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Allowing priests to marry would ensure church future

A century of living a faithful, practicing Catholic life of private piety and public witness to her faith merits the writer of this letter the unqualified right to the assumption of good intentions. I stand in awe and respect for her Christian and Catholic life and am confident that her efforts will stand in good stead before God in any future judgment. But I respectfully suggest that her conclusion isn't supported by the evidence. Putting to the side all the religious justifications and explanations in favor of a celibate clergy, there is a simple error in fact in her argument that she overlooks. It's simply this: If celibacy is what's causing the shortage of clergy in our Roman Church, to what would she ascribe the same deficiencies in Protestant Churches like the Anglicans and Lutherans? Their numbers have dropped throughout the 1st World right along with what we've experienced with Catholic priests and clerics over the past 50 years. I am afraid to say it, but jus

Book aims to fill legal vacuum surrounding resigned popes

Book aims to fill legal vacuum surrounding resigned popes

Pentecost: God's gift of friendship

On Pentecost, we celebrate the promised gift made by Christ to his disciples, and by extension to the entire Church, of the Holy Spirit.   A divine presence that would remain with us until his return in glory to help us remember, comprehend, and fulfill our obligation of love to God and between each other. In other words, the Holy Spirit is the continuation of the incarnation of God, except this time instead of taking the form of one human man, he enters into each one of us through the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. In this way, God extends a great act of friendship to those who claim and desire redemption through Christ. So to understand the awesome power of Pentecost, we need to comprehend what is a ‘friendship’ so that we can better take advantage of this great gift. Friendship is defined as a relationship with ‘another self.’ It is a relationship, or better put a variety of relationships in which we find another who resonates with the same frequency that vibrates within

The crusading bloggers exposing sexual assault in Protestant churches

What do you know, eh?  We Catholics weren't the only denomination guilty of mishandling sex abuse cases that are reported to them. It appears some of 'separated sister' churches have had some problems exposed in public just as happened to us. While 'misery does love company,' I'd rather that none of us, Catholic, Protestant, or of whatever creed were guilty of such crimes and horrors. God knows that those of us who profess to strive for a 'better way' have wrought more than enough misery to far too many people throughout the years to our eternal shame. One can only hope the bromide that was often given to we Catholics that 'light is the antiseptic cure for evil acts' works for them, and that justice is obtained by any and all legitimate victims.  The crusading bloggers exposing sexual assault in Protestant churches - The Washington Post

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