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US State law protecting the unborn from the point of viability makes its way through the courts


  1. Here's the deal with this. Conservative politicians, who have a very shaky coalition in the US made up of religious fanatics, gun nuts, war mongers and laissez faire capitalist interests, have to show support to all their constituency groups, even though most of them have no sympathy for the causes they support. This is especially true for the religious fanaticsm who unlike the gun nits, war mongers and greedy capitalists have not won a single battle in the culture wars. They know that this law will be struck down as blatantly unconstitutional, no harm, no foul.

    The main thing these efforts at striking down Roe achieve is making the majority of the populace sick of the continuing culture wars and unsympathetic to those that fight them. Gross changes in the demographic of the US and Canada in the form of a younger population that is both less attendant upon institutional religious indoctrination and more tolerant of lifestyle diversity and individual rights within the community will make make many of the current battles in the culture wars meaningless in relatively few years. The new battles are going to be fought in territory even more terrifying and alien to the institutional church.

  2. I agree the younger generation is less attendant upon religious indoctrination. Its been supplanted by a secular indoctrination of moral relativism and narcissism. What a bright future indeed.


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