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Trevi Fountain lit in red to honor today’s Christian martyrs

Trevi Fountain lit in red to honor today’s Christian martyrs – CRUX

Another video from Belgium giving warning to Canada about our proposed Euthanasia law

The BEST description of grief rendered in the form of a statue

The weight of grief.   This amazing artist (Celeste Roberge) found a way to convey the physical feeling of grief.

Still think that euthanasia is a good idea?

It's all a matter of perspective!

A little Catholic humour to brighten your day

Andrew Coyne: Assisted suicide makes us all complicit in another’s death

"At which point it will become even more clear this is not about “end-of-life care” or “dying with dignity” or “assistance in dying,” or any of the other pleasant euphemisms in which the issue is now swaddled. It is not about easing the pain of dying, but easing the pain of living . It is about helping people to kill themselves who are not in any danger of dying, but find their lives, for a variety of reasons, intolerable." "In Belgium, as Rachel Aviv writes in The New Yorker, doctors have been authorized to kill not just in cases of depression, but also “autism, anorexia, borderline personality disorder, chronic-fatigue syndrome, partial paralysis, blindess coupled with deafness, and manic depression.” "We seem powerless, nevertheless, to resist. Arguments for assisted suicide are couched in the language of personal autonomy, of the inviolable rights of the individual. But if it were only a matter of an individual wishing to take his own life, there would be n

Einstein quote in support of the Catholic Church during the rise of Nazism in Germany

Palliative care improves quality of life, but patients link it with death - uh, yes...

pal·li·a·tive ˈpalēˌādiv,ˈpalēədiv/ adjective 1 . (of a treatment or medicine) relieving pain or alleviating a problem without dealing with the underlying cause. "short-term, palliative measures had been taken" synonyms: soothing , alleviating,  sedative ,  calmative ;  for the terminally ill "palliative medicine" noun 1 . a palliative remedy, medicine, etc. synonyms: painkiller ,  analgesic , pain reliever,  sedative ,  tranquilizer ,  anodyne , calmative ,  opiate ,  bromide "antibiotics and palliatives" Palliative care improves quality of life, but patients link it with death - Health - CBC News

The true relationship between Christianity and Science!

Should Canada join the call for a ban on 'killer' robots?

Should Canada join the call for a ban on 'killer' robots? - Politics - CBC News

The scientific objectivity of gender difference

MercatorNet: The scientific objectivity of gender difference

Doctor-assisted dying bill tabled in Parliament

Here is a new bit that all of us who are opposed to the imposition of euthanasia in our country should note. The bill will go to committee for further study before it goes to the House for a vote, and Liberal MPs will have a free vote to vote with their conscience. It must also clear the Senate before it becomes law. Start getting organised folks and call your Liberal MP. Maybe, just maybe in concert with the Conservative members who claim to be pro-life we might be able to defeat this legislation. Click on the link below to read the entire article: Doctor-assisted dying bill tabled in Parliament - Politics - CBC News

An explanation of the various Franciscan orders!

There's more to faith than sex | Cardus: An examination of the individualist ethos of modern liberalism and the pluralist ethos of a Christian paradigm for organizing civil society

"On the individualist model, the overriding goal of the state is to enforce diversity by guaranteeing extensive individual equality rights across the whole of society. The full package of such rights is assertable not only within state institutions but also within any publicly-funded institution, and even – on an extreme version – within every private institution. Diversity is secured by enforcing rights which compel universal respect for particular aspects of individual identity: gender, nationality, sexual orientation and so forth." "By contrast, the pluralist model holds that the state must not only protect a robust regime of individual equality rights but also underwrite the legitimate autonomy of many independent social institutions – families, schools, religious organisations, trade unions, universities, businesses, cultural associations, and so on. It honours these as arenas in which individuals discover and express many aspects of their diverse goals and identiti