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Pembroke diocese once again withholds Lenten alms from D&P |

Pembroke diocese once again withholds Lenten alms from D&P |


  1. The church (which always means a unilateral decision by the bishop) within the diocese is free to spend it's money, given to it in good faith and trust by all of it's children, as it chooses. Why make an issue of something like this? Just do it, don't send out a press release to the Lifers. Some people will support the action, some will oppose, some will not care, some will look upon it in bewilderment. Unless you purposefully want to promote splits in the church and disaffection among the faithful, I don't see the point.

    What is the point?

    1. Mark O'Neil30 March, 2012

      The point is at the top of your head! Get a life! If you do not like it , mind YOUR business !

  2. +Mulhall an ++Collins are to be congratulated for taking real leadership in this regard..and it is their right as diocesan bishops.The CCCB has no theological basis to usurp each bishop's authority in his own diocese.Many play ball with the idea of D&P because they have the feeling it will advance their cause for bigger roles in the church.A bishop rules unilaterally under the authority of Peter.


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