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Church Ladies with Typewriters

Some oldies but some new ones as well in this latest version of bulletin bloopers. My favorites are: "The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment and gracious hostility. " and "Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones. " Socon or Bust » Blog Archive » Church Ladies with Typewriters

Beautiful Planet - Oh I so want to go to the ISS! |

A series of beautiful photographs taken from the International Space Station (ISS). Beautiful Planet - Oh I so want to go to the ISS! |

‘Pot church’ member sentenced to three months in jail | Holy Post | National Post

In June 2010, the Crown brought in Katherine Young, a professor of religion, as an expert witness. Prof. Young said she could not see anything in the Church of the Universe that resembled ritual, sacred spaces or symbols, or helped its members deal with life’s paradoxes. The only “ scripture ” or other literature she could find was from Cannabis Culture magazine, a secular journal, and some information on a website. Crown attorney Nicholas Devlin called the religious defense “ inside joke among people who like to smoke marijuana .” Church of the Universe ministers Peter Styrsky (L) and Shahrooz Kharaghan Mr. Filipovic said Prof. Young’s definition was too specific and countered by quoting American philosopher William James: “Religion shall mean for us the feelings, acts, and experiences of individual men in their solitude, so far as they apprehend themselves to stand in relation to whatever they may consider divine.” Any article that includes a quote from William Jam

A confession...

I have a confession to make.  I have always been, since my earliest memories, a devoted science fiction fan. From 'Robbie the Robot' through to 'I Robot'; from 'Startrek' to 'Star Wars', I have been an avid consumer of the genre. So it is with pleasure that I offer to you the following trailer for the latest offering from the X-Men franchise which opens this weekend.

Memorial Day: A Catholic Understanding of Freedom and its Cost - U.s. - Catholic Online

In tribute to my American friends who today honor those who serve in the Military, I offer this article from Catholic Online. Memorial Day: A Catholic Understanding of Freedom and its Cost - U.s. - Catholic Online

A thought....

HEALTH MESSAGE:               1. If walking/cycling is good for your health, the postman would be immortal.               2. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water and is fat.               3. A rabbit runs and hops around all day, and only lives 15 years.               4. A tortoise doesn't run, doesn’t hop, it does nothing .. yet lives for 450 years..               AND YOU WANT ME TO EXERCISE!

Conrad Black: A world of financial ruin | Full Comment | National Post

I've always been a fan of Conrad Black. He is the anti-typical Canadian: forceful and blunt in his opinions which he freely shares. But I fear in this column that his opinion is 'on the mark'. We (the Western democracies) are headed for massive economic trials ahead. Our only hope in Canada is that we are at least doing what needs to be done to put our own fiscal and monetary policies on a solid footing for the future... assuming the Americans don't sink us as they walk the path to insolvency. Conrad Black: A world of financial ruin | Full Comment | National Post

The Happy Priest: Learning to Love Jesus and Walk in His Way - Living Faith - Home & Family - Catholic Online

It has always been my opinion that a 'happy' priest is the greatest advertisement the Church could have. I have always worked to keep a smile on my face and bounce in my step... a task made easier by the fact that I truly LOVE being a priest! Here is an article that expresses this same conviction. Share it with any 'grumpy' or 'unhappy' priests you meet. Maybe it'll help them to rediscover the joy of their ministry. The Happy Priest: Learning to Love Jesus and Walk in His Way - Living Faith - Home & Family - Catholic Online

Margaret Sanger & 'The New Woman'

"Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, saw herself as "The New Woman," one emancipated from traditional religion and morality, empowered to have sex without procreation, and able to compete publicly with men. Yet behind this façade was a soul lost in emptiness and degradation" Click on the link to read the entire article. New Oxford Review

Prevention is first defence against child abuse, says bishop

Here is a recent article from Bishop Fred Henry (Calgary). He is one of Canada's most effective Bishops when it comes to writing clearly. He is also one who practices what he preaches! When he was rector of the Seminary I studied at he implemented a practice that would have saved us all a great deal of pain if it were implemented throughout the Church. "The benefit of the doubt" he would say "must always flow to the Church". This meant that if there was some doubt that a candidate for the priesthood would be a holy and effective priest that he should not proceed to ordination. Prevention is first defence against child abuse, says bishop

Apocalypse pushed back to Oct. 21, preacher says - CTV News

Martin... Not quite what I think either of us would have predicted would first be first w0rds Camping would speak in public with the passing of the 21st without event, but in general it seems to validate what you said in a previous comment, eh? At least we'll get the summer in before the next predicted D-Day apocalyptic event. The end of October usually marks the first arrival of winter weather here in Mattawa... which as I age, seems to be as close to hell on earth as I would ever like to come. Heaven for me will not be snowy or cold! Apocalypse pushed back to Oct. 21, preacher says - CTV News

Harold Camping, prophet of May 21 doom, to speak May 23 - Faith & Reason

"But Hagerty also learned from a board member of Camping's Family Radio that he hoped they would somehow return the funds donated by believers who wanted to get out the May 21st word. But he offered no guarantees, just a hope that God would be merciful." Say what?? If they could jail Jimmy Baker (if not his now famous ex-wife, Tammy Faye Baker) for fraud, why can they not do the same to Camping? IF his 'church' was the recipient of people's life savings in response to his preaching, then he should have to pay it back in full. His Church reported $30+ million in revenues for last year alone and assets in excess of $105+ Million on hand. Surely he would be capable of repaying those who fell prey to his error and gave up everything to the church's benefit. Harold Camping, prophet of May 21 doom, to speak May 23 - Faith & Reason

A Day Without "Overpopulation" | Blogs |

"A friend of mine who is an immigrant from Mexico was recently telling me about a movie called A Day Without a Mexican . The film takes a humorous look at what would happen if all the Mexicans in California were to suddenly disappear back to their home country, showing scenes of rich people having to do their own gardening, farmers unable to afford laborers, etc. Though I haven’t seen it, it sounds like an amusing conversation starter on the topic of immigration. I keep thinking I’d love to see some enterprising Catholic filmmakers create a similar short film about overpopulation. I have the storyboard all worked out: A guy named Bob, wearing a Greenpeace t-shirt and a hemp necklace, wishes on a magic mushroom that people would stop have so many kids and overpopulating the earth. A genie pops out of a recycled glass bottle and grants his wish: Nobody will have more than three kids, and all people who were higher than third in their family’s birth order will disappear

RealClearPolitics - Boehner's Catholic Lessons

WASHINGTON -- Sometimes we learn more from the dogs that don't bark and the wheels that don't squeak. It's likely you didn't hear much about the controversy over House Speaker John Boehner's recent commencement speech at Catholic University. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that Boehner's critics were civil and respectful. The media, it turns out, don't cover you much if you are civil and respectful. This would be the same media that regularly disparages incivility and divisiveness in politics. Click on link below to read the entire column from E.J. Dionne. It's well worth the read. RealClearPolitics - Boehner's Catholic Lessons

One small sip for mankind: Beer made for zero gravity - CTV News

Another giant step for mankind as it draws closer to the permanent exploration of other planets. Now that we have the brewing industry onside and producing product for the market, can routine shuttle flights from here to the permanent settlement on the moon be far off? I imagine that Bud Light will be even lighter in the 1/3 earth gravity of the moon! One small sip for mankind: Beer made for zero gravity - CTV News

‘Vegas girl’ acknowledges her luck, embraces new challenges in Ottawa - The Globe and Mail

Ruth Ellen Brosseau, M.P. If ever there was a person to cheer for, it may well be this young woman. Unexpectedly elected to Parliament as a member from Quebec for the NDP, Ms. Ruth Ellen Brosseau is demonstrating an alluring charm and honest self-assessment of her skills and challenges. I suspect that I won't share many of the same positions with her in the social and economic debate that lay ahead for Canada, but I wish the Member from Berthier-Maskinonge the best in undertaking to serve her constituents in her new career. ‘Vegas girl’ acknowledges her luck, embraces new challenges in Ottawa - The Globe and Mail

John Lithgow does 'Newt Gingrich' on the Colbert Report!

Body found in river was missing teen

One of our missing area teens has been found, and alas it is not the ending that we were hoping for.  At least his family has the comfort of knowing what happened to him. The death of a child on the precipice of adulthood is the heaviest cross a parent (indeed the entire family) can carry in life. It is a wound that never fully heals. The family cannot look to 'get over it', but they will learn to 'get on with it'.  May the time that passes before joy begins to return to their lives be brief and that the frost of their winter season grief will give way to a springtime of discovering that grief and joy are not opposites. They are dance partners and companions in every life. When the two exist together in peace with each other, peace will again be found. Please keep the Pineau family in your prayers. Body found in river was missing teen

An 'Angry Atheist' responds to the challenge to explain why he's angry!

The best birthday gift I received all day! An intelligent submission from a friend of 'Road'. Thank you Doug! Some time ago Father Tim wrote a blog on why atheists are angry.  He postulated that a fear of death made many atheists angry. This caused me to contact him to discuss what he had written and offer my own observations on the subject. He very kindly offered to post my reply on his blog and I do appreciate that. I fear many of the things I will say may be unpalatable to the people who read this, and for that I am sorry, but I think they need to be said.  If you do feel anger at my words and comments please look at why these words offend you and who is to blame. The only other thing I ask is that you read my words in full and understand that they are written by a person who is trying to make the world we all live in a better place, regardless of our beliefs or lack of them.

I am not particularly afraid of death, I have, on several occasions been very close to death -

John Paul II statue sparks controversy in Rome | Holy Post | National Post

There's 'ugly', ' damned ugly' and ' butt ugly ', yet none of these captures the essence of this ' statue ' in ' tribute ' to the late Blessed Pope John Paul II. The best comment I've read about it came from 'Rationalist1' on the Holy Post who wrote: "The artist misunderstood the request to make Pope John Paul II look holy."   Judge for yourself and let me know what you think by posting a comment here. John Paul II statue sparks controversy in Rome | Holy Post | National Post

Study: Homosexuality, celibacy didn't cause abuse |

GOOD GRIEF! The story below this one from the National Post stresses that celibacy and not homosexuality is the cause of clergy sexual abuse. This story on the same report states that neither is responsible. How can two press organs have such diametrically different interpretations of the exact same report??? Perhaps it's just the way the headlines are composed but they each sure give a different impression. WEIRD!! Sad but definitely weird!! Study: Homosexuality, celibacy didn't cause abuse |

What the Pope might say to Stephen Hawking if the two had a chat

  What the Pope might say to Stephen Hawking if the two had a chat

The Efficacy of “No” | First Things

A few years ago, a neighbor and I were wending our way through a small gallery featuring the work of local artists, when we were stopped in our tracks by a large canvas, or board, from which hung a dozen one-gallon freezer bags containing colorful liquids purporting to be health and beauty products: shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene stuffs. My neighbor, who tends toward the positive—even if she must stretch to do it—cooed, “What a statement that is! We women really are enslaved to all that!” ”Wait,” I said. “How do you know that’s what the artist means? Maybe this is saying that women are just bags of chemicals, and transparent and shallow, to boot!” .... Click on the link below to read the entire article. The Efficacy of “No” | First Things

Regulation and Wittgenstein | Swampland

Ludwig Wittgenstein I've appreciated Wittgenstein's thought since studying him in my early Seminary days. Not often I see him referenced so prominently in an article so I can't pass up the chance to cross post to the source article on Time Magazine's blog got any other 'Wittgenstein-ians' out there. (grin) Regulation and Wittgenstein | Swampland

Socon or Bust » Blog Archive » Sign the Petition to the CBC Ombudsman. Demand A Correction!

CTV, Global, National Post... virtually every other report states that the crowd was between 10,000 and 15,000. Yet once again these numbers are massively under-reported by the CBC. I find it amazing that 15-20 people gathering in front of a Church to protest gets substantial coverage on the public airwaves but something that ranks among the largest turnout each year on the Hill is misreported with numbers scaled back by a factor of 50-75%! It's not paranoia if the facts back you up! Again the government broadcaster has manipulated the truth to minimize a growing and youthful challenge to government policy. We used to scream long and loud when state media distorts the truth in other countries. (Remember Pravda?) Why are these same voices that were demanding truth in journalism not demanding a change in the CBC's report to reflect the true size of the demonstration. Please take a moment and add your name to the online petition . Socon or Bust » Blog Archive » Sign the Pet

BioWare: Mass Effect 3 to permit gay male romance - The Globe and Mail

It's not the fact that this video game offers the option of virtual gay sex that I find offensive... it's the fact that sex is an option at all! I guess I am out of date with current popular opinion on dealing with sex in such a public manner. These games have multiple player options, right? Is it at all hard to see that this might create a virtual 'crop of innocents' to fall prey to the seductions of other (probably older) predators who hide behind the mask of a game avatar? Given the recent hacking of the recent Sony Playstation network it would seem that this is not an insignificant risk that should be a concern to parents. Just another example of the coarsening of our culture. It may be sad to witness but it's true nonetheless. BioWare: Mass Effect 3 to permit gay male romance - The Globe and Mail

Trump says he won't run for Republican presidential nomination - The Globe and Mail

Too bad he didn't take my advice during the 'Ground Zero Mosque' debacle. If he had, he might have made a different announcement. I must say that I'm glad things have worked out as they have. I seriously doubt that 'the Donald' would have made a very good president! Trump says he won't run for Republican presidential nomination - The Globe and Mail

Tin Foil Hat Comments | The American Catholic

So true... sadly so true! I give thanks for the small cadre of friends of this blog who regularly comment here for they always post civil, intelligent commentary. Yet even this blog is not immune to dealing with those who are neither. Tin Foil Hat Comments | The American Catholic

Jon Stewart agrees to debate Bill O'Reilly - AMIE PARNES | POLITICO CLICK

I don't subscribe to Fox News and have never seen an episode of 'The O'Reilly Factor'... but I hope that the Comedy Network will broadcast this debate on 'The Daily Show'. It should be fun to watch! Jon Stewart agrees to debate Bill O'Reilly - AMIE PARNES | POLITICO CLICK

What's the most important thing in life? An orgasm?

Is an orgasm the most important thing in life? By connecting celibacy with pedophilia, people are saying that they believe that, denied the opportunity for an orgasm, they would likely violate the moral imperative not to harm innocents. This is the logical conclusion of those who claim that life would not be worth living if they were to be denied this physical pleasure. That one would be unable to sustain a growing and mutually beneficial relationship with a partner if they were unable to have their sexual needs serviced is another conclusion that flows from this flawed premise. If someone could violate as deeply an ingrained prohibition as for adults to abstain from sexual activity with children rather than be deprived a regular orgasm, is it be hard to believe that a spouse would also violate their marital obligations to their ‘life partner’ under similar situations? If celibacy deforms priests, then surely those married individuals who find themselves in denied sex with a part

GEORGE WEIGEL: Aquinas and horses

A Roman Catholic college in Wyoming where students are immersed in the study of the classics (in the original Latin), a love of horses deep, set in the wilds of rural Wyoming. Now that's a unique mix of elements that apparently is becoming a successful venture under the tutelage of the local Bishop. The Anglicans offer a college degree in 'surfing & God'. Now you can go someplace to graduate from a liberal arts college with a classics degree and saddle sores. Wonder what's coming next? GEORGE WEIGEL: Aquinas and horses

Homosexual men twice as likely to have cancer: study |

Aaah... but isn't the question: Does one cause the other? (in this case, does homosexuality cause cancer?) Just because A follows B does not mean that the former is necessarily a causal agent of the latter. Yet if the goal of this medical research is to uncover 'truth', then we must be willing to examine and explore wherever the evidence leads even if we fear that the conclusions will not support previously held convictions. At the very least this apparent correlation needs to be further studied before any substantiation can be ascribed to the conclusion that Lifesitenews seems to have drawn. Given the plethora of sexually transmitted diseases that menaces sexually active individuals, soon there will be a study that will claim that sex is dangerous to one's health. Wait a minute...wasn't there one recently???  I wonder if the conspiracy theorists who always see the evil forces of 'Papism' behind everything will believe that this rash of stories extollin

The Pembroke Lumber Kings are this year's RBC Cup national champions - The Daily Observer - Ontario, CA

Our local Pembroke Lumber Kings are Canadian National Hockey Champions, sending B.C.'s Vernon team to defeat!!! (Sorry Lady Janus! Maybe the Canucks will do better!) The Ottawa Valley rules!!! Congratulations Lumber Kings.... and THANK YOU for this great lift to all who call the Valley home. The Pembroke Lumber Kings are this year's RBC Cup national champions - The Daily Observer - Ontario, CA

African lake could provide economic boom for area - International - Catholic Online

Lake Kivu: Untapped potential? Another 'green' and local solution for a needy region of the world. The earth is most certainly a more bountiful place than we might think when we are open to new ways of thinking! African lake could provide economic boom for area - International - Catholic Online

Out there: International Astronomy Day - The Globe and Mail

International Astronomy Day - take some time and look to the stars! Out there: International Astronomy Day - The Globe and Mail

120th Anniversary Marked for Labor Encyclical 'Rerum Novarum' | Daily News |

Somewhere, Fr. Michael ('Doc') Ryan must be celebrating! He was my seminary professor whose expertise was in Catholic social teaching and Thomistic philosophy. He was (is?) a quirky little fellow but his devotion to the Church and the priesthood was second to none. I pray that this is a good day for him, no matter where he is today. 120th Anniversary Marked for Labor Encyclical 'Rerum Novarum' | Daily News |

Catholic Culture : On the Culture : Beating Private Judgment’s Dead Horse

I've been having this same debate in the threads of the Holy Post! It seems that many evangelicals believe that ONLY those who believe in Christ will be found in the New Jerusalem. They seem (IMO) to be far too quick to condemn to hell the BILLIONS of souls of people who died without ever hearing of Christ. Further, they condemn those who once had faith, but through the events of life have had their faith stolen from them (think of victims of clergy sexual abuse or people who experienced the horrors of the Concentrations camps) thus (again IMO) victimizing these souls a second time. My understanding of God is very different. I take him at his word when he taught that many who think that they will be saved simply because they claim to be his followers will be shocked to find the way closed to them while 'tax collectors, prostitutes and sinners' are invited in. Personally, I always look at it this way: imagine after death you must stand in one of two lines. The first is

Quebec Gestapo Set To Pounce on Homeschooling Family

I've known a number of families who have chosen to Homeschool their children... and the kids did exceptionally well in their adult lives! I appreciate that there are cases where this has not been the case, but the same can be said about some schools I've dealt with over the years.  This is another step along the path of the State intruding into the rights of families and individuals and it should be opposed. I donated to the cause on the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada website. I hope you might consider doing the same. You'll find the link within the SoCon story. Socon or Bust » Blog Archive » Quebec Gestapo Set To Pounce on Homeschooling Family

Sex can be bad for the brain, new study says

Thank God for celibacy??? Maybe we'll see more priests - but they may all be hypochondriacs!!! Sex can be bad for the brain, new study says

Canada Votes 2011 - CBC News

Want to know who won where? Here's an interactive site from the CBC that gives all the information you could want. Canada Votes 2011 - CBC News

Choosing Hell | The American Catholic

I have always believed and taught that God sends NO ONE to hell, but he respects the decisions we make in life as determinate as to where we want to spend eternity. This author explores this question in a concise and insightful way. Choosing Hell | The American Catholic

Sacked Toowoomba Bishop decries 'inquisition' | The Australian

Bishop William Morris - formerly of the Toowoomba Diocese Good Grief! If someone is appointed a Bishop, he has the moral and religious obligation to preach and teach the actual message of the Church. This does not mean that there must be absolute adherence to Church teaching in every forum.  I'm certain there were better ways for a Bishop to effectively express his personal opinions that are not in the public forum. He made his bed. Let him at least have the class to admit to the rightness of the act removing him as a principle 'teacher' and 'pastor' of a diocese if he found himself personally unable to reconcile his own opinions with Church teaching. At least, thanks to the action of the Vatican, he is no longer in the hypocritical position of pretending to represent the Church when he was clearly unwilling to do so. Hopefully the Vatican (especially under the aegis of Cardinal Marc Ouellet) will take similar actions against any Bishop who so publicly strays

What was the Vatican thinking inviting Robert Mugabe to the beatification of JPII?

Talk about being 'tone deaf' to the public voice! Yikes! The British royal family withdraws the Syrian invitation in moral outrage over atrocities in that country yet Mugabe, who has the blood of tens of thousands on his hands is welcome within the Vatican? He is rightly vilified by the global community for his crimes against humanity. And he gets an invitation to the beatification of Blessed Pope John Paul??? Instead of rejoicing in the glow of a massive display of religious fervor in which 1.5 million people gathered together in prayer and celebration, this insensitive diplomatic demonstration of the Vatican's 'tin ear' is spreading across the internet. When it comes to understanding the real world, this Vatican administration continues to stumble from one distracting faux pas to another. This is pretty troublesome when you consider that managing your 'brand' (message) is everything in today's western culture. Currently, the Vatican makes Donald