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Happy New Year to all who travel 'Where the Rubber Hits the Road'.

Even Amazon Alexa Knows Who Founded the True Church

As much as I appreciate this short 60-second video, there's another I watched on YouTube where the answer to the question "Who was the Lord Jesus Christ?" was 'A fictional character'. Click on the link below for the first video attached to this story and then watch the 2nd video below it. Even Amazon Alexa Knows Who Founded the True Church – EpicPew

San Francisco's two Jesuit parishes declared immigrant sanctuaries | National Catholic Reporter

Caring for the widow, orphan, immigrants, and strangers. This is the Church's primal obligation and her claim to be obeying Christ's teachings. To use a more modern paradigm, it's the absolute minimum one must do to claim any spiritual benefits when it comes to calling oneself a Christian come the time we all come under Christ's eyes for judgment.  Yet people opposing the initiative of these two parishes and still think of themselves as being in good standing, exemplars perhaps of what God expects of his redeemed. Personally, I wish them luck come that day, for it's going to tough making an argument in that holds up and reconciles the differing dictates of God and Ceasar convincingly enough as the teaching in Matthew 25 to welcome the stranger into our community and homes imho. Besides, how could one think themselves American and hold that the lesser dictates of a state supersede such a foundational Divine obligation as 'love thy neighbor' and 'love othe

Merry Christmas to all who visit 'Where the Rubber Hits the Road'

Cardinal Maradiaga responds to allegations of corruption

Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga has rejected accusations of financial mismanagement and offered an explanation for allegations that he has received an excessive salary for a largely ceremonial role at the Catholic University of Honduras. In an email interview with CNA, Cardinal Maradiaga explained that “a little more than one year ago, we had to fire a manager of the university because he was stealing,” and “shortly after, an anonymous defamatory paper was spread, filled with a series of calumnies of the kind published this week.” Click on the link below to read the entire article:  Cardinal Maradiaga responds to allegations of corruption :

In anticipation of seeing the latest installment of the Star Wars saga, I offer the following from Weird Al Yankovic

A Christmas classic is given a unique twist from the Detroit seminarians

A wonderful Christmas song to match a beautiful winter's day

Christmas on Monday means twice the Mass this year

Christmas on a Monday means eight masses in 24 hrs for me. And I only have 3 parishes. Remember to say a prayer for those priests (like my immediate neighbour who has 5) with even more churches to serve. They're going to need all the graces they can muster to survive their Christmas weekend schedule! Christmas on Monday means twice the Mass this year--Aleteia

Australian bishop urges end to clericalism

I always found it somewhat disingenuous to make a headline of a cleric condemning clericalism. Is there some roving band of priests and bishops promoting its existence that it becomes headline news when one of the clergy (in this case an Australian Bishop) points out the errors of such a pattern of ministry? This said, it's actually a pretty good article for all Catholics, lay or clergy to read. Clearly, the headline doesn't do the story justice.  Australian bishop urges end to clericalism | National Catholic Reporter obviously doesn't believe Jesus was real!

The Bethlehemian Rhapsody: The nativity told as you've never seen it before

A little secular Christmas music to whet your holiday spirits