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Ontario Catholic school groups divided over accepting gay-straight alliances on campus | Holy Post | National Post

Ontario Catholic school groups divided over accepting gay-straight alliances on campus | Holy Post | National Post


  1. Clearly, this is a not so subtle attempt by McGuinty to divide the Catholic community and undermine the church's legitimate right to promote matters of doctrine in accordance with church teaching. That OECTA is too blind to see this, is profoundly disappointing. I contend that heading down this path, and a few others signals the near end of Catholic schools in Ontario - the frog is in the pot, and the temperature is being slowly but surely increased!

    Why would McGuinty simply not mandate initiatives in all schools against bullying - period? The answer is obvious.

    1. sick of McGuinty15 March, 2012

      Dalton has forgatten his father was from Osceola, , his grandparents were great Catholics, and no person in this community would admit they know this offspring!

  2. How could a gay/straight alliance provide anything but good experience and outcomes of increased understanding and at least tolerance, if not acceptance, among the students at any high school, religious or not?

    Do we just let school bullies and others without a true understanding of the realities of same sex attraction and orientation, continue to torture any young person identified as Gay at his/her school?

    At my high school, 50 years ago, not one student at an institution of 2000 students admitted to being gay. In every class a few unlucky boys got tagged as sissies and were regularly assaulted in cruel fashion. Being small and not at all athletic, I went to great pains to avoid being so categorized. I was not entirely successful.

  3. The fundamental question: is a school founded and based on religious doctrine obliged to embrace any invention, initiative or work that a secular government proposes which goes against the doctrine of the religious entity?

    To use a stupid comparison - Jewish schools schools should have pig cooking clubs and burka making lessons since we should be a more 'inclusive culture'.?


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