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Vatican's sex abuse prosecutor says church must amputate to heal | National Catholic Reporter

Vatican's sex abuse prosecutor says church must amputate to heal | National Catholic Reporter


  1. Abuse by a priest, a parent, a family member, a teacher etc is TOTALLY unacceptable and they should be punished and some bishops should be in the next cell...having said that my question after reading this article is how would Jesus treat these folks whose sins are more public than others?...would he cut them off..i think not...when we say the Lords prayer we ask to be forgiven as we more than we would suggest the alcoholic become a bartender these men should not be in charge of the boy scouts (or for some the girl scouts)but they are still people made to the image and likeness of God and we need to forgive them and the church needs to find places for them when they have completed their jail time...God did not make ANY throw-away people and i wonder if sometimes we have forgotten that.

  2. Apparently the Vatican has billions of dollars it has accumulated over two millenium stashed away in bank accounts and probably various investments. Unfortunately they would never part with it voluntarily. If some of that money could be had, it could be used to retrain these abusers for a productive job or skill in society and then they could go to work for a living and support themselves like everyone else.

    Check out the book "The Vatican Billions" by Avro Manhattan, which is available to read online.


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