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Bishops Very Troubled by Some Catholic Blogs | Blogs |

Bishops Very Troubled by Some Catholic Blogs | Blogs |


  1. Anonymous18 June, 2010

    Interesting article. I'm sure that the Bishops are very concerned about Catholic blogs. It is probably seen by them as one more thing they can't control. I am personally grateful for your blog Father Tim. In this time of the truth finally BEGINNING to come out concerning the sex scandals and cover-ups in our Pembroke Diocese it makes me happy that you have not been silenced by our local Bishop. I see your blog as proof that we still have decent priests who will speak their mind regardless of the pressure put on them by the church hierarchy to be silent. As a practicing Catholic who is broken-hearted over the church's handling of predator priests I find your blog a refreshing bit of truthfulness from an institution I love but have learned not to trust. I remind myself daily that we have good priests who will not sit silent when they know that people are hurting and that the Christian, moral and ethical thing to do is to speak about the issues. God bless you for this online ministry you do within our Diocese. I think about you and several other good and decent priests we have each time I wonder what is taking so long for Monsignor Robert Borne to be brought to justice in our courts. Each day that passes adds to the distrust people have of the church.

  2. Anonymous18 June, 2010

    It is indeed quite obvious that the Bishops know they have dropped the ball. From defending sexual abuse to the D & P scandal they have failed miserably, and now they are resorting to a knee jerk reaction, and flexing their authorative muscles.

    The rot in the church is being exposed and all the Judas's that exist must be expelled. But the dear anointed Bishops cannot see this, as the plank in their eye is so huge.

    Thank God for the "Reformation".


  3. Anonymous: Did you check out today's Pembroke Observer? It appears that the Borne case is (SLOWLY) working its way through the court system with the judge to rule in July on what charges will go forward to trial. The article states that the trial will likely be held this autumn. Let's hope that this comes true so that everyone involved in this mess, be it directly of tangentially can get past it.

    Fr. Tim

  4. If the judge is the one who's going to decide what charges will come to trial, that means there's a deal in the works, folks! The deal will be based on economic and convenience (meaning they want the cooperation of the accused so they can save time and energy) terms. And that means that you're not likely to see anything resembling "justice," at all.

    But good luck with it.

  5. Anonymous22 June, 2010

    I've since seen the article in the Pembroke Observer. I agree that it is taking too long and that isn't fair to the victims or Borne.

    I just don't understand why a priest wouldn't leave the priesthood before acting on sexual compulsions. A priest is educated enough to know that it is a crime to act on an attraction to children or youth and religious enough to know what God would think of such actions. Being highly educated would mean that you know you are sick and that you need life-long psychiatric help, for there is no cure.


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