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Words of wisdom for a Monday!

This street musician was tipped by a little girl... and see what happened!

Today, on Allumette Island here in Quebec where I live, the temperature FINALLY got above zero degree celsius! It's a balmy +10 out there right now. This song captures my mood perfectly after five long months of freezing and shivering in the winter that never wants to end. I pray that wherever you are this day that you can feel the same way too.

The key to a fruitful spiritual life is found in living an ordinary life to the fullest. Here's a bit of wisdom in the form of a poem that expresses this point beautifully.

Opinion: With the values charter, religion would go public

"Religion as a private component of life is a modern phenomenon. It is a repercussion of the 18th-century movement referred to as the Enlightenment that championed the radical freedom of individual thought: each person was encouraged to judge for himself or herself how to behave. This led to the development of a political philosophy that encouraged the separation of church and state. And the state ought to be neutral in matters of religion. But the approach that the Quebec government proposes to use to enforce state neutrality, through the implementation of the values charter, is not progressive. Rather than forcing the removal of religious symbols from the buildings in which governmental business is done, the charter would undermine the freedom of individuals. This is a regressive approach: individuals would be forced to conform to a set of governmental stipulations as a test of loyalty." Read the entire column from the Montreal Gazette by clicking on the link below:  Opin

Archbishop Romero... pray for us as we pray for those who are persecuted this day

A sad sign of the times

'She belonged to the world' - A conference studies the life and teaching of Dorothy Day, one of the greatest Catholics of the 20th century

Dorothy Day 'She belonged to the world'

Great news for the Parish of St. Joseph on Allumettes Island, QC.

Here's a photo of the high altar that we've just purchased to be installed in St. Joseph's Parish on Allumettes Island. This project will restore the Church to the way it was initially built as this altar is a perfect duplicate of the one that was removed back in the 1960's. It was purchased at a cost of $15,000 from a Church that was being demolished and replaced in New Jersey, USA. Thanks to the generous support of the parishioners, we have already raised most of the funds to cover it's purchase, shipping and installation costs. Any and all donations to help us reach our final goal would be greatly appreciated. Cheques can be made out to 'St. Joseph's Parish' and mailed to us at PO Box 40, Chapeau, Qc. J0X1M0. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations. Thank you. Fr. Tim

PQ worried election will be 'stolen by people from Ontario' | CTV News

How can you tell if the PQ are losing a campaign?  Easy!  It's when they start claiming that Anglophones are 'stealing' the election.  While as an English speaking Quebecer I find such an allegation both offensive and prejudicial (just like Jacques Parizeau's famous rant when the PQ lost the last referendum which he blamed on 'l'argent et la vote ethnique'), I take comfort in this latest sign of desperation and PQ bigotry since it means their polling is telling them that they are losing, which means we probably won't have to face another referendum in the immediate future. It's also probably (hopefully?) the last gasp of the sovereignist movement which is dying out with the last of the 'independentistes pur et dur'... and thank God for that! Good riddance to them! Now let's work to improve Québec's status within Canada by bringing it within the Canadian Constitution and improving the economy so that it can begin to share in th

Original 'observational' comic David Brenner dies at 78 - Celebrity News - Entertainment - Catholic Online

An appearance by David Brenner on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was always a 'must see' event for me. His humour was founded on the principle that laughter could be mined from the everyday, mundane events in people's lives. This wisdom has always inspired me. He will be missed. Rest in peace Mr. Brenner... and thank you for imparting the gift of laughter and perspective to a grateful generation. Original 'observational' comic David Brenner dies at 78 - Celebrity News - Entertainment - Catholic Online

Who Was Saint Patrick? - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Who Was Saint Patrick? - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

A bit of wisdom

Ten Thousand Places: Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Gospel-Wise

Fr. Denis may have stolen my tag line to use in his most recent post, but I'm flattered that he expresses so well its intent. As always, his writings on 'Ten Thousand Places' is well worth the read. Click on the link below to check out this latest offering from a very wise man from Madonna House. Ten Thousand Places: Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Gospel-Wise

Bergoglio’s Conclave - Vatican Insider

Here's an 'account' of the conclave which elected Pope Francis published on the Vatican Insider news site. My question is this: If all of the Cardinals vow not to share the details of what happens in a papal conclave, how did this Vatican site get the details published in their account?  I guess it's another one of life's little mysteries. Read the article yourself and see if you can puzzle out the answer. Bergoglio’s Conclave - Vatican Insider

Euthanasia Brings End to Belgian Monarchy | Crisis Magazine

What?? They euthanized Belgium's king? Is this French Revolution of the 21st century where lethal injection is used by Parliaments to replace the guillotine? I am as opposed to euthanasia as can be... but isn't this headline a bit 'over the top'? Is the pro-life cause actually helped by such hyperbole? Not IMHO. Euthanasia Brings End to Belgian Monarchy | Crisis Magazine