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The question of religious freedom throughout the world

The topic of "religious freedom" has come to the fore via the Swiss referendum banning the construction of minarets. In the National Post's religion blog (Holy Post) there has been an extensive discussion on this story. Essentially the debate boils down to should Christians adopt a position of militant reciprocity ("you can have your rights here when we can have our rights there") or should our approach be one that calls to the greater angels within Islam so as to call them to the theological/cultural developments to permit the acknowledgment of religious plurality.

It is in this light that I recommend an article published by the American Spectator which examines the States that infringe upon the right to religious freedom. This article gives some "real world" perspective with which to assess the challenges that theists face in asserting their right of belief.


  1. There are so many components of religion that have nothing to do with the belief in or worship of God. They are cultural, political, generational and many others. They all contribute to the viability of religion.

    It would be impossible for Benedict to bring even the legions of progressive American Catholics back into a Church that is becoming more remote from them, traditionalist, sexist and authoritarian. Trying to bridge the gap between the Catholic Church and the Anglicans, Orthodox, even the Lefebrists is the stuff of religious wet dreams rather than reality. Poor little Benny sees himself as a comic book hero, Superpope.

    That being said, what else has he got to spend his time on and wet dreams are so much fun. He has to have something to do with himself, as two thousand years of tradition and history dissolve into an unholy parody carried out in darkened, empty, rooms by wizened, old faeries.

  2. Anonymous: Even if I were to grant that the situation for the church looked bleak (which I don't), I take confidence in the promise of Christ the the powers of Satan cannot win out against the church. Put in less theological language, we cannot screw up so perfectly as to thwart the plan of God.

    As you state, the Church has existed for over 2000 years and during that time, it has faced these challenges before. The Church will survive.


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