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Pope hopes English translation of Missal will be 'springboard for a renewal' :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Does it strike anyone as odd that the Church is proceeding with potentially disquieting changes to the Liturgy in these difficult times? As one who lived the changes that followed Vatican II, I can attest that it was a challenge to the belief of many. The changes were poorly understood and implemented then and there's no evidence to indicate that the Church do any better now. If major issues can be told to be patient in their desire for change, being frequently reminded that the mind of the Church slowly evolves in her understanding over many years, why the rush on this file? The benefit will be outstripped by the additional insult to the faith practice of many who will find 'this' change OK, when other issues are not, inconsistent and incomprehensible. I understand the theological argument; most laity will not. The consequences could be devastating. What's the rush? Pope hopes English translation of Missal will be 'springboard for a renewal' :: Catholic

Using Catholic 'tools' to begin to move on past these rocky shores! Here's a response to Mary G. who asks why we just can't 'move-on' from the Sex Abuse Scandals

Mary G:  AMEN...AMEN...AMEN! Why do you think it is that our leaders don't seem to want to do just that? I earlier posted a blog post from Deacon Greg Kandra ( ) calling for clerics of all ranks (either in a Diocese, Province, Country or universally) to participate in a mass of atonement on the closing Sunday of the 'Year of the Priest'. This would allow all of us to prostrate ourselves in penance before God, and in solidarity with the faithful to acknowledge our failures and sins. Then to ask for forgiveness. I've been arguing that it is necessary for clergy to practice the same regimen of confession as any Catholic should. 1. First we should examine ourselves (institutionally and personally) in preparation for confessing. This would involve bringing in an outside expert to review any records of allegations received, to ensure that the universal protocol has been faithfully an

An invitation to join in a prayer for healing

H/T to Michael Brandon (Freedom Through Truth) for this delightful post by an American (religious?) who blogs to offer and inspire prayer as the remedy for the sex abuse scandals. She does not diminish the evil, nor the steps needed to erase it from the Church. Nor does she condemn the media for (most of) their reporting. She recognizes the harm and the good being done through their exposing rot within the 'wood' in parts of 'Peter's barque'. This is a necessary step in any effective repair: to determine the extent of the corruption and then apply the necessary remedy to bring about healing. Thus she prays for healing: for the victims, the church and in the world. Here is a prayer she invites all to join: PRAYER FOR HEALING Lord Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, go back into my memory as I sleep. Every hurt that has ever been done to me, heal that hurt. Every hurt that I have ever caused another person, heal that hurt. All the relationships th

Priests honoured at dinner - The Daily Observer - Ontario, CA

A Tribute Dinner offered for the Clergy of my Diocese was part of the world wide "Year of the Priest" celebrations. It was a joint venture of the Diocesan Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Woman's Leagues, and it was very much appreciated by the clergy in attendance. Although the planning for this event preceded the recent revelations of documents demonstrating that our Diocesan administration of the day failed to follow its own stated policy in dealing with such allegations, denying victims who remained mute for many years, satisfied with assurances that their predator was under tight supervision - something that proved not to be true. It has not been pleasant to minister in what for a week was in the current cross hairs of the international media, and these days were certainly challenging for Pembroke's priests. The serendipity of events which brought this dinner quickly on the heels of these trials was a blessing for all the Diocesan family who celebrated tog

A refreshing voice in these turbulent times

NOTE: The statement “10% of the Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia” has no basis in fact! In his original speech Mr. Miller cites a July/August 2002 Sojourners article by Rose Marie Berger in which she misinterprets statements from Penn. State Prof. Philip Jenkins regarding sexual abuse by Protestant ministers. In the original article Berger writes… “Philip Jenkins concludes in his book “Pedophiles and Priests” that while 1.7 percent of Catholic clergy have been found guilty of pedophilia (specifically of boys), 10 percent of Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia.” (This quote is used in Miller’s speech) To which Philip Jenkins responds (Sept/Oct 2002)… “I regret to say that the statement is baloney. I never said it, and it’s not true!… Every time this ten percent statement appears attributed to me, I try to debunk it, but these things have a life of their own. I have no idea what the actual proportion of pedophile pro

Probability Theory

COOL! A stimulating and amazing presentation of a common logical fallacy that most seem oblivious to: " If A... then B" is not the same as saying "If B... then A ". Chances Are - Opinionator Blog -

The Anchoress | A First Things Blog

'The Permanent Scandal of the Vatican' by Jody Bottom of First Things is highly recommended by the Archoress, herself an excellent opinion to read at all times. Read her opinion of the article for a concise presentation of the essence of his argument. The Anchoress | A First Things Blog

Pope 'could cancel UK visit' over 'offensive' Foreign Office memo - Telegraph

The Pope is bigger than this. I predict that the visit will go ahead, with no embarrassing moments. Yet, it's not difficult to understand why nerves might be a bit frayed given the extensive list of insults. If the British now how to do anything, it's the national capacity to maintain 'a stiff upper lip'. Pope 'could cancel UK visit' over 'offensive' Foreign Office memo - Telegraph

Abuse of a ‘boy’ or a ‘young man’? » GetReligion

A FASCINATING EXPOSE of the New York Times manipulation of information to deliberately make the Roman Catholic Church as evil as possible. It's hard to reconcile this report with the Op-Ed piece from this weekend's NYT that was previously posted on this blog. When you see how this manipulation takes place, you will recognize that hand of a master propagandist at work! Abuse of a ‘boy’ or a ‘young man’? » GetReligion

George Weigel responds to Hans Kung

 Click here to read George Weigel's response to the open letter that was published in various papers around the world from Hans Kung. It is well worth the read, especially if you have read Kung's letter. Weigel addresses each of the points he raises effectively and clearly. It would be great to see the two of them in a debate!

The 'nap' seen round the world!

Pope Benedict nod's off at recent mass! Truthfully it's not hard to understand. After a weekend of masses, driven all over the Island of Malta to give or listen to numerous speeches, all under the 30 lbs of vestments... and all at the age of 83 yrs! I'd take a nap as well!

Bank of Canada sets stage for rate hike

The 'Rubber' hits the 'Road' on more axises than just the level of faith and politics. Economic factors are a big part of life as well, and it's at least as important as these issues that I have habitually been blogging. I think it's time for that to change. Beginning today I'm going to begin using a few Financial RRS feeds so that I can post articles that reflect this reality. I claim no expertise on the questions and facts they raise beyond a rudimentary understanding of economics, but I know that some folks that cruise this corner of the internet are experts in such matters. Perhaps they could offer some relevant commentary or responses to questions? (ML... are you listening?) Feel free to discuss to your hearts content! Fr. Tim Bank of Canada sets stage for rate hike

Pope meets with sex abuse victims in Malta - CTV News

"Pope Benedict XVI met with a group of clerical abuse victims Sunday and promised them the Catholic Church would implement "effective measures" to protect young people in the future. The Vatican said Benedict expressed his "shame and sorrow" at the pain the men and their families suffered and prayed with them during the meeting at the Vatican's embassy in Malta." Together with the issuing of the clarification of the universal 'one strike' policy that the Pope issued last week (which calls for MANDATORY reporting of any allegation to civil authorities, we can see that B16 is serious when he states that the Church is changing the way it handles these scandalous activities on the part of a few priests and bishops. Sadly the story goes on to say: "Victims' advocacy groups have demanded that the Vatican take concrete steps to protect children and remove abusive priests, saying the pope's expressions to date of solidarity and sha

Richard Dawkins, evolve thyself - Full Comment

"Dawkins of course knows that won’t happen. British judges almost always refuse to deal with crimes that, if they existed, happened outside the U.K.’s jurisdiction. It would take a mountain of evidence to produce anything like the “universal jurisdiction” warrant from a Spanish court that led to Augusto Pinochet’s arrest in London in 1998. Pinochet was charged with mass murder while dictator of Chile, a rather more impressive crime than the cover-up that the Pope’s critics believe they have exposed. Anyway, as a head of state, the Pope has immunity under international law. So the arrest is a publicity stunt to denigrate the Pope and his Church. Dawkins more or less admitted that when he wrote on his blog the other day: “I am optimistic that we shall raise public consciousness to the point where the British government will find it very awkward indeed to go ahead with the Pope’s visit.” Read the full column! Robert Fulford: Richard Dawkins, evolve thyself - Full Comment

Blogosphere is morphing

This is what I am hoping to accomplish with the blog... and explains why I now am soliciting donations to obtain editorial and writing services for "Where the Rubber Hits the Road". Fr. Tim Moyle Blogosphere is morphing

The latest push for the legalization of Euthanasia in Canada - please take heed! Contact your MP immediately!!

Pastor, STE ANNE MATTAWA ON  P0H 1V0 Pembroke, ON Due to the urgency of this issue, we have not had enough time to translate this message into French. Please excuse this email if you have received more than one copy. Dear Pastors, [Note: You can listen-in live Online to Fr. Tom Lynch being interviewed by Pastor Mark Koehler of Radio 91.3 FM, Hanover on Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 3 p.m.  Pastor Mark and Fr. Tom are sure to cover the issue of Euthanasia and Bill C-384.  Click Here! ] According to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, it is extremely likely that Bill C-384 will proceed to second reading on Tuesday, April 20 with a critical vote on Wednesday, April 21st. We urge everyone to call or E-mail their Member of Parliament (or all Members of Parliament) right away urging them to vote against this Bill. Should this Bill pass legislation it will legalize euthanasia in Canada. Alex Schadenberg, EPC's executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition ha

The fairy tale of sick celibacy

Super article that addresses the issue of whether or not there is a connection between celibacy and pedophilia or other deviant sexualities. If your truly interested in studying the truth about this issue (I do not claim that it is unquestionably correct - although it certainly fits with my experience) it is well worth the read. It's a short piece! The fairy tale of sick celibacy

A tale of two battles

Here is the original article from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in which the author states that if it was correct to invade Afghanistan because of 9/11, and Iraq for allegedly possessing WMD, then the Vatican should be bombed and the Pope 'chased through the sewers until his body is ridden with bullets'. Nice guy, eh? ABC The Drum Unleashed - A tale of two battles

If the Vatican isn’t a sovereign state, can we bomb it?

WOW!!! The Economist Magazine publishes an article in which they quote an Australian columnist who suggests 'carpet bombing' the Vatican! No joke! Read the article for yourselves and ask if the Vatican is simply being 'called out' over its handling of these sex abuse cases... or is really under attack. If the Vatican isn’t a sovereign state, can we bomb it?

A way out of this mess for the Canadian Church?

If the Vatican has been paying for Public and Media Relations services, it should sue for breach of contract! I can hardly remember a time when one organization has been so resolutely fixed in the cross-hairs of such critical media coverage for such an extended period of time. We've reached the point where it is evident that ripping this bandage off the Church 'bit by bit' is having horrendous consequences that have warped any attempted strategy into the media version of Chinese Water torture. Would it be any worse if the Church were to open itself to a complete audit and disclosure of all reports of alleged offenses and offenders currently known by any Bishop or Diocesan administration? This need not be a 'public' event. Organizations such as the Children's Aid Societies have effectively investigated all claims of any form of child abuse for many decades and are eminently qualified to confidentially determine the truth in a manner that protect

The most disgusting editorial cartoon yet!

Is this not the most blasphemous cartoon yet? Nothing is sacred anymore!!

A WONDERFUL gift to LIFT my spirits on a day spent battling in these trying times.

God is indeed VERY good. On this day-off spent responding in various forums and to friends and parishioners regarding the horrific revelations of the past few days, the breeder of my canine companion decided to send along a few 'puppy' shots that I can add to my photo library. I'm happy to share them with you here. He's as handsome today as he was then, although he has adapted to a shorter hair style now than in earlier days. I'll post some current pictures after his next grooming, but here are the gifts I received today. Enjoy.  These pictures were taken when he was 10 weeks old This was what he looked like when he first came to live with me...(lot's of brushing) ...and here's what he looks like after his last grooming

The Frustratingly Poor Quality of Press Coverage

The Frustratingly Poor Quality of Press Coverage Posted at: Sunday, April 11, 2010 06:58:31 PM - America Magazine Author: Michael Sean Winters The whole world now knows about Father Stephen Kiesle of Oakland, the priest who tied up young boys and molested them sexually and whose request to be defrocked came before then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The press is swarming with assertions that, as the Washington Post headlined its story, "Future pope balked at defrocking priest." This, we are led to believe, is the smoking gun. Raztinger signed the letter in 1985. That is HIS signature. Case closed. Here are the documents. In talking to reporters, I raised the question: Why was this case in front of Ratzinger in the first place. It does not make sense. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was given jurisdiction over cases of the "graviora delicta" of sexual abuse only in 2001. Before that time, it is a bit unclear who had immediate jurisdiction

Richard Dawkins planning to have Pope Benedict arrested over 'crimes against humanity' - Telegraph

That will certainly be something to see him try. Picture the Queen beating off him with her purse if he tries when the Pope visits Buckingham Palace. It'll make the nightly news alright! Another success in Dawkin's campaign of self promotion! P L E A S E..... Somethings are just too far outside the realm of reality to actually believe. And Dawkin's thinks that 'believers' are foolish! Richard Dawkins planning to have Pope Benedict arrested over 'crimes against humanity' - Telegraph

Another Long Lent | First Things

The truth seems to have gotten out, if slowly and incompletely: the single most influential figure in reshaping the Roman Curia’s attitude toward these scandals and the Church’s legal practice in dealing with them, was Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI. The plaintiff’s bar cannot concede this, for to do so would be to destroy the narrative it has been selling to the world media; Ratzinger’s enemies cannot concede this, for they have never been able to find good in him; and European secularists cannot concede this, for in their minds the Church is, in principle, irreformably corrupt—Voltaire’s L’infame . But those willing to look at facts and evidence have begun to understand just how crucial a role Ratzinger played in ensuring that 2010 did not automatically become 2002 redivivus .... Click here to read the rest. Another Long Lent | First Things

A moment of your time please for a personal request - it only takes a few seconds at most... and it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED by many!!

PLEASE visit and respond to the request I make on my facebook account. It would be greatly appreciated by all priests... but especially we here in the latest Canadian 'ground zero' of the sex abuse scandals. A Google search of just the names of the principals in this current revelation of prior knowledge brings 1870 news stories on this condemnatory piece of correspondence. WE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need your support. Please at least take the few seconds needed to register your 'liking' the idea of praying for priests in Pembroke and around the world. THANK YOU. Fr. Tim Facebook | Fr. Tim Moyle

Coverage of Pembroke Diocese reaction

If ever there was a time for the laity to come to the spiritual aid of their clergy, it's now! It's time for all Catholics to bend their knees in supplication for their priests who have faithfully offered their lives to the Church and to her 'Eternal Spouse', Jesus Christ. Sincerely folks, I ask you to pray for all victims of predator priests. I ask you as well to pray also for the clergy of our diocese. The very fact that the Charles Gibson, Diocesan lawyer was interviewed in preparation of this CTV media report, should have been clue enough of the need of the Diocesan spokesperson to deal with the media at weekend masses at the Cathedral. TV cameras also greeted those entering and leaving the other Pembroke parishes as well. At the very least, local clergy should have been alerted of the likelihood of the media's presence and instructed in how they should be dealt with.  Alas, no one thought of these details. The priests of the Cathedral were left on their own

George Carlin (NOT! ...Larry Miller) 'wisdom' in life, offered with a wry smile

George Carlin (oops...Larry Miller) Absolutely Brilliant IF YOU DON'T READ THIS TO THE VERY END, YOU HAVE LOST A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. "How old are you?"  "I'm four and a half!"  You're never thirty-six and a half.  You're four and a half, going on five!  That's the key. You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back.  You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. "How old are you?"  "I'm gonna be 16!"  You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life . . . You become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony . . YOU BECOME 21.  YESSSS!!! But then you turn 30.  Oooohh, what happened there?  Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out.  There

Vatican publishes protocol for Dioceses to follow in responding to sexual abuse allegations against priests ('One Strike' Policy)- from

CDF GUIDELINES ON SEXUAL ABUSE ALLEGATIONS VATICAN CITY, 12 APR 2010 (VIS) - Today the Vatican website, under the section called "Focus", published a guide to understanding the procedures of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on sexual abuse allegations towards minors. Guide to Understanding Basic CDF Procedures concerning Sexual Abuse Allegations The applicable law is the Motu Proprio "Sacramentorum sanctitatis tutela" (MP SST) of 30 April 2001 together with the 1983 Code of Canon Law. This is an introductory guide which may be helpful to lay persons and non-canonists. A: Preliminary Procedures The local diocese investigates every allegation of sexual abuse of a minor by a cleric. If the allegation has a semblance of truth the case is referred to the CDF. The local bishop transmits all the necessary information to the CDF and expresses his opinion on the procedures to be followed and the measures to be adopted in the short and long term.

A classic cartoon explains the problem with anonymous internet comments! Still true today! ... but not 'where the rubber hits the road!'

From the start, Internet users have taken for granted that the territory was both a free-for-all and a digital disguise, allowing them to revel in their power to address the world while keeping their identities concealed. A New Yorker cartoon from 1993, during the Web’s infancy, with one mutt saying to another, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog,” became an emblem of that freedom. For years, it was the magazine’s most reproduced cartoon. When news sites, after years of hanging back, embraced the idea of allowing readers to post comments, the near-universal assumption was that anyone could weigh in and remain anonymous. But now, that idea is under attack from several directions, and journalists, more than ever, are questioning whether anonymity should be a given on news sites.... click here to read the rest of the NYT article.

The 'Red Hat' Club

Inspired I assume, by the Newsweek cover... but funny never the less, eh?

More shameful attacks on the pope, and the Catholic response «

Newsweek takes its swipe at the Catholic Church by using the Madonna Image on its cover. It mocks the popular evangelical Christian saying, "Would Would Mary Do?," in an attempt to exploit the traditional RC Marian piety to turn Catholics away from their church. Believe me... once a person becomes convinced that the Church is irrelevant in one's relationship with God, she loses the generations majority of that follow. Why will the leaders of the Church not realize that they are facing another "reformation" moment?  Only this time, instead of breaking-up over the interpretation of scripture, the Church confronts the wholesale abandonment of the practice of the faith by a community rejecting the institutional authority of the Church in the wake of these waves of scandals resonating throughout the media. Bad habits are hard things to break once they set in. If many of the 'faithful few' who still participate in the spiritual life of their parish, spend

Secrets of the Catholic Church

From the National Law Review . Here's a snippet: The Catholic Church must deal with the recent, unfulfilled promise of Pope Benedict XVI that it will never again hide the sins of pastoral administrators. His admirable condemnation of past misconduct and his allusion to extending the statute of limitations for claims against offending priests are appropriate first steps. TWO NECESSARY CHANGES Without two changes in the Church's practices — its absolute rule about the pastoral privilege by which confidential confessions are invariably protected and its resort to confidentiality agreements in settling complaints of priests' misconduct — his admonitions will prove illusory. The Vatican's secrecy policies have impeded attempts to expose and punish wrongdoings by priests.... There are two secrecy problems that need to be addressed, and redressed. First, the confidentiality of the confessional, intrinsic to Church doctrine, while benign in most situations, als

A Reposting of: "It's time to clean up this mess"

Rotterdam Bishop Ad van Luyn has called for an independent investigation into the sexual exploitation of children by priests, after 200 alleged victims contacted help services. His call follows the publication of the Dublin Inquiry into the Irish Church scandals, and the revelation of allegations of misconduct in Germany and even within the ranks of the Vatican itself. Catholics in North America are all too familiar with these scandals. Repeated media reports that clerics have violated their religious obligation to celibacy and chastity have sorely tested the belief of many. Even the Bishops have not withstood the scrutiny of inquiry for they have been found culpable in the victimization of the Church’s most precious gifts - the trust of its members and the welfare of its members; actions which have brought untold suffering and confusion into the hearts and minds of many. The United States Bishops have taken one crucial step that, to date, has not been implemente

Reform Catholic Church policy, critics say - Holy Post

A column from Charles Lewis of the National Post . Mr. Lewis has been a fairly impartial if perhaps even supportive of the RC Church. His voice should not be ignored. He has earned the benefit of the doubt as to his intentions. I have called for very much of the same thing on this blog: I have shared it as well with virtually every friend I have within the RC Church in my attempt to sell the idea. To date, I have been seen as being an 'alarmist'; a 'chicken little' running around claiming the sky was falling. " We've dealt with the issue effectively here in Canada " I was told. " We don't need to follow the American model - it's too extreme for us " was the consensus opinion of those who reviewed my suggestion. I was even cautioned that to propose such a structure publicly would result in my possible suspension by my Bishop, should he decide to take offense at my 'overstepping' my position as priest. Well I posted it on my blog a

That didn't take long! Pembroke Bishop releases press statement that has been disputed in the NYT within an hour!

Taken from NYT website. Click on the title to read the entire NYT story. In its statement, the Pembroke diocese said the victim ''was encouraged to refer the allegations to the civil authorities'' in accordance with Canadian church protocols, but ''his decision at the time was not to do so.'' However, the victim in a response to the diocese's statement e-mailed to The Associated Press disputed its account. ''At no point in my meetings with the diocese did they encourage me to call the police,'' he said. ''At no point did they offer to call the police on my behalf.'' The victim said that Windle never attended any meetings with him and church officials at the time.

Cardinal prefect, Canadian hierarchy knew of Vatican official’s abuse

For the first time in my career as a priest, I am embarrassed to belong to the Pembroke Diocese. Bishop Windle has (posthumously) dealt a horrific blow to the Church by not following the policy set by the Canadian Bishops. Our current Bishop gathered the priests together a few weeks ago and told us this would not happen; that there was no foreknowledge of Prince's crimes. So, either he spoke without knowing what the truth was (hardly instills confidence) or he lied to his priests (even worse!!) Life is NOT good these days. Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Cardinal prefect, Canadian hierarchy knew of Vatican official’s abuse

Roseanne Barr: Church-going Catholics 'Should Lose Custody' of Their Kids |

Why does Roseanne Barr even merit media coverage for her opinion? It's just ANOTHER illustration of using this scandal for personal gain - just as many are guilty of the same. "Justice for victims" becomes secondary to contingency fees for lawyers and publicity for washed-up former 'stars' like Barr or Sinead O'Connor. Sad, sad, sad! Roseanne Barr: Church-going Catholics 'Should Lose Custody' of Their Kids |