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Bishops CAN have an effective voice IF they are willing to SPEAK UP in the Public Square

US News and World Report publishes an article today commenting on the renewed and strengthened voice that the American Bishops have had on the Health Care debate in the United States, particularly with respect to abortion.

It seems that the American Bishops, buoyed by the strong and public witness of what I refer to as the John Paul II Bishops, have been able to influence legislators and public opinion. They have done this through effective lobbying and public statements CLEARLY and FORCEFULLY reminding politicians of the moral imperative of protecting life.

A major part of their strategy has been to make full use of the instruments of media that this modern age provides.

Another example of this new willingness to use the levers of the media can be seen in the Sacramento Diocese where they are launching a television advertising campaign to reach out to lapse Catholics, inviting them back to Church this Christmas.

It is my prayer that the Bishops of Canada and elsewhere might be strengthened by the effectiveness of these American Episcopal interventions into the fields of politics and media and follow their example. In Canada, we are still facing the possibility of our Parliament passing a private members bill (C-384) which would duplicate the pro-euthanasia policies of the Netherlands here in our country. Perhaps of the Canadian Bishops would begin to follow the example of their brothers to the south, we will be able to ensure that the horrific Dutch experience will not be repeated here.

Please pray for all Bishops as they struggle in these difficult times to find effective ways to preach, teach and pastor to Catholics (and others) throughout the world.


  1. Novel Approach, Father Tim.

    We can pray for our bishops, take the long and blinding road of intervening through our prayer life, seeking God's continued love and care for our Shepherds, the road where results are not always evident to our eyes.

    Or, we can bash them for taking stands that we disagree with, and spout our own brand of Catholic wisdom about it, further rending the garment of our Church.

    I'm with you. I'm for option 1.

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