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That Gray Lady Catholic same-sex unions scoop 2.0

That Gray Lady Catholic same-sex unions scoop 2.0


  1. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    What is your point in reprinting this, Tim? It doesn't surprise me that many Catholics, including those, both lay and priest, who work within the Church structure support Women's full participation within the Church, including ordination. The same is true of Gay rights. The same is true of a priest's right to marriage and family. It doesn't surprise me that news media would protect these people. They use them as sources and would want to in the future. The Catholic hierarchy is certainly likely to institute reprisal against anybody that they can who participates or supports these type of causes. It's also likely that most people today, including the news community would be more sympathetic to those that support Gay and Women's rights than the Catholic hierarchy, that do not.

    Did you think that anybody outside of your small circle of reactionary, fundamentalist extremists, Tim, would be sympathetic to your cause? Get real.

  2. For Catholics the case for women 'priests' was closed with a letter by JP11..and it was 'de fide' meaning that Catholics must recognize it as a firm teaching of the Church.Priests give up,willingly and with thought beforehand the right to marriage and family.It goes with the territory.I'm not sure what you have in mind with the term 'gay rights' but certainly the Church will not support any movement that entices people to sin-that's Church teaching.I do not know Fr Tim and so cannot comment on his friends and their views on any subject.I would agree with you that there are few Catholics-observant Catholics-who would have empathy for a gay life style or for the ordination of women.And I am unsure what you mean by the possibility of the 'hierarchy' instituting reprisals against those who hold contary views.Perhaps in Pembroke there is a 'burning at the stake' ceremony?

    1. Saturn: No need to be concerned. 1) I do not believe in gay 'marriage' but I do believe that the State has every right to extend the ability to register as a couple (which is all that civil marriage is) to whomever it chooses. It simply isn't a sacramental marriage as we understand it in the RC Church. 2) Most of the rest of anon's comment is simply intended as an insult to me. Don't worry about such nonsense. I don't.

      Fr. Tim


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