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Balance is a hard thing to find in avoiding the Super Catholic Syndrome

Teresa Tomen writes on Catholic Exchange about something that is all too evident within the Catholic Blogosphere: a lack of balance that grows from the desire to be a "Super Catholic".

Those of us who are doing are best to try and follow the teachings of the Church know enough not to take our cues from the secular society, especially when it comes to this time of year in terms of what the world says is important. We try not to get sucked into the culture of consumerism and commercialism, of what has become society’s idea of the reason for the season; the emphasis on the material instead of the spiritual. Many of us have been there done that in our former lives and had our own “V 8″ moments so to speak.

All of that said, some of us are now striving so hard to be good Catholics that we don’t allow for balance. We are replacing that former drive for materialism with the push for perfectionism.

She hits the nail right on the head! Her advice would be well taken by those who are blistering away at those that do not hold their particular version of the "truth".

Balance is a hard thing to maintain in any faith life. Prayer is the balance pole that hopefully will keep us from falling off balance on one side or another. Let's (we Catholics that is) pray for the grace to remain balanced ourselves in our virtual ministries as we pray for each other as well.


  1. Massimo Tartagila got a little carried away, trying to be a good Catholic, after hearing all of the polarizing Church propaganda against Prime Minister Berlusconi. When he smashed the Prime Minister's face with an alabaster statue of the Cathedral of Milan, breaking his nose and shattering his teeth, I'm sure he soon realized he had gotten carried away and was truely sorry.

    He just wanted to do the right thing.

  2. Massimo Tartagila has been identified in media reports as suffering from a mental illness. This is not the same as trying to find a balance in one's theology.

    Fr. Tim


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