happy, prosperous, healthy, etc. Wealth may be seen as useful for luxuries from time to time, but not necessarily for the very serious purpose of survival, because the concept of "survival" has not yet appeared in one's mind as a possible struggle. After all, when one is young, one is invulnerable!

    When one is older, and has a few experiences under one's belt courtesy of one's fellow man, one probably tends to take a harder view of how things actually are, rather than how one would like them to be. Some of those idealistic dreams have been knocked aside, and stark reality has started to build its foundation for the future...which is getting shorter and shorter. The whole world does not live on sunshine, lollipops, and roses, and the game is to grab what you can while you can and to hell with everyone else. And unless one is very wealthy (a la Bill and Melinda Gates), the future is full of some pretty expensive possibilities. If one is to survive one's own future, one needs to store as many nuts away in that hidden vault as one can, or those crows will simply invade and fly off with one's survival cushion (to use a visual image I'm currently watching being played out in my own yard). "Share" with others? One only has enough for one's self, if that!

    But it's an interesting article, bringing up the biological particulars as it does...


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