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BIG BLUE WAVE: Where did Todd Akin get this crazy idea that rape reduces risk of pregnancy?

BIG BLUE WAVE: Where did Todd Akin get this crazy idea that rape reduces risk of pregnancy?


  1. Possibly from

    And rather than shrink from the Akin controversy, rather than back off, they're now moved their strong argument in defense of Akin and his claim to their homepage:

  2. Don't you get tired of the endless obfuscation? The pro life movement is not about offering women more support during pregnancy and child rearing. It's not about limiting or making abortion more difficult to obtain.

    Simply put, pro life is about denying women abortion or birth control under any and all circumstances. Everything else is transparent strategy to gain that goal. Pro life denies that women have any right to reproductive or sexual autonomy. All pro life organizations are part of and funded by the institutional Catholic Church, no matter how else they may represent themselves.

    If you are pro life that's the drill.

    Why are we having any of these other discussions? They are invalid and irrelevant.

  3. I think he said "legitimate" rape reduces the risk of pregnancy. I wonder if that also applies only to legitimate incest as well? Does he has distinctions for legitimate spousal abuse, legitimate racism, or legitimate murder?

  4. Rationalist, Akin meant actual rape as opposed to a false accusation of rape. Remember Bill Clinton? I interviewed Juanita Broaddrick, who had a contemporaneous witness who found her sobbing and swollen minutes after Bill Clinton raped her. And yet, virtually all the liberals (and certainly, virtually all the pro-aborts) in the country rejected her allegation as illegitimate. I've interviewed his victim on Denver radio: it's at and yesterday, I interviewed the "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade, Norma McCorvey, and next week we'll upload that to

    R1, these are two examples, one where a woman made a false claim of rape to kill her child (Norma, who is now sorry for her actions and has asked God and her kids to forgive her), and the other where millions of Democrats without cause rejected a woman's claim of rape, even though that woman had been a Clinton campaign supporter when, according to the Wall Street Journal, "that rape in fact, took place."

    So I'm not sure that the topic deserves ridicule. It deserves care and sensitivity in discussion, absolutely, but not mocking someone who misspoke. No?

  5. Legitimate reporters seek to report all stories fairly. I know of many situations where false reporters claim to be objective but really are not. But fortunately the reader's brain shuts down when reading their posts and I've never heard of a situation where the reader learned anything from an illegitimate reporter.

    Am I mocking you and Rep. Atkin? Darn right. Because if I were to really say what I think of Rep. Akin and his absurd idea that women only get pregnant from legitimate rape the good Fr. Tim would rightly never post it. You realize that what he "misspoke" was that women who get pregnant are almost always making false accusations of rape. Tell that to the women in your life and see if they agree.

  6. Hi R1, I don't understand your claim about what Akin meant. You described it in two seemingly contradictory ways. First, you wrote: "his absurd idea that women ONLY GET PREGNANT FROM legitimate rape..." That's not even close to his misstatement, let alone to what he intended to say. Your comment is so confusing R1. When criticizing someone and intending to read into their heart of hearts to find an ugly motive, I'd say we should be awfully careful to not misrepresent them.

    Next, you claimed he meant something else, which seems almost exactly the opposite of your first version, and certainly opposite of what he meant: "WOMEN WHO GET PREGNANT ARE ALMOST ALWAYS MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE" Rationalist, I really can't follow your point. Perhaps that's because you're not interested in honestly representing Todd Akin but you're willing to misrepresent him to use a current news story as a club to hit out at many of the people of whom you disapprove.

    What Akin said: "It seems to me, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that's really rare [pregnancy from rape]. If it's a legitimate rape [thoughtless words, wrong context], the female body has ways TO TRY to shut that whole thing down. But let's assume that MAYBE THAT DIDN'T WORK or something."

    Akin confused himself by conflating two things. The first is only relevant to the Romney abortion policy (via his rape exception; see
    1. That sometimes rape is falsely alleged (true, yet that's a Romney issue, not an Akin issue)
    2. Rape is less likely to produce pregnancy (true; see

    I personally spoke to an endocrinologist, Dr. Joel Brind, at Baruch College in New York City (see more about him at He agrees with the simple scientific observation at that ARTL rape exception article above, regarding rape and pregnancy rates.

  7. Mr. Enyart. I mistyped. Rep. Atkins said women rarely get pregnant due to legitimate rape. It's akin to a belief that goes back to the old Testament where women who don't cry out while being raped (Deuteronomy 22) should be stoned because it wasn't a real rape. Dr. Brind is probably taking his cue from the medieval belief that women can only become pregnant if they find sex pleasurable. In practice about 5% of women in reproductive years (roughly 12 to 45) get pregnant from rape ( ).

    This mentality appears again in Rep, Ryan's terminology in his House bill of "forcible rape" ( ) What reprehensible mentality distinguishes between forcible rape and I assume all other kinds of rape. Next will we behaving forcible murder, forcible racism and forcible child abuse?

  8. Rationalist, I can't defend Rep. Akins thoughtless choice of words. But you seem to attempt to read maliciousness into his heart and motives. I don't understand that. And you've now attributed to Dr. Brind the same allegation that you backed off of on Akin, that somehow he's influenced by the absurd falsehood that "women can only become pregnant if they find sex pleasurable." That's a perverse notion, of course, because it twists reality into the lie that would claim that women who were in fact impregnated by a rapist "wanted it."

    Whereas you read that INTO the heart of those who try to prevent unborn children from being dismembered, I was told those words, verbatim, and repeatedly in cities around the country, by those who claimed Juanita Broaddrick illegitimately alleged that she was raped by Bill Clinton. (By the way, that was a violent rape, based on her torn clothes and the injuries to Juanita's face, as corroborated by her friend nurse Norma Rogers who provided first aid immediately after finding Juanita moments later, still sobbing and not moved from the spot where she had been raped. And it's that man, by the way, who is making the keynote speech at Obama's DNC.) You can hear my interviews with these women at and

    So you want to read into the heart of pro-lifers claims that I've heard uttered full voice by those who oppose pro-lifers (and by the way, which are easily reproducible: all you have to do is talk to random Clinton supporters catching them in a spontaneous mood). I've heard a lot of fellow pro-lifers say a lot of stupid things over the years, but never have I heard such disrespect and contempt for women (and not only Juanita, but all the women, both harassed and actually assaulted by her husband, who Hillary mocked as bimbos). And Dr. Joel Brind, by the way, is probably the person responsible for getting the senior researcher at the Nat'l Cancer Institute, Dr. Louise A. Brinton, to reverse her own position and to begin warning women about the most avoidable significant risk factor for breast cancer. See

    And as for the terrible harm of those 2% of false accusations of rape, as Rebecca Kiessling just wrote, ""the ones who make the false rape claims [are] hurting the... 98% of rape victims who actually have legitimate rape claims..."

    And as for the reduced pregnancy rates from rape, see

  9. This is a thoughtless choice of words, this is what he thinks and it appears what you think. You believe to think that women rarely get pregnant from rape and that there is concerns with false accusations of rape.

    I'm not arguing for or against abortion, that's a different topic but just against the idea that there can be legitimate rape and illegitimate rape.

    Also, why this obsession with Clinton. I could care less about him or any other man, Republican or Democrat who forces himself on an unwilling women. Are you trying to argue that because his actions were reprehensible, then Atkin's words are okay.

    Can you give one example of a legitimate rape ( i.e. Where the rapists can say, I had legimate reasons to rape that woman)?


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