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Man Walks in with Chick-fil-A Swag and a Gun intending to kill the staff at the Family Research Council in Washington DC

Suzanne Fortin at BIG BLUE WAVE makes a valid point when she decries the silence of the pro-choice crowd in the wake of this attack. Evidently they don't seem to be as concerned when others who don't share their values are menaced. They only seem to scream condemnations when it's one of their own are subjected to violence and harm.

Man Walks in with Chick-fil-A Swag and a Gun…UPDATE


  1. Not so

    1. Rationalist: Thank you for the links. I had searched through a number of MSM newspapers this morning without finding any condemnations. I remember that when an abortionist was shot and killed, virtually every news story prominently covered the event and included similar condemnations of 'pro-life extremists'. No such charges were included in any story that I could find. I am heartened to see that this is not the case on atheist blogs. Thank you for proving the links to show that - at least on the blogosphere - I was wrong.

      Fr. Tim

  2. There are crazies on all sides of the socio-political spectrum. The difference is that on the progressive side gun violence is generally condemned and not seen as an answer to perceived threats from the opposition.

    Gun nuts are a major constituency in the reactionary political coalition with which you align yourself. This group actively works to keep guns plentiful, available with no screening prerequisites and cheap. Gun violence on the reactionary right wing happens much more frequently than on the left. The OKC Federal building bombing, a major terrorist episode was perpetrated by individuals firmly ensconced in the right wing, reactionary side of the political spectrum.

    This latest episode of violence against the FRC, even if it was done by a "Gay" activist, in no way justifies or in some way makes less abhorrent any other crime of achieved or attempted murder in the name of a religious, social, cultural or political cause.

    Violence of any kind never furthers the cause of those that perpetrate it. Instead it is a symptom of mental illness, usually much more common among the disempowered, repressed and alienated older, white, males of the reactionary right than among those representing the more diverse, robust, spectrum of humanity, interested in progressive change.

    You've never mentioned that you have a gun, Tim. I assume that you do not. Given your temperment and propensity for mixing supernatural fantasy beings and beliefs with everyday reality. I think that's wise.


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