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It’s nice to be vindicated, and tempting to gloat, but we’re not quite in the clear. If—it could happen—embryonic stem cell research finally opens up a glittering horizon in viable therapies, will we still insist on our view of when life begins? Or fudge a little? Geron had to give up the game because the results weren’t there; hence the money wasn’t there. If we were slammed against a wall equally solid—such as saying “no” to a therapy that could well save our lives—would our ethical concerns seem as real? Humans will never stop trying to be God—all the more reason for believers to strive for godliness.
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Canadian Euthanasia Information

The May 2010 Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Newsletter can now be found at: Bill C-384 was soundly defeated by a vote of 228 to 59. Check how the Members of Parliament voted at: On June 5, 2010, we are co-hosting the US/Canda Push-Back Seminar at the Radisson Gateway Hotel at the Seattle/Tacoma Airport. The overwhelming defeat of Bill C-384 proved that we can Push-Back the euthanasia lobby in the US and Canada and convince people that euthanasia and assisted suicide are a dangerous public policy. Register for the Seminar at: The Schindler family are being attacked by a Florida television station and Michael Schiavo. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is standing in solidarity with the Schindler family. My blog comments: