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A proposal for true womans rights

Women should be credited with earning the 'equivalent' of the average of their last five years of employment - with the 'salary' being paid in a dollar for dollar deduction off of the other parents salary until the child is 18 or the mother chooses to return to full time work. The government should also put into the CPP the equivalent or matching contributions to the plan so that women who choose to stay at home to raise children will not be at an economic disadvantage when it's time to collect a pension.

Then the government could eliminate huge social welfare departments that currently manage maternity issues: day care (we're paying you to stay home. If you want to work then use your resources for child care. Public services would be reserved only for those who fail a means test (single mothers if they choose to work for example).

Home cooked meals. Mom available to tend to home and raise her children without working outside the house and without economically punishing the family unit - the tax relief to the employed partner would be considerable and permit a comparable standard of living. Less government intervention into families personal choices. More empowerment and respecting to the unique and valuable role of a stay at home parent. The benefits all realized through the tax system. That is so long as individual choice is respected, and if we believe that more home grown citizens is safe in our 'crowded planet'. (Doesn't seem that way where I live in Canada, but if the population control zealots are to be believed, somewhere on the planet, people stand squashed together as in some Star Trek episode with only we privileged few getting the luxury of personal space, sufficient food, water, resources etc. but I digress...)

That would be government funding that would be worth the money spent with almost 100% of the money actually getting into the hands of the intended beneficiaries without being wasted on government bureaucracy. Working it through annual tax returns means it's no more complicated and man-hour intensive than our GST rebates need now to calculate and distribute.

Where's the down side?


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