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Just how big is the universe?

Every now and then there is a science article that provides an insight into the nature of things that serves to reinforce Christian belief. The Globe and Mail has published such an article entitled "Where does the universe end?".

I draw your attention to following quote:

The Universe doesn't end, as counter-intuitive as this seems. Once again, language confuses concepts. We speak of a ‘Big Bang' but don't mean a ‘bang' like an explosion, which has a centre and a shock wave that moves spherically out into air from the explosion.

Instead, the ‘Big Bang' happened everywhere in the Universe at once, with no centre. Shortly after the ‘Big Bang', density and pressure of the Entire Universe were the same everywhere. So, pressure difference could not possibly create an explosion. The ‘Big Bang' wasn't a bang at all.

Humm... so the universe appeared everywhere all at once. Sounds like the Genesis account to me.


  1. "Sounds like the Genesis account to me."

    The Church Fathers are rolling in their graves.

  2. Thanks for the link! It is an excellent summary of the early Church Father's positions that are now supported by science.

  3. Is it an expanding universe?

  4. The universe is a type of God's love. There is no containing it, and no end to it. And the more "creation" that takes place in the universe, the more Love there is, and by definition, "greater" God.

  5. When God created the universe, he did just that, create. God did not make something out of nothing since there was no nothing to begin with. God simply declared it, and it was. His love is even bigger than we can imagine. "The heavens proclaim the Glory of God, and all creation is shouting for joy!"


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