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Accused Catholic priests left in legal limbo | National Catholic Reporter

Accused Catholic priests left in legal limbo | National Catholic Reporter


  1. This is unfortunate if he realy is innocent of any wrongdoing. However, he's not alone. And priests are not being targetted -- all kinds of people in all kinds of professions find themselves in similar situations, and it's mainly due to what I call the "point system" within the legal system (I refuse to call it a "justice" system -- it has been proven too many times not to have anything at all to do with justice).

    The grand jury didn't indict because they thought there was insufficient evidence to order a trial. That doesn't mean they think he's innocent. It means they think they cannot get a conviction. They lose points if they go to trial and lose.

    If we want situations like this to end, we have to insist that every accused gets the trial to which he is entitled, whether or not the prosecution thinks it can get a conviction.

    To that end, can he not demand a trial? I would, were I him.


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