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Words have consequences. This is something we should never forget.

Alas, the media is now reporting that the shooter at the Quebec City mosque was an anti-Muslim Quebecer, family name Bissonnette. He was well known for his vitriolic posts condemning Islamic immigrants into our country. No doubt his paranoia, anger, and hatred were fueled by comments demonizing Muslim immigrants to our country. I wish people would come to realize that words and comments have consequences... sometimes fatal consequences which bring great harm to others. I know that I will continue to do my best to counter statements of bigotry with facts and those of hatred with Christian love. I thank those of you who share my concern for doing the same.

Canada to increase reproductive health funding in response to Trump decision

Granny can't get her hip replacement surgery because of financial constraints on the health care system, but we can pump millions into overseas organizations that kill unborn children. (Calling abortion 'reproductive health care' is a euphemism that would make George Orwell blush imho.) Where's the logic in this?  Canada to increase reproductive health funding in response to Trump decision - Home | As It Happens | CBC Radio

Much ado about nothing?

I posted the following text on my Facebook page and it's generating a lot of comments. What do you think? Am I wrong in asserting that fears that we are being over-run by Muslim immigrants bent on destroying our culture and country are baseless? One theme that's writ large today in our country is a fear of Muslim immigrants. Here's a quote that seems to capture that zeitgeist perfectly. "Now, what do we find in all our large cities? Entire sections containing a population incapable of understanding our institutions, with no comprehension of our national ideals, and for the most part incapable of speaking the English language. Foreign language information service gives evidence that many southern Europeans resent as an unjust discrimination the quota laws and represent America as showing race hatred and unmindful of its mission to the world. The reverse is true. America’s first duty is to those already within her own shores." May I point out that this is a quote fr

A little bit of humour to inspire we preachers to keep our sermons short and to the point!

“SNAP announces director named in lawsuit has resigned” & related articles

Long time readers of this blog know that I hold Sylvia McEacheran in the highest regard. Her blog, Sylvia's Site  is the best compendium of articles of the various sex abuse scandals that have hit the Catholic Church in Canada. I've had the opportunity to sit down with her on one occasion for an afternoon-long conversation and know that her activities and her blog grow from her deep love of the Church and a desire to see it cleansed of predators and their enablers. In this latest post from her blog, she proves once again the purity of her motives. With it, she posts a series of articles about a scandal that has engulfed SNAP (Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Priests) containing allegations by a former employee that they participated in a program of kickbacks from lawyers, and that the organization was animated by a deep-seated  "personal and ideological animus against the Catholic Church."  In her commentary after the compendium of articles on this case, Sylvia

Part of a great series on Catholicism on YouTube

Chick Webster, Thought to Be N.H.L.’s Oldest Ex-Player, Stays Wry at 96

I used to see Chick almost daily during my time in Mattawa. He is a classy man, filled with wonderful stories. It's great to see him honoured this way in the New York Times for being the oldest living N.H.L. player! May he live to see 100 yrs! Chick Webster, Thought to Be N.H.L.’s Oldest Ex-Player, Stays Wry at 96 - The New York Times

Doctor-assisted suicide could save Canada up to $139 million each year, Alberta study suggests

I've said from the outset of this debate that it would not take long before government officials would make the argument that euthanizing the elderly and terminally ill would be a more cost efficient means of providing 'health care'. Here's the first bit of concrete evidence that I was correct in my prediction.  The second point I made was that once this logic became established in the public consciousness that the 'option' of euthanasia would inevitably morph into the 'obligation' to be euthanized. I wonder how long this next step will take before it takes root as well. God help us all. Doctor-assisted suicide could save Canada up to $139 million each year, Alberta study suggests | National Post

This is just too good not to share!

The Puzzling Backstory to Controversial Maltese Directive

I have no problem with the directive that the Maltese bishops have offered to their priests. In fact, it fits exactly into my own logic on the topic which goes as follows. 1) It is the responsibility of the pastor of people who are in any invalid relationship to make them aware of the teaching of the Church. This must be done clearly and without equivocation, expressing the reasoning behind the Church's position and how it accords with the teachings we find in sacred scripture. 2) We must instruct such individuals to pray sincerely for guidance from God with an openness to concluding to live in accordance with the Church's teaching: either in perfect continence together as a couple or as separate individuals. 3) If after doing so either party still wishes to receive the Eucharist and assuming that it will not cause a scandal or weaken the faith of others, trusting within themselves that what they do is indeed acceptable to God and being willing to accept the responsibility an

Prayer Request for a sick priest

Please remember Fr. Michael Costello, recently retired to his residence in Sheenboro, in your prayers. He has suffered a stroke and is currently in the ICU in the Pembroke Regional Hospital. Fr. Mike has been tremendously generous in assisting our parishes and his gentle spirit and humour have been a true gift to our parishes in the short time he has been among us. We pray, hope, and anticipate that his recovery will be swift and soon he’ll be back in his house in Sheen again.

Sex abuse advocacy group SNAP sued by former employee

A former employee of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests is suing the advocacy group, claiming she was fired after she learned that SNAP's principal officers collude with attorneys representing sex abuse survivors and that SNAP accepts financial kickbacks for referring abuse victims to attorneys. Sex abuse advocacy group SNAP sued by former employee | National Catholic Reporter

Fake History - George Weigel

A British writer claims Pope Francis “steadily filling the College of Cardinals with moderate pastors rather than doctrinal ideologues.” This is, of course, a standard journalistic trope. It’s also fake history. Fake History | George Weigel | First Things

A little inspiration to those of us facing a tough day ahead

Some Canadian Bishops Pull Punches on Euthanasia

Some Canadian Bishops Pull Punches on Euthanasia - Crisis Magazine : Euthanasia is the next front in the culture of death’s juggernaut, and Canada represents one of its biggest wins. The Supreme Court of Canada has declared an entire “right” to “physician assisted death” from protections for life in Canada’s Charter of Rights, and the incumbent government is set, with the same single-mindedness with which it defends …