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Vatican outraged at Belgian police raid on graves - CTV News


They dug open the graves and opened the coffins of dead churchmen to search for documents that may have been buried with the corpse.

Have you ever heard of such an outrageous act being done to members of any other group? It is also clear that the families were not even notified in advance by the Police. If the Police dig up your loved one, without your consent or knowledge to ensure that you did not hide documents in the grave, how would you react?

OUTRAGE should not even begin to capture how offensive this act is! There are limits to the states power. Belgium has crossed a line and set a new low water mark in their hunt for predators within the Church.

Vatican outraged at Belgian police raid on graves - CTV News


  1. not only is it outrageous to open the graves without notification it is equally disgusting that the article fails to say what, if anything , they found.


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