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Editorial: Put on the brakes

Religious leaders across Canada are making a valiant attempt at slowing down this speeding train called Medical Assistance in Dying, and we can only hope their appeal is not falling on entirely deaf ears.  Editorial: Put on the brakes : 

A Message We Should All Hear and Heed in These Stressful Days of the COVID Pandemic

This is a post written by an Office Administrator at a school in Cornwall, Ontario. This is what happened when I got home tonight. I cried. I cried at work yesterday. I also cried 3 different times last night after getting home from work. I am an Office Administrator at an elementary school and this is how my day has gone. I'm crying because the work and expectations that have been put upon us with the added ridiculous time frames are overwhelming. I'm crying because I am having to answer the phone and hear the concerns and frustrations of parents who are upset at the policies put in place to protect their children while they are at school. I'm crying because I have to call home for a child who is sick and risk getting yelled at because I have now inconvenienced a parent who has to get a COVID test for their child. I'm crying because I have been told to get my shit together because a policy has changed and someone doesn't agree (I didn't change the policy, I am