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12 Myths about our Catholic faith!


  1. I love this guy. I listen regularly to his daily commentary on his website. Just the plain unvarnished Catholic faith. The one thing absent from many of our pulpits is addressing issues of our times and more controversial teachings of our church. They keep repeating the "your OK, I'm OK" homilies, Jesus loves you, and then wonder why the pews are empty.
    Who needs the church, weekly mass, the eucharist, reconciliation, scripture when Jesus is going to great you with a big hug when its all over no matter what you did or how you lived your life. No wonder the majority of Catholics are golfing on Sunday.


  2. So...if perfection is the goal, but one can never reach the goal, why bother playing the game at all?

    Only an abuser sets an impossible goal and then punishes those who cannot reach it, and yet still claims to "love" them.

    Does anyone see a parallel here to husbands who beat up their wives?

  3. So...if perfection is the goal, but one can never reach the goal, why bother playing the game at all?

    Imagine our world if people took that attitude.
    Lets say I took your attitude with the relationship I have with my wife and children. I know I can't be the perfect husband so why bother trying? To heck with the wife and kids, I'm looking out for number one. How selfish and unloving would that husband be to his spouse and his children if he adopted that attitude. How much pain would he cause the ones he claims to love as he embraces his desires of infidelity, drunkeness and self indulgence. You'd be right to say he doesn't love them at all. The same could be said of the Christian that blantly disregards Gods teaching unrepentant.

    As for punishment, that man would deserve it. God however offers forgiveness to those that seek it with a sincere heart and strive to return to his ways. When a Catholic sincerely repents of his sins in confession, he emerges from the sacrament perfect in Gods eyes. If he chooses to give the Lord the middle finger, he remains mired in sin.


  4. "I know I can't be the perfect husband so why bother trying?"

    Who says you have to be perfect? Where is it stated that the goal of anyone is to be perfect?

    Only in your religion.

    And there is nothing wrong with being selfish. Looking out for number one is how we survive. And if you can't do it for yourself, how can you help anyone else do it? Being selfish is actually key to existence. And selfish does not mean unloving. Or uncaring. Or drunken. Or even self-indulgent. If you want to be "unfaithful" or drunk or wallowing in whatever, that's not selfishness -- that's self-destructive, the very opposite of selfish!

    Those who are Christians are free to indulge themselves in whatever games they wish to play with their own religion, as long as they keep that religion in bounds. Those of us who are not Christian would prefer to be left out of it, thanks.

  5. Dear Lady Janus:

    "Those of us who are not Christian would prefer to be left out of it, thanks." LOL

    You crack me up. On an average day, you comment several times here, and it is a treat to share communication with you.

    You, dear Lady are up to your whazoo in IT, and I for one appreciate it.

  6. Michael, glad to be able to provide your funny bone with a little bump now and then! 8^D

    Seriously, though, I think you and I are talking about different "ITs." I don't really want to get caught up in the bash-the-religion game or the my-religion-is-the-only-real-one-and-everyone-else-is-on-a-fast-track-to-Tartarus game. I think of myself more as a goaltender than a goal scorer. Luongo (on a good day) as opposed to Sedin.

    'Scuse the hockey reference, please. Canucks won in LA tonight!


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