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Socon or Bust » Blog Archive » Sign the Petition to the CBC Ombudsman. Demand A Correction!

CTV, Global, National Post... virtually every other report states that the crowd was between 10,000 and 15,000. Yet once again these numbers are massively under-reported by the CBC. I find it amazing that 15-20 people gathering in front of a Church to protest gets substantial coverage on the public airwaves but something that ranks among the largest turnout each year on the Hill is misreported with numbers scaled back by a factor of 50-75%!

It's not paranoia if the facts back you up! Again the government broadcaster has manipulated the truth to minimize a growing and youthful challenge to government policy. We used to scream long and loud when state media distorts the truth in other countries. (Remember Pravda?) Why are these same voices that were demanding truth in journalism not demanding a change in the CBC's report to reflect the true size of the demonstration.

Please take a moment and add your name to the online petition.

Socon or Bust » Blog Archive » Sign the Petition to the CBC Ombudsman. Demand A Correction!


  1. Anonymous16 May, 2011

    I'm not surprised. Christianity has many enemies in the mainstream media. I get a laugh when the left rant about the right wing bias of Fox news all the while being fed a steady diet of leftist propaganda from the tax payer funded CBC.
    The sooner this socialist money pit gets defunded the better.


  2. CBC reported 10,000 and they credited the number to the RCMP.

    Is the problem also with the RCMP?

  3. Michael: And yet Police gave the figure of 15,000. Be that as it may, it's still twice what was originally reported according to the link that SoCon provides.

    Fr. Tim

  4. Anonymous17 May, 2011

    I agree with Paul, the left has no idea what objective means. We certainly do need more integrity in our MSM in Canada. That's exactly why we need Fox News and Sun News!


  5. Anonymous17 May, 2011

    Notice also CBCs choice of photos to represent the story. It shows a loan asian male cut off at the neck with an angry look on his face against the sky and the parliament buildings (hmm...not a single person in the background, especially a female). Last year it was a closeup of some elderly catholic nuns with some religious statues (again no sign of a crowd in the background). These photos were carefully chosen. The editor purposefully ignores the thousand of young female protestors to promote the lie that its only angry men that oppose abortion. The old nuns were chosen to paint the issue as one only opposed by old dying Catholics. They were also careful to hide the thousands in attendance. Funny, they never have this problem photographing the pride parades.


  6. Larry Green17 May, 2011

    Maybe the pride parades are not as problematic you think?

  7. Anonymous18 May, 2011

    Oh please....

    So much whining over nothing!

    Here is a more scientific take on the great conundrum of how many were at the fetus fest:

    Seriously, Socon and his fellow travellers need to get a grip. Who cares how many school kids and seniors they bused in for the event?



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