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If this song doesn't touch your 'rhythm bone', you don't have one!

Image of beaten priest speaks volumes about priesthood

Image of beaten priest speaks volumes about priesthood--Aleteia

A Love Louder Than Noise

The New York Times and National Post recently discovered the "trend" of young women entering religious orders to become nuns. Marlena Loughheed didn't need to read the news. She listened to her heart, and shares with Convivium why she answered the call to consecrated life. A Love Louder Than Noise | Convivium Magazine

Mother says doctor brought up assisted suicide option as sick daughter was within earshot

Those of us who are convinced that people's lives will be ended due to pressure from others are often told that we are being 'alarmists' and pointing to a problem that 'doesn't exist'. So how can they explain this exchange between a mother and a physician when discussing the best course of treatment for her daughter? " "His words were 'assisted suicide death was legal in Canada,'" she told CBC. "I was shocked, and said, 'Well, I'm not really interested,' and he told me I was being selfish ." (emphasis added) No... no pressure there to end a life eh?  The fact is that doctors, just like the rest of humankind are susceptible to the effects of habitual concupiscence. In simple terms, once they have consigned one patient to death, it becomes progressively easier to do it again. This results in a clear and present danger to people who suffer from incurable conditions or who are too weak to resist the assessment of a me

More evidence of the culture of death that's flourishing at the Pontiac Hospital in Shawville

I wanted to highlight this comment that was posted to my earlier post:  " We live in dangerous times... at least that is if you're sick enough to need hospitalization ". It demonstrates that the culture of death which seems to have taken over our community hospital in Shawville QC is indeed a real and present danger to the elderly, the vulnerable and the seriously ill. Please note the quote from the physicians in response to the demand for treatment on the part of the patient and his POA (power of attorney):  " I told this doctor and her replacement on hospital rotation that it was his decision and mine as POA.  They both said no that it was up to the doctor to decide..."  Such a remark is only possible because we have erased the prohibition against taking an innocent life via the legalization of euthanasia and the moral values of doctors who are quickly becoming warped into agents of death rather than promoters and protectors of life. Such a deformation of

Democrats’ Religion Problem: Progressivism & Faith Inherently Contradictory | National Review

Progressivism has always been premised on the notion that man has a changeable nature and thus is able to achieve perfection during his time on earth. As a result, progressives consistently maintain that government is responsible for transforming men and women into perfect creatures. They develop programs and reforms suited not for man as he is, but for man as he ought to be (and, progressives would argue, for man as he could become, with the right societal structures). Against that idea, most religious believers contend that man is flawed by his very nature and incapable of perfecting himself without the help of God, and that perfection is in fact unattainable during earthly life. While sects and denominations differ vastly, religion itself — and indeed any dependence on a Creator — is a direct contradiction to the progressive conception of man as changeable and perfectible.   In short, progressivism and religion — understood as a fundamental reliance on God rather than on oneself or