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Gay rights groups attack iPhone confession app for Roman Catholics | World news | The Observer

Give me a break. What did they expect from something that the Church approved of as a preparation for confession? I have not purchased this app but I hardly find this surprising.

It is the teaching of the Catholic Church that homosexual acts are intrinsically sinful because they are unchaste. In other words, they are sexual acts that take place outside of the sacrament of marriage and are therefore a major sin against chastity. One should not expect a church instrument to say anything else. In fact, it WOULD be a story within the Catholic world if the app answered in any other way but as it stands, it doesn't really budge the 'surprise meter'.

Fr. Tim

Gay rights groups attack iPhone confession app for Roman Catholics | World news | The Observer


  1. Hi Tim,

    I agree. The App sounds like it is entirely consistent with Catholic dogma. Hardly news really.

    Mr. Bessen's criticisms about the content of your dogma, however, are absolutely valid. Your dogma around sexuality in general (and homosexuality specifically) is profoundly flawed.

    The RCC is always quick defend its right to to propose its views in the public square. goes both ways. The public also has a right to critique those views.

    Seems even a siginificant plurality of your German theologians are critical of a number of "below the belt doctrines" of the RCC (including homosexuality). I provide the link here:

    PS: Suggest you read some of the comments to the above article. They are very illuminating about the critical thinking skills of so many who form the vanguard of the religious right.


  2. Martin: I've scanned the comments already and you point is easy to understand. I just ask that you follow some of the comments on other blogs like the Holy Post (National Post online religion blog) and you will find that both camps have their members who have the only the requisite gifts to play in 'the shallow end of the pool'.



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