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Belgian Church Panel on Abuse Disbands in Protest to Raids -

This is not an advancement of this issue. Too bad the police didn't consider this when they so brutishly assaulted the rights of victims to remain anonymous if they so choose to do so by violating both clergy and medical privilege. The consequences of their actions has only served to slow the process of justice for the victims of clergy sex abuse. This is NOT an step forward in resolving this tragic process of penance and healing.

Belgian Church Panel on Abuse Disbands in Protest to Raids -


  1. Fr. Tim...You visited "Sylvia's Site" and you posted this:
    Fr. Tim Moyle Says:
    April 23rd, 2010 at 2:28 pm


    Thank you for your website! I am grateful for two reasons: first your site is accurate. There are far too many blogs throwing wild allegations about. Yours is a refreshing change. Also, please accept my assurance that we priests who have faithfully ministered to the people of this Diocese for many years do not want to have predators in our midst. I will link to your site from my blog and will share it with anyone who wants to know the facts about these various cases.

    You have my email address as part of my registration, please drop me a line and we can share Whalen horror stories.

    Fr. Tim Moyle

    At your website Fr. Tim...under the headline your 'Favorite Links' where is Sylvia's Site? Under what topic is it? Example Sylvia's Site can be found:

    Did you Fr. Tim change your mind about Sylvia's website? If so why? Please forgive me if Sylvia's website is posted at your website and I cannot find it.


  2. Fr. Tim,
    I found the website of Sylvia on your site. I guess I need to get my eyes check.
    Have a great day!



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