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Pedophile priests victims group says Catholic church targeting it - Religion News - The Sacramento Bee

Pedophile priests victims group says Catholic church targeting it - Religion News - The Sacramento Bee


  1. This story brings back memories of our situation in Canada when the flood of cases emerged out of Newfoundland and Mt. Cashel.

    In the midst of these horrible and disgusting crimes against the young and the innocent, there was an awareness that the Church had better be careful not to lay down and play dead, otherwise there would be many a case brought forward, with no agenda other than financial gain.

    I am certain that folks on Sylvia's site and other places will suggest that any attempt to challenge SNAP, will be just another example of our cruel cruel church. The church has responsibilities on many levels, which includes the just and compassionate care be given to victims. However, a blanket, open cheque book policy to everyone, is not in keeping with the church's responsibility to be good stewards of the resources shared with the church, by the faithful.

    1. Bob Higgins13 March, 2012

      This is the most cynical yet!
      No mention of Alfred, keep it distant, and confuse it with rhetoric.
      They do not even try to sound human.

    2. Being a very wise and superior specimen Bob, I am sure you are aware of the media reports from the United States concerning SNAP and the depositions that were taken with their leadership.

      If you have taken time to read the coverage, you will know that the head of SNAP admitted, under oath, that sometimes they have intentionally released false information! (NCR - Clohessy). Additionally, Clohessy deferred to legal counsel over and over again, rather than answering straight up questions under oath.

      In brief, while the flavor of the day is to slash and burn anything Roman Catholic, let's remember that it's very accusers are not exactly lily white pure in these matters and are certainly not embracing the full and complete disclosure that they demand of the church hierarchy.

      Kind of strange, wouldn't you say.

      Thanks for allowing me to fill in the time. Time to flush! ��

  2. Bob: Huh? Is there some hidden logic buried in your comment somewhere that explains it? Kind of like a haiku rule that springs forth some hidden meaning?

    When you speak of Alfred, my mind goes immediately to Fred Meilleur of Chapeau fame. His 'hotel' was famous for both its incredible food (LEGENDARY steaks!! Butterscotch and fruit pies to kill for served up for dessert) and its owner, 'Fred' a towering hulk of a francophone who married a lass from an Irish family with deep Ottawa Roots, Helen Hearty who ruled a well run kitchen and country hotel operation with an efficiency that would have impressed the most frugal of religious superiors.

    Somehow I don't think that's what you're referring to. Care to expand a bit more on your thought in the interests of clarity?

    Fr. Tim

    P.S. I've finished my work for the day. Don't be concerned about keeping me from my parish obligations with these comments and questions. Thanks to wireless gadgets like my iphone which chimes out whenever theirs something calling for my attention, I can deal with almost anything during the commercials and between periods of tonight's Leafs v Panthers match on t.v.(Happily I report that the Panthers are pleasing their home crowd - but still a little more than a period to go.) It's a breeze... thanks to Steve Jobs!

    1. Alfred, the correction School

    2. Bob: Ah. I see. Now it all makes sense. Thank you.

      Were Alfred victims part of the settlement that Concorde Mediation Services (Ben Hoffman) negotiated between the St. Joseph's victims and the Church? That was the one that had +Gervais in Ottawa and +Ambroszic in Toronto, along with the Attorney General of Ontario having to read public apologies from their respective pulpits and in the Provincial Legislature admitting to their failures and stating how they intended to ensure that such horrors did not happen again. I ask because I had a chance to study the agreement years ago and I'm a bit unsure on the details. I'd appreciate knowing if in fact the two institutions were covered under the one agreement.


      Fr. Tim

    3. Christian Brothers in Alfred abused a bunch of people I know
      Hoffman believed in no money for victims, and rehab for perpetrators and victims alike.Roche was accused of spending a lot of money that did not go to victims
      How quickly some forget


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