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Gays should be put in an electrified pen, pastor tells congregation: WHAT THE.....!!!!! THIS GUY IS NUTTIER THAN A FRUITCAKE

I can't help but still believe that this is a story from 'The Onion'... but apparently, and TRAGICALLY it isn't. Still, I can hardly believe that such a thing would ever be spoken in even a civil conversation... but spoken from a pulpit!!!!  Since phobia means 'fear', and this idiot is suggesting gays and lesbians be locked away in internment camps... it is homophobia at its worst for he is CLEARLY afraid of them! 

Didn't they try this in Germany as a lead up to WWII? Kind of a dry run for their 'final solution'? Can this fool not see the immense evil he is promulgating? 

In what 'Church' did this man get his theological training? The KKK??? Some internet site that sells 'degrees' for $29.95? What congregation would hire such an disturbed individual.

Even his defense (that it was all a joke) is sick. Who in their right mind or heart would think that such thing would be funny? IT BOGGLES THE MIND!!!!!

Blessed John Paul II... intercede for us with Mary and with her Son to spare us from such demons masquerading as a disciple in his name! They are doing GREAT HARM and DAMAGE down here.


  1. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    Hey Tim, nut bars are everywhere - you were a social worker.

    Unfortunately the church is a magnet for them. Of course there is the other side of the coin - those who have Roman Catholic derangement syndrome and blame everything from the common cold to tsunamis on we evil ones.

    In either case, a therapist's couch and some meds are probably in order.

  2. Words such as his do great harm.

  3. Anonymous25 May, 2012

    Hi Steve,

    I am rather disappointed with your remarks minimizing the monsterous statements of Rev. Worley. I am also baffled at why you would think there is any real equivalency between his anti-gay diatribe and general criticisms of the Catholic Church. I would have expected that when it comes to the hate filled language of Worley, that there would be no rounding of corners, or false equivalencies provided by religious leaders such as yourself.

    Here is an excerpt from the website of Dr. Warren Throckmorton, who is sympathetic to the views of the religious right in the U.S.:

    "I asked Bob Stith, National Strategist for Gender Issues at the Southern Baptist Convention, for his reaction and he said Worley’s words were “a vile outburst” and said,

    I think it is important to say in the strongest terms how disgusting and unchristian his comments are.

    He added that the church is not in the Southern Baptist Convention."

    Pity that you cannot even screw yourself up to provide a similar clear denouncement - even though Evangelical leaders in the U.S. South can. Very illuminating.


    1. Anne Pilon25 May, 2012

      oh! Martin, get a life.
      I still remember when gay meant happy, and robust in happiness. I also remember when the rainbow was not claimed by some dis-ordered group,
      Also, queer used to mean strange- oh well, maybe that has not changed

  4. Bonnie from Pembroke25 May, 2012

    At least Fr. Tim is not closing the door to gay people to post here or does the word 'homosexual' a better word to used here instead of gay.

    This courageous, classy lady says it all:

    “I usually don’t talk about stuff like this on my show, but I really want to thank everyone who is supporting me. Here are the values I stand for:

    I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you’d want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values. That’s what I stand for and I also believe in dance.”

    She continues to say:

    “First of all, being gay or pro-gay is not a bandwagon,”. “You don’t get a free ride anywhere, there’s no music, and occasionally we’ll sing ‘We Are Family’ but that’s about it.”

    My haters are my motivators.

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Thank you Ellen and thank you Fr. Tim!

    1. Bonnie: Please believe and understand me when I tell you that you no need to offer thanks. Allow me to explain.

      1) This blog is intended to be a place where people of good heart and mind can discuss and debate some of the great issues in society. If I only post comments I agree with, all I'm doing here is the digital equivalent of singing to the choir.

      2) I refuse to identify people by their sexuality... it matters not a whit what their orientation is. Martin has been gracious and courageous enough to reveal himself as someone who is living in a committed same sex relationship. Courageous, because it opens him up to insults and attacks that are embedded within comments but which also often contain some point relevant to the discussion. Gracious because he is willing to speak (from his perspective at least) truth to power; the counter-note to the note we sing so that we can find our way to temper the discord of our times and discover a more harmonious yet just way for us all to live together in one society.

      Without voices like his (and I truly wish there would be more here, not less) who cogently, methodically and charitably marshal evidence in opposition to positions of the Church, we will never find out how to cultural malaise and quagmire Western society has fallen into over the past 30+ years.

      3) I was raised in an amazing environment as a child. Growing up in a company mining town that came into existence only a few years before I did meant growing up in a community where everyone was coming to know each other without the impediment of carrying our ancestors battles against long time neighbors. The town had not had time to settle into the patterns of Catholic or Protestant areas, upper, middle or lower class neighborhoods. Everything was in a state of flux as you could find out something new with every new encounter. Multi-generational Canadians and first generation immigrants lived side by side. Keeping an open mind and assuming the charitable and good intentions of others was an essential skill I learned as a kid. I have been FANTASTICALLY BLESSED by God as a result with the opportunity to dine, debate and learn from quite literally princes and paupers.

      4) Finally, I believe sincerely, solidly, and completely with the Catholic proposition. I embrace the wonderful challenge of orthodoxy as I strive to reflect, in my life and in my writings, the Church's teachings and ethic. There is nothing that I could imagine being or doing that could bring me more joy, satisfaction, and grace than being a Roman Catholic priest. I embrace as completely as I can the signature call of Blessed JPII when, with the opening words of his pontificate said, 'Be not afraid.' I strive never to be. I trust in the education, formation and years of prayer and experience under my belt to fear the honest convictions of others that are different than mine. I absolutely believe in the rightness of my convictions both religiously and philosophically in the importance of EVERYONE having the right and opportunity to speak their peace if we are all going to live together in peace, equal under the law and free to live out our convictions as every other citizen is permitted to do. I believe in being CATHOLIC as well as being ROMAN Catholic.

      So, the only person who ever needs to offer thanks here is me, expressed towards the great people who visit and comment (and occasionally post - offer's open to anyone with an intelligent piece) here. Without folks like them (and you), the rubber would never 'hit the road'!

      Thank you.

      Fr. Tim

    2. Bonnie from Pembroke27 May, 2012

      In an early post you did describe your connection with Martin. You were at the same seminary.

      It's obvious you do try your best to practice what you do and say at this website Fr.Tim:
      "I refuse to identify people by their sexuality... it matters not a whit what their orientation is."

      I believe you're a devout Roman Catholic and you do keep an open mind and
      "assuming the charitable and good intentions of others was an essential skill", you learned long ago.

      I'm sure you do help people and many more than you will ever know.

  5. Bonnie, you sure can pick them. You belong in the Winners circle!

    1. Bonnie from Pembroke27 May, 2012

      I don't know your history with this man Martin that posts here.

      I don't care about your childish comment.


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