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Not Like Everyone Else | Catholic Exchange

I offer the following article for your consideration. It questions the honesty of gay activists who are claiming that same-sex marriage is simply a matter of wanting the same civil rights as heterosexual couples. Here's how Colson starts the article:

Same-sex couples just want the right to be married like everyone else, or so the argument goes. They call it a civil right. You could hardly find a more innocuous argument, perfectly designed to appeal to all of us who believe in equal rights and fair play. The only problem is that it's not true

Read the rest of this short column by clicking on the title or the link below.

Not Like Everyone Else | Catholic Exchange


  1. I don't care what "scientific studies" say. Or what he says they say. And I don't care what the writer of the column says. If he's not gay, he can't speak for anyone who is.

    Same sex marriage is the business only of those who are in it. Just like hetero marriage. Nobody's business but those involved.

  2. What same sex marriage proponents really want is the legitimisation of their sexual habits,without judgment from anyone.
    Making same sex marriage legal results in there being no questioning of anyone's sexual practices, the only exception (for the moment) being the sexual exploitation of children.
    That undermines the moral foundation of society, since marriage and the traditional family are the building block of every society.

  3. Julie C

    "That undermines the moral foundation of society, since marriage and the traditional family are the building block of every society."

    Good comment. I have to agree with you.

    Another looming problem is polygamy. This is practiced in the community called Bountiful in the Kootenays of southeast B.C. by a break-way Mormon sect. The provincial government has been studying the possibility of legal action against the leader, but so far, not much has come of it. I think they are afraid judges might rule in favour of polygamy, which would make the situation in Canada worse. It seems the Charter of Rights has been interpreted very loosely in the past and in a way which allows for almost anything. A strong case I think would depend on girls or women within that community coming forward to testify as to how they have been abused.

  4. "What same sex marriage proponents really want is the legitimisation of their sexual habits,without judgment from anyone."

    Oh, puff. You have no idea what you're talking about, do you? Nobody needs to have their sexual habits legitimized, least of all by those who don't boink in the same rhythm as they do. Get over yourself, hm?

    "That undermines the moral foundation of society, since marriage and the traditional family are the building block of every society."

    I got news for ya...those blocks of yours have been crumbling for a long, long time. And people like you do not get to tell anyone else who they may love or who they may marry. Very few people are interested in your limited version of "society."

    Wayne, you only know what you see in the news, so you have no idea that Bountiful is only one of dozens of poly societies in BC alone, never mind in the rest of the country! And there is no "case" against Bountiful because none of the women have been abused. They're not prisoners; they come and go as they please. Why don't you leave them alone? They're not bothering you.

  5. Anonymous23 May, 2010

    Lady Janus sure is for the autonomy of the individual, or more so the divinity of the human person. It’s all about me and my rights. The holy trinity of humanity, me, me, and me alone.


  6. Changing the definition of marriage, which is what same-sex marriage does, does in fact affect everyone. I would suggest, Janus, that you read some of the literature from people who have come out of homosexual families and can vouch for the negative effect that has on children. It is not healthy at all, so it is definitely having an effect upon people other than the ones involved.

  7. Anonymous25 May, 2010

    Hi Tim,

    I am in complete agreement with Mr. Colson. In fact, I am prepared to go one better: any minority group that exhibits moral or social characteristics that are in opposition to the Catholic notion of marriage ought to be barred from civil marriage altogether - no exceptions.

    Right after gays, we should ban Blacks and Hispanics from civil marriage because they have a higher incidence of marriage breakdown and single parent families than do whites. I quote:

    "In 1999 the rate of single-parent families among black families was 56 percent; among Hispanic families, 32 percent; and among white families, 20 percent. Higher rates of black single-parent families result from higher rates of out-of-marriage adolescent childbearing within this group and higher divorce rates among black women."

    Read more: Single-Parent Families - The Prevalence Of Single-parent Families In America

    Now that Mr. Colson has established this important principle permitting dominant groups to restrict whatever they find objectionable, I think we should also ban all civil marraiges, divorces, abortions, and contraceptives for persons baptized as Roman Catholic. These people need to be saved from their own self-destructive behaviours that are clearly in contravention of the Church's loving and just teachings.


  8. And -- breaking my silence on you for a moment -- what's your problem with that? If it weren't for individuals, there would be nothing else.

  9. "Changing the definition of marriage, which is what same-sex marriage does, does in fact affect everyone."

    I define marriage today the same way I have always defined it: the joining of two (or more, depending on culture) people into a legal entity, creating a degree of legal kinship. How has that changed?

    And how would my taking a wife affect you?

    I'm not interested in reading anyone else's fictional accounts. I observe for myself, thank you very much, that the children I know who are growing up with same-sex parents have exactly the same attributes and characters that other children have. Some are angels. Some are brats. And they'll all grow up to be individuals who will decide for themselves what they will do and what they will not. You don't get to say what's "healthy" and what's not for anyone but yourself.


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