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The Tablet - Publisher owned by German Church accused of selling pornography

Nooooo! Dear sweet God, Nooooo.... (sob) 

What the hell were the German Bishops thinking? I'm sure they didn't add the books to the list of published works, but they have a MORAL and RELIGIOUS obligation to ensure proper stewardship of the goods of the Church. They were to ensure that such crap doesn't happen. That's a big part of their job as Bishop. They are supposed to be the best and brightest among the clerics; those individuals identified as being worthy of the mantle of leadership. YIKES!

If such incompetent oversight is what passes for proper stewardship among the Bishops, they should be fired.

But, it is surely right and proper to ask... what the hell is with the Germans? They failed to clean up their own house when they witnessed the sex abuse scandals engulf countries around the world and chose instead to rely on policies and practices that had failed everywhere else. Now they are revealed as being among Europe's leading purveyors of porn.  It really, REALLY tests the patience of everyday Catholics, lay or priest to see those chosen as being the best among us continually screwing up so incredibly.

If they worked for private industry, they would all be fired. Maybe that's not such a bad idea in other pastures as well.

Fr. Tim

The Tablet - Publisher owned by German Church accused of selling pornography


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