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Brazil Allows 3 Person Marriage

Creative Minority Report: Brazil Allows 3 Person Marriage


  1. Brazil didn't allow it, a public notary in Brazil allowed it. That's like saying the Catholic Church allows giving communion to animals because a Catholic priest in Australia gave communion to a dog last year.

  2. This is the logical progression of the gay marriage argument. If you can't deny marriage to two men in a sexual relationship because they are gay, how can you justify denying a bisexual from living out their "sexual identity" in a threesome marriage. It is discriminatory on the basis of sexual orientation.

    1. The slippery slope argument. Did polygamy in Old Testament (or in 19th century Utah) lead to man dog marriage?

    2. Rationalist: Not yet. I did once hear a disturbing account about a man and his chicken, but I don't think that they ever got married. (grin)

      Fr. Tim

      P.S. Enjoying the Gideon comments. You?

    3. I've heard of men chickening out on their wedding day but that's as far as it went.

      Yes the Gideon comments were interesting, but the signal to noise is too low. No real discussion and I'm afraid I ended up stoking some fires. On a lighter note, one poster called me a dolt because he (?) remembered a quip I made (some time ago) about thinking Joan of Arc was Noah's wife and believed I was being serious.

  3. Rationalist.
    You've jumped to the absurd to avoid my point.
    Not too many people are interested in marrying their dog or claim sexual attraction to Fido is programmed into their DNA.
    However, people do claim to be inherently bisexual just as gay people claim to be born attracted to the same sex. In fact recognition of bisexuality is part of the gay civil rights movement. If it is unjust to deny two dudes that have sex with each other the right to marry because they're "born that way" how can you rationalize rejecting bisexuals from marriages with a person of both genders. Heck they even have the real possibility of procreation from their sexual acts. Something gays do not have.
    I'd be interested in hearing your argument as to why we should deny bisexuals threesome marriages?

    1. To argue that if we allow gays to marriage then some notary in Brazil may say sure why not have 3 people marry and then civilization ends is really jumping to conclusions. Unlike Fr. Tim's headline, it wasn't Brazil, it was some minor official in Brazil.

      And why can't we have threesome marrying or even the Biblical polygamy. Because we as a society do not want it and do not see that as a stable building block of society. We have decried that marriage is between two consenting adults, either of one sex or opposite. Marriage has changed over the years. At various times it has been only between two unmarried people, only between people of the same race, and only between people of the same religion. In civil society we've relaxed those requirements while allowing religions to maintain their own standards.

      The same applied here with gay marriage. Society has decided that allowing two people of the same sex to marry does not harm society and extends the same rights enjoyed by heterosexuals to homosexuals.

  4. There is no point in singling any of the above out as being out to lunch, or having nothing productive to do, or being just plain bonkers. I think all of you are suffering from the same disease= have computer, will be ridiculous on it.

    1. Agree with you.This blog had become very boring.They should just email each other.Haven't seen the blog for a bit.Doubtful I'll be back


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