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... and then there was one

Two more Irish Bishops named in the Murphy Report have resigned, leaving only one other who still remains as Ordinary of his diocese... and he says that he will not resign.

It is truly heartening as a priest to finally see Bishops taking responsibility for their actions and not leaving it to the priests to carry the load of this scandal. I sincerely hope that this attitude becomes "des rigeur" among the the episcopate, not that I hold them in any disrespect or wish them any ill, but it is a necessary step in winning back the confidence of the faithful.

I offer my promise and prayers and heartfelt appreciation to these Bishops who are taking the step of resigning. Putting the interests of the Church and the faith ahead of their own demonstrates a true Christian witness that is sorely needed in these troubled times.


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  2. You see the resignation of these bishops as window dressing. You would see them replaced by men of the same ilk and given this Pope's proclivities, likely worse. You do not call for more representation of laity in Church decision making. You do not call for equality of women in the Catholic Church. You also think that the rejection of the new Spanish bishop of San Sabastian, by the Basque priests of the diocese, inappropriate.

    You continue to believe, by virtue of your ordination, that you know better than those who pray and listen to the Lord our father, what he is saying and how they should live their lives. Given the absolute evil of so many priests and the terrible things they have made their parishioners do, how dare you.

    You are the same kind of elitist, male chauvinist, celibacy pretending, corrupt clergyman that has plagued the Catholic Church for a thousand years and more. Your days of leading anyone anywhere are over. People have seen you for what you are and will never feel safe with you again.

    Those who engage in perverse carnality then pretend to be chaste are an abomination against God's people.

  3. I care not a wit about a bishop resigning his post I want them in chains living among other crimminals were all the time they spend on thier knees will be most appreciated.

  4. Season's greetings Reddog! Hope that the new year brings you many blessings, good health and peace.

    You wrote that "by virtue of my ordination" that I thought I better than others because they are people "who pray and listen to the Lord our father"? What makes you think that I don't offer the same devotion to God each day myself? I offer no comment whatsoever on anyone's faith practice, other than to acknowledge them as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

    However, I also believe, witness to and personally experience the truth of Christ's presence within His Holy Catholic Church. I freely choose to obey so not based solely upon the obligations of the Church, but in humble acknowledgment that my opinion of faith must bow before the accumulated wisdom of the Christian faith lived out for 2000 years in the Catholic Church. Even a blogging priest such as myself does not have sufficient ego to believe that I am smarter than every Christian that has lived before me.

    The appropriateness of these Bishop's resigning is in their acknowledgment of personally improperly handling the allegations that were brought before them; and as a sign to the greater Church that the way in which these matters have hitherto been dealt with that Bishop's has changed. The folk wisdom that "a new broom sweeps clean" should be respected by those who are complicit in these acts, intended to "protect the faith", that has wounded the Body of Christ in a most grievous manner. Just as the sheep owe obedience to the shepherd, so too must the shepherd take responsibility when they fail to protect the flock entrusted to them.

    Confidence is hard to regain once lost, and (at least) these Bishops have lost the confidence of most of the faithful.

    Now, let us pray for the appointment of Bishops who will understand these truths and will make whatever changes are needed to rid the church of predators within the clergy. That will be the best way to ensure that "(t)hose who engage in perverse carnality then pretend to be chaste" are exposed and removed as the presence of evil that they have become within the Church.

    Fr. Tim


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